Album art.

さかさまレジスタンス || The Inverted Resistance

Album art.

sakasama rejisutansu
The Inverted Resistance

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: 悪戯センセーション (Mischievous Sensation) [Official site]
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: Reverse Ideology [リバースイデオロギー]

Requested by: hs08

Update (30 March 2023): Corrected the last line of the second-last stanza. Thanks PuddleFoot!

I read through the first stanza or so and I immediately though “yep. These are kaztora lyrics.” His lyrics always pose unique challenges, but they’re really rewarding to read deeply and interpret.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

The world is always back-to-front! Ah…

Society, after all, is a fantasy.
Fun and boredom have flown away.
During evening at the street corner,
The honest ones look like fools. Look!

On the 6th of June, I tell a lie.
Maybe it’ll return on the 9th of September.
Changeable, reversible… it’s karma
circling round the circumference.

I say it’s for her sake
(but it’s really for my own sake)
Change your viewpoint and it’s a grand turnabout!
The sound of cultural shift can be heard…

Ah… The whole world is back-to-front
so isn’t it good to try handstanding occasionally?
I’m sad when I’m having fun
and I laugh when times are tough. Ah ha ha!
Is justice always right?
Well, there’s no such thing as a ‘right’ thing.
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

The April Fool dreams.
She’s a young maiden, ignorant of the world.
“Please dream…”
“Don’t dream!”
It’s always like this—double-dealing.

I hate her
(but really, I love her)
Is this really an inverted grand turnabout?
Ah…! Now I hate her!
Though the weather’s fine today, the waves are high.

Ah… The whole world is back-to-front
so isn’t it good to try overturning it all occasionally?
I smile when I’m sad
and I cry when I’m having fun. *sob sob*
Is justice always absolute?
Well, ‘absolute’ is probably just a play on words.
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

Ah… both sides flicker and waver.
Though they get bewildered sometimes,
I guess the weak are just weak after all.
That’s a lie! What a funny story!
I’ll keep coming, no matter how many times it takes!
This is the fateful, complete reversal. Now…

One more time!
Ah… The world’s back-to-front-to-back.
I overturn it and it’s all linked again and again.
I’m sad when I’m having fun
and I laugh when times are tough. Ah ha ha!

Justice is always flawless
but there’s no such thing as something flawless.
The weak shall inherit!
Laugh off absurdity!
I’m small, and this is my inverted resistance.

The world’s always back-to-front.


6 responses to “さかさまレジスタンス || The Inverted Resistance”

  1. PuddleFoot Avatar

    I realize this is kinda late, but the second-last line is “小さな私のさかさまレジスタンス”, different from the other choruses.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for that! As far as I’m concerned it’s never too late for us to get a more accurate translation. I overlooked that line and have now corrected it. Thank you so much!


  2. Rinki Sorami Avatar

    Hello. Thank you for your translation.
    I wonder what “逆の逆” means.

    > 逆さまレジスタンス
    The official site says “さかさまレジスタンス”; they don’t use any kanji.

    > Maybe I’ll return to the 9th of September.
    I suppose the subject is 嘘 and translate it to “And it’ll return to me on the 9th of September.” I think it is related to “因果応報” in the next line.

    > Isn’t justice always a mistake?
    Does the negation work fine? We can reword the original lyrics to “正義はいつも正しい?” and translate it to “Is justice always correct?”.

    > Isn’t justice always absolute?
    I simply translate it to “Is justice always absolute?”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks for that! I wasn’t too sure about 逆の逆, but I guess literally it means ‘the reverse of the reverse’ [which ends up being the front again…?]

      As for the other stuff, I see the sense in your suggestions. Negations are always a tricky area, and your alternatives sound much clearer!


      1. Rinki Sorami Avatar

        I think the underlying meaning of “逆の逆” is back-to-front as you translate(but I have no idea how we should translate). I suppose it is just a wordplay because the lyrics following 逆の逆 and 逆の逆の逆 are same.

        As for negations, perhaps we should reword Japanese lyrics to ones with less negations as we can have much more negations in Japanese than English. There are interesting Japanese examples in the page below. People from foreign countries should have difficulties in understanding them.
        日本語において、三重否定, 四重否定は存在するのでしょうか?… – Yahoo!知恵袋


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