future is serious

future is serious

Performer: Aika Kobayashi
Lyrics: Norway, Emi Inaba, Freezing Project
Composed by: YOW-ROW
Single: future is serious
Release Date: April 25, 2012

Requested by: Mirin Aschera

正義の剣は折れ 無機質に転がった
支えてた自分 reasonとか 見えなくなってしまうの?
左手で掴んでも 右手からこぼれて
泣いてなんかいないのに 霞んで行く情景

seigi no tsurugi wa ore mukishitsu ni korogatta
sasaeteta jibun reason toka mienaku natte shimau no?
hidarite de tsukandemo migite kara koborete
naite nanka inai noni kasunde iku joukei

The sword of justice broke and toppled over inorganically.
Will things like the reason that supported me become invisible?
Though I grasp with my left hand, it spills from my right hand.
I’m not crying, but the landscape before me grows blurry.

ゆらり揺れて 惑わす世界はきっと
鈍い音に 焦らされるように
走り出さなきゃ ゴールはない

yurari yurete madowasu sekai wa kitto
mirai kippu wo sagashiteru
nibui oto ni aserasareru you ni
hashiri dasanakya gooru wa nai

This perplexing world is surely unstable.
I search for a ticket to the future.
It feels like I’m being teased with a dull noise…
I’ve gotta start running. There’s no goal.

future is serious! future is serious!
future is serious!
何十回繰り返しても 戸惑いを振り払って
立ち上がる まだ夢を見たまま…

future is serious! future is serious!
nande, doushite, kokoro ga jama wo suru no?
future is serious!
nanjuukai kurikaeshitemo tomadoi wo furi haratte
tachiagaru mada yume wo mita mama…

Future is serious! Future is serious!
Why, oh why does my heart get in the way?
Future is serious!
Though I did the same thing tens of times, I shook off my confusion
and stood up, while still dreaming…

退屈な街は今 無気力に向かっていく
流されるPepole 心はもう 灰色に染まってしまうの?
それでも掬い上げた 薄く光る希望
この手で握り締めて 離さない たとえ孤独を背負っても

taikutsu na machi wa ima bukiryoku ni mukatte iku
nagasareru Pepole kokoro wa mou hai-iro ni somatte shimau no?
sore demo sukui ageta usuku hikaru kibou
kono te de nigiri shimete hanasanai tatoe kodoku wo seottemo

The boring city now aims toward apathy.
People are swept along. Have their hearts already been stained an ashen colour?
Still, I scooped up palely shining hope.
I’ll grasp it in my hands. I won’t let go, even if I’m burdened with isolation.

曇る日々を 彷徨ったままずっと
鍵をかけて 理由なく貼りついた
笑い顔は いつまで持つだろう?

kumoru hibi wo samayotta mama zutto
ashi wo fumidasenai kimochi ni
kagi wo kakete riyuu naku haritsuita
waraigao wa itsu made motsu darou?

While prowling through cloudy days,
I locked away feelings
which stopped me from moving forwards and then clung to them meaninglessly.
How long will I keep my smile for?

Future is serious! Future is serious!
「でも」「だって」を 果てまで続けるなら
future is serious!
自問自答 繰り返しても 答えは闇の中へ…

Future is serious! Future is serious!
“demo” “datte” wo hate made tsudzukeru nara
future is serious!
jimon jitou kurikaeshitemo kotae wa yami no naka e…
sore demo tsukamanakya

Future is serious! Future is serious!
“But…” “Still…” If I’m gonna keep saying that until the end,
Future is serious!
Though I keep wondering to myself, my answers go further into the darkness…
But I’ve gotta grab them!

future is serious! future is serious!
どんな未来にも この目は逸らさないから
future is serious!
世界に たった一つの答えを見つけ出すって
走り出す 今 まだ見えないゴールへ
この気持ち ずっと 信じてるから

future is serious! future is serious!
donna mirai nimo kono me wa sorasanai kara
future is serious!
sekai ni tatta hitotsu no kotae wo mitsukedasu tte
hashiridasu ima mada mienai gooru e
kono kimochi zutto shinjiteru kara

Future is serious! Future is serious!
No matter what future I find myself in, I won’t look away!
Future is serious!
If I’m going to find the sole answer that exists in this world,
I’ll start running now towards a goal I can’t see yet.
I’ll believe in this feeling forever…

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