Vocals: 霜月はるか (Haruka Shimotsuki)
Lyrics: はづき (Hazuki)
Composed by: Taishi
Album: Astraythem Blue Disc
Circle: GWAVE
Event: C82

Requested by: mr.deagle

瞳に浮かんだ涙 そっと拭い願う星
思い出す出会った時の 揺らぐ眼差し
悲しい傷ついた心身 私が
癒す 優しい背中に 気持ちが惹かれる
恋した瞬間 かけがえのない時間
星空へと伸ばした 手を見つめ祈る
誓いの口づけ交わす また会えるよ
一緒に過ごした日々は 胸に残り続ける

hitomi ni ukanda namida sotto nugui negau hoshi
omoidasu deatta toki no yuragu manazashi
kanashii kizutsuita karada watashi ga
iyasu yasashii senaka ni kimochi ga hikareru
koi shita shunkan kakegae no nai jikan
hoshizora e to nobashita te o mitsume inoru
chikai no kuchidzuke kawasu mata aeru yo
issho ni sugoshita hibi wa mune ni nokori tsudzukeru
itsu made mo…

I gently wiped away my tears and wished on a star.
I remember how my vision swayed when we met.
I was so sad and wounded. (1)
You were so kind. You healed me, and I was attracted to you.
The moment I fell in love is irreplaceable.
I watch my hand, stretched out toward the starry sky, and pray.
Our vow is sealed through a kiss. We’ll meet again.
The days we spent together will remain in my heart

星空の元で交わす 約束は果たせなくて
涙が頬を伝わり 想いが溢れる
もう逢えないことわかってる だけど
握り締めるその 手の中にある物
力込めてゆくほど 心が痛くて
いつかきっと戻って くることを信じてる

hoshizora no moto de kawasu yakusoku wa hatasenakute
namida ga hoho o tsutawari omoi ga afureru
mou aenai koto wakatteru dakedo
sukoshi demo soba ni itai
nukumori wasurenai
nigiri shimeru sono te no naka ni aru mono
chikara komete yuku hodo kokoro ga itakute
manten no hoshizora no moto de matsu hito wa
itsuka kitto modotte kuru koto o shinjiteru

I can’t fulfil the promise we made beneath the starry sky.
Tears fall down my cheeks, and my feelings flow forth.
I know we can never meet again
but I want to be by your side, even for a little while.
I won’t forget your warmth.
Something was in your hands, which I held tight.
My heart hurts so much I put all my strength into it.
I believe that the person I wait for beneath the starry sky
will come back someday.
I won’t forget…

星に祈り願った時 輝き放つ
一滴の涙星 起こす奇跡
夜空へと響く 星達の歌声
手を放さないずっと 宇宙の果てまで
星が架かる空へと ゆっくりと歩き出そう

hoshi ni inori negatta toki kagayaki hanatsu
itteki no namida hoshi okosu kiseki
yozora e to hibiku hoshi-tachi no utagoe
te o hanasanai zutto uchuu no hate made
kibou o ryuusei ni nosete tsukuru mirai
hoshi ga kakaru sora e to yukkuri to aruki dasou
eien ni…

When I wished upon the stars, they emitted light.
A single stardrop makes a miracle happen.
The song of the stars echoes toward the night sky.
I won’t let go, not until I reach the edge of the universe.
I’ll place my hope upon a shooting star and create my future.
Stars span the sky. I’ll start slowly walking toward it

(1) 心身 (shinshin – mind and body) is written, but 体 (karada – body) is sung and written in the booklet as furigana.


  1. I’m really glad I requested this in time, because I just noticed that the video from which you got the transcription has been removed by YouTube and there’s no replacement! 😭

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  2. ”悲しい傷ついた心身 私が”

    I think that line should be “悲しい傷ついた心身体 私が”, since it is “kanashii kizutsuita karada watashi ga”, not “kanashii kizutsuita shinshin watashi ga”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! (^_^) Just to confirm, is 心身 sung as ‘karada’ instead of ‘shinshin’ in the song? I don’t think I was able to actually listen to the song to double-check the romanisation, and as a rule I stick to traditional readings of words in those cases.

      If so, I’ll update the romanisation to reflect that 心身 is sung as ‘karada’.


        1. Thanks for that! I’ve listened to the song and confirmed that she sings ‘karada’ there. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where I got the lyrics from – it was a request, so I daresay the requester sent through a scanned copy of the lyrics and I transcribed it.

          Since 心身 looks and reads nothing like 体 (which makes it unlikely that I mistakenly put it in there), in the absence of a scanned copy of the lyrics to cross-check this with, I think this is one of those cases where the written lyrics don’t match what’s sung. It happens surprisingly often, so I’ve added a translation note in to reflect that!

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                1. I think this story is about a girl (she uses 私 [watashi] instead of the more masculine 僕 [boku] or 俺 [ore]) who is in love with someone who has left. They may have died or gone on a journey somewhere. Now, she wishes on the stars and will keep moving forward until she sees the one she loves again…

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