Album art.
Album art.


Vocals: A~YA
Lyrics: TETRA塾 (TETRA Juku)
Arranged by: Swing Holic Band
Album: SWING HOLIC VOL.16 [Official site]
Event: C89
Original themes: Alice in Wonderland [不思議の国のアリス]
the Grimoire of Alice

Requested by: Repudiator


同じ道 足跡 サイズが 教える 振り出し 彷徨う
風の音 空耳 ノイズに 騙されて 靡いて
折れた 幻想少女の花

何故? 二人の旅 枯れて
lodestar どちらでも同じで

Grimoire 捲る指先は
人知れず背負う mission

霊よ 賜え 光のアトランティスを
何処までも 何処までも 照らせよ moonlight
剣を 掲げて 光のアトランティスへ
何時までも 何時までも 行くのさ
Heart of Soldier

同じ空 雲行き 形を 変えたら 暗闇 戸惑う
夢の中 幻惑 ドレスは 汚され 嘆いた
痛む 幻想少女の性

唯 独りの夜 暮れて
gloomy 何もかも同じで

Grimoire 翳す眼差しは
人知れず背負う destiny

命を 与え 誓いのアトランティスで
誰が居る 誰が居る 知らせよ moonlight
天を 求めて 憧れアトランティスへ
何度でも 何度でも 信じる
Heart of Soldier

Repeat (※1) (※2)


onaji michi ashiato saizu ga oshieru furidashi samayou
kaze no oto soramimi noizu ni damasarete nabiite
oreta gensou shoujo no hana

naze? futari no tabi karete
lodestar dochira demo onaji de

Grimoire mekuru yubisaki wa
hito shirezu seou mission

rei yo tamae hikari no atorantisu o
doko made mo doko made mo terase yo moonlight
ken o kakagete hikari no atorantisu e
itsu made mo itsu made mo iku no sa
Heart of Soldier

onaji sora kumoyuki katachi o kaetara kurayami tomadou
yume no naka genwaku doresu wa yogosare nageita
itamu gensou shoujo no saga

tada hitori no yoru kurete
gloomy nani mo kamo onaji de

Grimoire kazasu manazashi wa
hito shirezu seou destiny

mei o atae chikai no atorantisu de
dare ga iru dare ga iru shirase yo moonlight
ten o motomete akogare atorantisu e
nando demo nando demo shinjiru
Heart of Soldier

Repeat (※1) (※2)


The size of footsteps on the same path tell me where to begin. I wander around.
I mishear the sounds of the wind. Tricked by the static, I yield.
The maiden of illusion’s flower was broken.

Why did our journey fail?
Our lodestars were the same.

With fingertips flicking through the grimoire,
I bear a secret mission.

O sprits, grant me Atlantis of light!
O moonlight, illuminate all, no matter how far!
I raise my sword towards Atlantis of light.
I will travel there, no matter how long it takes.
Heart of Soldier.

Reshape the weather in the same sky and I will wander lost in the darkness.
In a dream, my bewitching dress is sullied. I grieved.
Aching. This is the maiden of illusion’s nature.

Like always, that solitary night ends.
Gloomy. Everything is the same.

I hold the grimoire aloft. My gaze
bears an unknown destiny.

Grant me life, at Atlantis of oaths.
Someone is there. Someone is there. Tell me, moonlight!
Seeking the sky, I long for Atlantis.
No matter how many times, I believe.
Heart of Soldier.

Repeat (※1) (※2)

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