again and again

Album art.
Album art.

again and again

Vocals: myu-
Lyrics: myu-
Composed by: こ~じ (Koji)
Album: Spoo and Nick [Official site]
Circle: Spoo and Nick
Event: C95

Requested by: AGR/Kaleival


新しい朝が焼けて 夜は追い出されて
眠る君の背中に触れようと 伸ばした手はもう届かない


ざわめいた街の中 私だけが裸足のままで
What I need was you
もうここにいない 彼は何処に帰って行くの

強い日差しの中で 雲は逃げ惑って
いつか泣いた可愛いあの子も 今日誰かと笑いあってる


ざわめいた街の中 私だけが裸足のままで
Where did I make a mistake

 ざわめいた夜の中 私はまだ独りのままで
吐き捨てたモノクロの言葉は 褪せて見えなくなったのだろう



atarashii asa ga yakete yoru wa oi dasarete
nemuru kimi no senaka ni fureyou to nobashita te wa mou todokanai

tsumetai kaze ga toori sugite
karada no shimi ni nari toketa

zawameita machi no naka watashi dake ga hadashi no mama de
What I need was you
mou koko ni inai kare wa doko ni kaette iku no
watashi o wasurete

tsuyoi hizashi no naka de kumo wa nige madotte
itsuka naita kawaii ano ko mo kyou dareka to warai atteru

hoshi o kakusou to ootta maku wa
ootsubu no ame ni nari ochita

zawameita machi no naka watashi dake ga hadashi no mama de
Where did I make a mistake
ibasho o mitsuketa kare mo nukumori ni tsutsumareru
watashi dake o nokoshite

zawameita yoru no naka watashi wa mada hitori no mama de
haki suteta monokuro no kotoba wa asete mienaku natta no darou

subete ga nemuri ni tsuku
asa nado motomenu you ni
warai atta karera wa
zawameki to kieta


A new dawn glows on the horizon, and the night is chased away.
I go to touch your back as you sleep, but my hand won’t reach you anymore.

The cold wind blew through.
It became a smear on my body and dissolved.

In the noisy streets, only I remain barefoot.
What I need was you.
They’re not here anymore. Where are they returning to?
They forget me.

The clouds try to escape in the strong sunlight.
That adorable child, who once cried, is laughing with someone today.

The membrane that concealed the stars
became large drops of rain and fell.

In the noisy streets, only I remain barefoot.
Where did I make a mistake?
They found a place to belong and are enveloped in warmth,
Leaving only me behind.

During a noisy night, I remain alone again.
Perhaps the monochrome words I spat out have faded and become invisible.

Everything falls asleep
so it will not seek the morning.
They, who laughed together,
Vanished while causing a ruckus.

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