Album art.

最期のDeparture || Last Departure

Album art.

saigo no Departure
Last Departure

Vocals: 舞 (Mai)
Lyrics: W*M
Arranged by: W*M
Album: 幻想天舞 ~GENSOUTENBU~
Circle: C-CLAYS
Event: Reitaisai 5 [RTS5]
Original theme: Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years [六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years]

Requested by: mr.deagle


急に止まる 川のせせらぎ凍り
誰かのイタズラの様に 怪しく残って

何処からとも惑わせる声 響き
誰かを寄付ける様に 今宵も演奏ってる

ゆりかごの中を視て 激しく揺らしてる
迷わせる白い羽根 方向はずれのわたげ

照らされながら ゆっくりと美しく

淡い霧に酔わせて 花が染められてゆく
記憶を狂わせて 幻に変えてゆく

古くからの 景色を見てきて

最後のDeparture 役目を果たして
照らされながら ゆっくりと


kyuu ni tomaru kawa no seseragi koori
dareka no itazura no you ni ayashiku nokotte

doko kara to mo madowaseru koe hibiki
dareka o yosetsukeru you ni kon’ya mo utatteru

yurikago no naka o mite hageshiku yurashiteru
mayowaseru shiroi hane houkou hazure no watage

namida nagashite kawari yuku taiyou
terasare nagara yukkuri to utsukushiku
iro azayaka ni

awai kiri ni yowasete hana ga somerarete yuku
kioku o kuruwasete maboroshi ni kaete yuku

furuku kara no keshiki o mite kite
haru natsu aki fuyu sore zore no kaori o oboeteru

saigo no Departure yakume o hatashite
terasare nagara yukkuri to
watashi no moto e to yatte kuru


The stream freezes over and suddenly stops its murmuring.
It remains suspiciously, just like someone’s prank.

A voice coming from somewhere bewilders me. It echoes.
Hoping to let someone get closer, they perform their song again tonight.

I shake the cradle fiercely while looking inside.
White wings bewilder me. Their down faces the wrong direction.

Tears flow, and the sun is substituted.
While being illuminated, you seem at ease and beautiful.
You are brightly coloured.

Made drunk on the faint fog, the flowers are dyed.
My memories are driven mad, and they turn into illusions.

I now look at landscapes of the past.
I remember the scent of the four seasons.

This is my last departure. I will carry out my duty.
While being illuminated, and at ease,
You will come to me.



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