Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Vocals: Trident
Lyrics: Heart’s Cry
Composed by: Heart’s Cry
Album: BLUE
Group: Trident
Release Date: February 17, 2016

Requested by: Wandering Lily


hajimari no basho kara kikoete kuru uta
ameagari tada, doko made mo junsui na iro

I can hear a song coming from my point of origin.
After the rain, the purest colour simply stretched out.


tada tomadotte, tsumazuite, kizutsuita
ikutsumo no yoru, koete
tada yorisotte, tashikamete, susunda
wazuka hikari, onaji hikari no
terasu michi o doko made mo

Still, I was bewildered, I stumbled, and I was wounded.
I passed through countless nights.
I just drew close, made sure of you, and advanced.
I’ll walk down this path forever,
Which a faint light—the same light—illuminates.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon
I believe you

Blue Moon
miagete goran, sora ni hibiku
Blue Moon
onaji kotoba ga kikoete iru yo
I believe you

Blue Moon
Look up—there, reverberating through the sky…
Blue Moon.
You can hear the same words!
I believe you.


hajimari no kioku o ima wa tada, tadotte
kanjou wa mada yuki no you ni tsumetai kedo

Now, I just follow my first memories
though my feelings are still cold like snow.


tadashisa nante wakaranai
kedo kitto unmei sae mo koete

I know nothing about righteousness.
Still, I’ll definitely cross over even fate itself.


ima fure atta kokoro ga itoshii
wazuka na hikari, onaji hikari o
kitto wakachi aete ita

Our hearts, which just touched each other, are so dear.
We must have been sharing
a faint light—the same light…

Blue Moon
Blue Moon

Blue Moon
miagete goran, sora wa aoku
Blue Moon
onaji tabiji no owari o somete
eien ni

Blue Moon.
Look up—the sky is blue.
Blue Moon.
It colours the end of the same journey
for eternity.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
tatoe kotae ga chigatte itemo

Blue Moon.
Even if, say, our answers are different.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
onaji hikari o mitsumete ita

Blue Moon.
We were looking at the same light.

Once in a Blue Moon,
Blue Moon
I believe you

Once in a Blue Moon,
marude kiseki no you ni deai
Blue Moon
onaji hikari mitsumete ita
I believe you

Once in a Blue Moon,
It’s as if our meeting was a miracle.
Blue Moon.
We were looking at the same light.
I believe you.

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