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はじまりの空 || The Sky of the Beginning

hajimari no sora
The Sky of the Beginning

Vocals: 東山奈央 (Nao Toyama)
Lyrics: 東山奈央 (Nao Toyama)
Composed by: 東山奈央 (Nao Toyama)
Arranged by: WEST GROUND
Album: 群青インフィニティ (Ultramarine Infinity) [Official site]
Release date: 3 April 2019

Requested by: Wandering Lily

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

In a sunny spot
look up—the sky is endless.
It’s somewhat nostalgic, and something in my heart comes undone.

The seasons pass and I wait
for my small prayer to bud.
I have a long dream in silence,
a dream of dawn spreading its wings.

I do the same things over and over beneath the darkening western sky
I will wait here forever.
While still looking at a small star that’s been born,
I remember the raindrops beating against my cheek, even now.

One by one
the cotton-like clouds drift on the breeze
Their journey continues so they can fulfil their promises.

Even if our wings are wounded, painful, or dirty,
let’s head for the hill on earnest feet.
Humans don’t know that those steps
will surely make flowers bloom to the sky.

Let’s go to welcome tomorrow, leading the gentle breeze with us.
Even if we lose our way
we can keep walking from now.
I still remember the morning glow I saw back then.

Because I’m here, because I’m thinking of you
and because I’m by your side, smile!

A transparent colour spreads out. It’s the colour of beginnings, the colour of daybreak.
What are you thinking about beyond the horizon? The future remains uncertain.
I raise my hands high, letting them ride upon a song.
Now, let’s take off.

Looking, listening, feeling, overlapping, crying and laughing.
I want to spend my days with you.

A rainbow bridge was born from our joined hands.
It will surely cross over time and link us.
When tears cloud my vision, I can always remember
our smiles from back then.

Because I’m here, because I’m thinking of you
and because I’m by your side, smile!


2 responses to “はじまりの空 || The Sky of the Beginning”

  1. Wandering Lily Avatar
    Wandering Lily

    Thank you so much! I loved this song before, but reading your translation has made me love it even more

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome!! 😀


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