リエリカ || ReErica


Vocals: 宮下遊 (Miyashita Yuu) or GUMI
Lyrics: 宮下遊 (Miyashita Yuu)
Composed by: 宮下遊 (Miyashita Yuu)
Original Upload Date: 6 June 2017

Requested by: Innomi + Vending machine
Watch the vocaloid (GUMI) version on YouTube!
Watch Miyashita Yuu’s version on YouTube!

Miyashita Yuu seems to play around with pronouns a lot in their lyrics. This time, the interesting part is observing the different pronouns used to refer to the speaker and their partner. There’s 二人 (futari, ‘the two of us’, not technically a pronoun), 私たち (watashi-tachi, ‘we’, kind of feminine/mature) and 僕ら (bokura, ‘we’, more masculine). The usual different pronouns for ‘you’ are also present, including 君 (kimi – ‘you’, likely to be a male referring to a female) and 貴方 (anata – ‘you’, likely to be a female referring to a male).

こんな独りきりを愛しても 君が来たら
涙がもう跡になって 愛し合うなら
後悔を弾いて 目を瞑っても
わからない どうして

konna hitori kiri o aishitemo kimi ga kitara
sugu ni shinzou no oto ga zurete iku
namida ga mou ato ni natte aishiau nara
koukai o hiite me o tsubuttemo
wakaranai doushite

Though I love being alone, since you arrived
my heartbeat has gone all out of sync.
Only the traces of my tears remain. If we’ll love each other…
Though I repel my regrets and ignore them
I don’t know—why?

二人は 甘く 気づかず

futari wa amaku kidzukazu

The two of us are naive. We are unaware.

我儘にもがいて 絡まった糸は
藍色に沈む頃 ぼろぼろになった
枯れる花を見て 一人で笑った

wagamama ni mogaite karamatta ito wa
aiiro ni shizumu koro boro boro ni natta
kareru hana o mite hitori de waratta
zutto mukashi no mama no yakusoku o

I struggled wilfully. When the threads twined around me
were submerged in indigo, they were worn out.
I looked at the dead flowers and laughed alone
at the promise remaining in the distant past.

君と僕は 1と1を合わせて 抱きしめた
一人で生きていた 声を知らなかった

kimi to boku wa ichi to ichi o awasete dakishimeta
“mada futatsu” sore demo kankaku wa
hitori de ikite ita koe o shiranakatta
utsumuku kao ni hi ga todoku

You and I put 1 and 1 together and hugged.
“We’re still a pair.” Still, it felt like
I had been living alone. I wasn’t aware of your voice.
The light reaches my downcast face.

涙を隠し歩いても 朝が来たら
失くしてた君が見えた 認め合うなら
空っぽのまま 手を握っても
すれ違う どうして

namida o kakushi aruitemo asa ga kitara
sugu ni shinzou no oto ga zurete iku
nakushiteta kimi ga mieta mitomeau nara
karappo no mama te o nigittemo
surechigau doushite

Though I hide my tears and walk, when morning arrives
my heartbeat goes out of sync right away.
I could see you, whom I had lost. If we accept each other…
Remaining hollow, though I grasp your hand
we miss each other. Why?

二人は 淡く 気づかず

futari wa awaku kidzukazu

The two of us not notice our shallow bond.

枯葉で隠された 隙間を辿れず
日陰の寒さが 足に絡まった
君はいつまでも 花は見ないで

kareha de kakusareta sukima o tadorezu
hikage no samusa ga ashi ni karamatta
kimi wa itsu made mo hana wa minaide
oite kita koe mo sugu sabitsuita

I could not follow the gaps hidden by the dead leaves
and the shadows’ heaviness was twined around my feet.
You never look at the flowers.
The voice you left behind rusts right away.

私たちは 1と0に別れて 誤魔化した
二人に生きていた 二人を飲み込んだ

watashi-tachi wa ichi to zero ni wakarete gomakashita
“mada hitotsu” sore demo kankaku wa
futari ni ikite ita futari o nomikonda
kotoba no nami no you na sora

We were separated into 0 and 1 and we deceived ourselves.
“We’re still one.” Still, it felt like
we had been living together. We were swallowed up
in a sky that seemed like waves of words.

陽炎が掠めた 指先揺らいで
透明な手のひらを向けて 只願っても零れた

kagerou ga kasumeta yubisaki yuraide
toumei na te no hira o mukete tada negattemo koboreta
ano toki kara

The heat haze grazed my trembling fingertips.
I turned towards your transparent hand. Though I wished, it all spilled out.
Since then…

明日はもう日々に隠れて 冬が来たら
僕らはもう見えなかった 与え合うなら
貴方にあげた 色を返して
交わらない どうして

ashita wa mou hibi ni kakurete fuyu ga kitara
sugu ni shinzou no oto ga zurete iku
bokura wa mou mienakatta ataeau nara
anata ni ageta iro o kaeshite
majiwaranai doushite

Tomorrow conceals itself in the days that pass. When winter comes
my heartbeat goes out of sync right away.
We couldn’t see it anymore. If we influence each other
give back the colours I gave you.
We don’t intersect. Why?

幽か見えた 君は染まって

kasuka mieta kimi wa somatte

I faintly saw it—you are dyed.


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the translation! I’m not sure if this is relevant to this particular song, but Miyashita Yuu once mentioned that Heinrich (his original character who appears on his original album covers,) is an actress so she can also pose as a man. That could be one reason why he plays around with pronouns so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case – the lyrics are definitely quite fluid, and it’s possible that it’s one speaker who assumes different ‘roles’ throughout the song…


      1. I found the tweet where he mentions this, in case you need it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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