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ウシロノショウメン || Hidden Behind Me

ushiro no shoumen
Hidden Behind Me

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), flower
Lyrics: しとお (Shitoo)
Composed by: しとお (Shitoo)
Upload date: 24 February 2020

Requested by: monomonopierrot + bonnie
Watch the official video on YouTube!

The title comes from the Japanese traditional song Kagome Kagome, and it’s notorioously difficult to translate. The translation used here was chosen to emphasise the theme of concealment underlying this song.


笑っていた日常は 戻らないの
抉ったまま触って ほら
ねえまだ 始まったばかり

歪んでいく 変わっていく
血まみれで戻らない 狂った世界へ
そんな凶器を手に 走る 走る

閉じ込めていたのは 純な恋心
触れて溶けて 今 痛みに変わった

繰り返す意味に 縋り続けてる
信じられないの もう何もかもが
狐は笑った 「犯人はだあれ?」
後ろの正面で 待ってるね

身勝手でも未完成でも 書き変えよう
愛しくて悲しい 今 また舞台へ

解き放つ感情が ゆるされるのなら
触れて溶けて さあ 侵し尽くそう

繰り返す声で 君を探してる
今すぐいくから もう離さないよ
狐は笑った 「犯人はだあれ?」

繰り返す意味が なくなる時まで
君だけを見てる 愛しているんだ
後ろの正面で 待ってるね
二人の幸せな 結末へ


migatte nara mikansei nara
dakishimete issho ni kite
waratte ita nichijou wa modoranai no
egutta mama sawatte hora
itami nado nareta kara
nee mada hajimatta bakari

yugande iku kawatte iku
aishiteta “heibon” wa
chimamire de modoranai kurutta sekai e
negatte mada tarinai noni
aishite itai da nante
sonna kyouki o te ni hashiru hashiru

tojikomete ita no wa jun na koigokoro
furete tokete ima itami ni kawatta

kurikaesu imi ni sugari tsudzuketeru
shinjirarenai no mou nani mo kamo ga
kitsune wa waratta “hannin wa daare?”
ushiro no shoumen de matteru ne

somatte shimae kawatte shimae
kimi no inai sekai nara
migatte demo mikansei demo kakikaeyou
tsumetai na kurushii na
yasuppoi konna itami
itoshikute kanashii ima mata butai e

tokihanatsu kanjou ga yurusareru no nara
furete tokete saa okashi tsukusou

kurikaesu koe de kimi o sagashiteru
imasugu iku kara mou hanasanai yo
kitsune wa waratta “hannin wa daare?”
ushiro no shoumen wa

kurikaesu imi ga naku naru toki made
kimi dake o miteru aishite iru nda
kitsune wa waratta “hannin wa daare?”
ushiro no shoumen de matteru ne
futari no shiawase na ketsumatsu e


If I’m selfish or incomplete,
then hug me and come with me.
I can’t return to the days when I smiled.
I’m still gouged out. Touch me, see—
I’m used to pain now
so come on, we’ve only just started.

Growing twisted and changing,
the ‘ordinary’ life I loved
is now bloodstained and I can’t get it back. I head to a mad world.
I wish, yet it isn’t enough.
“I want to love you.”
With that lethal weapon in hand, I run and run.

I sealed away my naive love.
I touch it and it dissolves. Now, it has become pain.

I kept clinging to the meaning of this repetition—
I just can’t believe in anything anymore.
The kitsune laughed: “Who’s the culprit?”
They’re waiting, hidden behind me.

Be tainted and changed completely!
If this world is missing you,
then whether I’m selfish or incomplete, I’ll rewrite it!
How cold. How painful.
My pain seems so cheap.
So beloved yet sad. Now, I head for the stage again.

If the feelings I release are allowed,
then I’ll touch them and they will melt. Now, I’ll completely invade them!

Calling repeatedly, I search for you.
I’ll go to you right away, so we won’t be parted again.
The kitsune laughed: “Who’s the culprit?”
They’re hidden behind me.

Until the meanings of this repetition run out,
I’ll look only at you. I love you.
The kitsune laughed: “Who’s the culprit?”
They’re waiting, hidden behind me.
We head to our happy conclusion.



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2 responses to “ウシロノショウメン || Hidden Behind Me”

  1. Saryu Avatar

    Hey, the translation for 痛みに変わった is missing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks! I’ve updated it, it includes that line now (^_^)


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