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輪廻反生 || The Circle of Antimigration

Album art.

rinne hansei
The Circle of Antimigration

Vocals: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Accomplice [Official site]
Event: C95
Original themes: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke [月まで届け、不死の煙]
Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ]
Old Yuanxian [古きユアンシェン]

Requested by: iPhoenix

The title is a play on 輪廻転生 (rinne tensei – the circle of transmigration).


伸ばした手を握り返して 微笑んでくれるなら
いつものように赤く汚してよ 永遠みたいな嘘で

だけど とるに足らない日常で

今更に外れた人生の中に 出せないラブレタ一書き殴ってる
失って奪って逃げ出して 胡乱な生死にしがみ憑いて
本当は全部 わたしのせいだったのかな

沈香よりも胸焼けのする 言葉の甘さに
孤独一滴 溶かして混ぜる 明るい歪なマ一ブリング

そして 何度でも わたしは残される
だけど 認められない 臆病で

徒に破れた日々探して どこかではぐれた自分を待ってる
また寄ってたかって 噛み付いて 八つ当たっては逆恨んで
本当はでも 誰だってひとりなのかな

約束なら 筋書き通りにわたしを裏切った
さあ 飲み明かそうか ひどい味のする欲望を朝まで

あつめた人生の山で 出せないラブレター掻き破れってる
彷徨って走って追いかけて 挙句の果てまだ望んで
本当は全部 偽物だってわかってたのかな

伸ばした手も どうせそのうち振り払われるんなら
いつものように早く満たしてよ 永遠みたいな嘘で


nobashita te o nigirikaeshite hohoende kureru nara
itsumo no you ni akaku yogoshite yo eien mitai na uso de

itsuka subete ga watashi o oite iku
dakedo toru ni taranai nichijou de

imasara ni hazureta jinsei no naka ni dasenai rabu retaa kakinagutteru
ushinatte ubatte nigedashite uron na seishi ni shigami tsuite
dou shiyou mo naku tsukarekitte
hontou wa zenbu watashi no sei datta no kana

jinkou yori mo muneyake no suru kotoba no amasa ni
kodoku hitoshizuku tokashite mazeru akarui ibitsu na maaburingu

soshite nando demo watashi wa nokosareru
dakedo mitomerarenai okubyou de

itazura ni yabureta hibi sagashite dokoka de hagureta jibun o matteru
mata yottetakatte kamitsuite yattsu atatte wa sakaurande
youyaku kaerimichi mitsukete
hontou wa demo dare datte hitori na no kana

yakusoku nara sujigaki toori ni watashi o uragitta
saa nomiakasou ka hidoi aji no suru yokubou o asa made

atsumeta jinsei no yama de dasenai rabu retaa kaki yaburetteru
samayotte hashitte oikakete ageku no hate mada nozonde
menzaifu o shinji tsudzukete
hontou wa zenbu yume datte wakatteta no kana

nobashita te mo douse sono uchi furiharawareru n nara
itsumo no you ni hayaku mitashite yo eien mitai na uso de


If you’ll grab the hand I reach out to you and smile
then, like always, I’ll stain it red with a lie that seems eternal.

Someday, everything will leave me behind
yet the norm is worthless.

In a life gone out of gear after so long, I scribble out love letters I can’t send. (1)
I lose things, steal them away, and run. I haunt suspicious life and death.
I inevitably get exhausted.
I wonder if it was all actually my fault…

The sweetness of your words burns my stomach more than aloe.
I mix a drop of loneliness in, leading to a bright, twisted marbling.

And so, I am left behind time and time again
yet I can’t accept it. I’m cowardly.

I search for days torn apart in vain, waiting for a self that I lost sight of somewhere.
I gang up on them again, sink my fangs in, vent my frustrations and resent their kindness.
At last, I found my way home.
I wonder if everyone is really just alone…

As for our promise, you betrayed me, following the synopsis.
Now, shall we drink this foul lust until dawn?

Atop a mountain of lives, love letters I can’t send are all torn up. (1)
I wander, I run, and I pursue. In the end, I desire again.
I kept believing my excuses
but did I know all along that everything was a dream? (2)

If my outstretched hand will be shaken off before long
then satisfy me quickly, like always, with a lie that seems eternal.

Translator’s notes

(1) 人生 (jinsei – life) is written, but ゴミ (gomi – garbage) is sung.

(2) 偽物 (nisemono – sham) is written, but 夢 (yume – dream) is sung.



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3 responses to “輪廻反生 || The Circle of Antimigration”

  1. rei Avatar

    人生 (jinsei – life) is written, but ゴミ (gomi – garbage) is sung.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for that (^_^) I’ve updated the translation with this note.


    2. Juliano de Souza Barros Avatar
      Juliano de Souza Barros

      Same as 一滴 (Itteki). It isn’t a number, in this case.
      I’m grat for this lyric in did


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