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幻想旅団 || The Fantasy Brigade

Album art.

gensou ryodan
The Fantasy Brigade

Vocals: A~YA
Lyrics: ZUN and TETRA塾 (TETRA Juku)
Arranged by: Swing Holic Band
Album: SWING HOLIC VOL.14 [Official site]
Event: C87
Original theme: Kid’s Festival ~ Innocent Treasures [童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures]

Requested by: Repudiator

This track uses the word 夢違え (yumetagae), which also appears in the title of Changeability of Strange Dream. It refers to the act of praying or saying a charm after having a nightmare so it doesn’t come true.

The chorus also quotes from ZUN’s own lyrics for Innocent Treasures. Putting together a different interpretation was a unique challenge.


遥か彼の地 紺碧の
天つ雲の 通い路を
往くも帰らぬ 道すがら
忘失 忘我 御用心

恋ふに飽いた 妖は
をかし 興を求めては
誘う 夢の幻郷を

心遠く 空を偲び
黄泉返る 胡蝶の舞に
旅人は目覚めて 斯く語りき

夢違え 幻の朝靄の世界の記憶を
現し世は 崩れゆく砂の上に
空夢の 古の幽玄の世界の歴史を
白日は 沈みゆく街に

失くしたこと 気づかないほど
置き去った 想いの欠片
此の身 映す現像を
旅人は 憂いて 斯く語りき

夢違え 幻の紅の屋敷の異彩を
現し世は 血の気ない石の上に
空夢の 古の美しき都のお伽を
白日は 穢れゆく街に
白日は 沈みゆく街に

求めし 旅人 今日もゆく


haruka ka no chi konpeki no
amatsu kumo no kayoiji o
iku mo kaeranu michisugara
boushitsu bouga go-youjin

kou ni aita ayakashi wa
o kashi kyou o motomete wa
sasou yume no mahoroba o
zehi no hazama ni

kokoro tooku sora o shinobi
yomigaeru kochou no mai ni
yurameku kono shinjitsu o
tabibito wa mezamete kaku katariki

yumetagae maboroshi no asamoya no sekai no kioku o
utsushiyo wa kuzure yuku suna no ue ni
sorayume no inishie no yuugen no sekai no rekishi o
hakujitsu wa shizumi yuku machi ni

nakushita koto kidzukanai hodo
okisatta omoi no kakera
kono mi utsusu genzou o
tabibito wa ureite kaku katariki
docchi e susumu?

yumetagae maboroshi no kurenai no yashiki no isai o
utsushiyo wa chi no ke nai ishi no ue ni
sorayume no inishie no utsukushiki miyako no otogi o
hakujitsu wa kegare yuku machi ni
hakujitsu wa shizumi yuku machi ni

motomeshi tabibito kyou mo yuku


In a distant land, I travel
on the azure heavenly cloud route.
Along this road, which one cannot return from,
take care against forgetting and falling into a trance.

The youkai satisfied by love
seeks curious pleasure
and invites me to the phantom village of dreams,
to the threshold between right and wrong.

My heart is distant, remembering the sky
in the dance of resurrecting butterflies.
The traveller awakens, and thus speaks
of this truth, grown unstable.

I change this dream, my memories of a world of phantom morning mist.
This transient world is atop crumbling sand.
I tell the history of an ancient world of subtle grace: an invented dream.
Daylight falls upon the sinking streets.

I left so many fragments of my memories behind
that I didn’t even realise I had lost them.
I develop the film that shows me.
The traveller feels sorrow, and thus speaks.
Where will they go?

I change this dream, the prominence of the illusory scarlet mansion.
This transient world is atop a bloodless stone.
I tell a fairy-tale of an ancient, beautiful metropolis: an invented dream.
Daylight falls upon the impure streets.
Daylight falls upon the sinking streets.

The seeking traveller continues, even today.



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