Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: ASSAULT D!VE 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 16 [RTS16]
Original Theme: Luna Dial [月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル]

Requested by: Kalarz

不条理に 何もない舞台から 覗き込んだ世界の温度は
コインよりダイスcheckして そろそろこの辺が落とし所じゃない?

fujouri ni nani mo nai butai kara nozoki konda sekai no ondo wa
nemutta watashi no taion ni hitoshii
iya ni nen’iri katto shaffuru wa kihon
koin yori daisu check shite soro soro kono hen ga otoshidokoro ja nai?

Absurdly, the heat of the world I peeped into from an empty stage
matched my own, while I was asleep.
Cutting and shuffling unusually scrupulously is key.
Rather than coins, I check the dice. Won’t this be where we compromise before long?

震えてんの? そんな所に突っ立ってないで
何方かは存じ上げませんが 二時間前に出直しな

furueten no? sonna tokoro ni tsuttattenaide
donata ka wa zonjiagemasen ga nijikan mae ni denaoshi na

Are you shaking? Don’t loiter in such a place.
I don’t know who you are, but don’t come back before two hours have passed.

満員御礼 今宵の戯曲は Tick Tuck Tick Tuck生演奏
正方形を十六等分 よーい、ドン☆の大きさでサ
1,2,3,Fold 数え間違えりゃ 立体交差 消失点
反転 □■ どちらがどちらか もうどっちでもいい

man’in onrei koyoi no gikyoku wa Tick Tuck Tick Tuck namaensou
seihoukei o juuroku toubun yooi, don no ookisa de sa
1,2,3,Fold kazoe machigaerya rittai kousa shoushitsuten
hanten □■ dochira ga dochira ka mou docchi demo ii

Thanks for the full house! Tonight’s play is—tick, tock, tick, tock—a live performance.
A square is divided into 16 equally sized parts. Ready… go!
1, 2, 3, fold if you miscount. There’s a vanishing point at the multi-level crossing.
□■. Which is which? It doesn’t matter now. (1)

不透明な厘を作ろうぜ 組み立て自由にもっと沢山
一面並べ 繋げて消した次第

futoumei na hako o tsukurou ze kumitate jiyuu ni motto takusan
ichimen narabe tsunagete keshita shidai

Let’s make an opaque box. We’ll put them together freely, more and more!
They’re spread all over, and we’ll connect them after erasing them.

不完全で 未完成なゲームに興じて
月が隠れてたあの夜も Radioは壊れてなんかなかった

fukanzen de mikansei na geemu ni kyoujite
tsuki ga kakureteta ano yoru mo Radio wa kowarete nanka nakatta

I amuse myself with an imperfect, incomplete game.
The radio wasn’t broken during that night either, hidden by the moon.

Cut the crap!

千客万来 コインが弾けて Showtime, Showdown青天井
真骨頂に呼ばれて飛び込め もっともっと遠くまでサ
A,B,C,D いいから出てこい 絶対安全 運命論
暗転 そしたら あなたの時間も私のモノ

senkyaku banrai koin ga hajikete Showtime, Showdown aotenjou
shinkocchou ni yobarete tobikome motto motto tooku made sa
A,B,C,D ii kara dete koi zettai anzen unmeiron
anten soshitara anata no jikan mo watashi no mono

There’s a flood of customers. I flick a coin and it’s showtime, showdown, outdoors.
Called by your true worth, jump right in, more and more and even further.
A, B, C, D. Alright, get out! This is foolproof fatalism.
After the theatrical blackout, your time will be mine.

満員御礼 歪んだ戯曲はkcuT kciT kcuT kciT 逆再生
立方体を結んで開いて Round and Round って良い音でサ
3,2,1,Call マイナスの先にゃ 限界突破 最終回
反転 □■ どちらがどちらか判んなくなれ

man’in onrei yuganda gikyoku wa kcuT kciT kcuT kciT gyakusaisei
rippoutai o musunde hiraite Round and Round tte ii oto de sa
3,2,1,Call mainasu no saki nya genkai toppa saishuukai
hanten □■ dochira ga dochira ga wakannaku nare

Thanks for the full house! This twisted play is—kcuT kciT kcuT kciT—reverse regeneration.
I tie and untie the cube. Round and round… it makes a good noise.
3, 2, 1, call. Beyond minus, I break through limits for the last time.
Inverting □■. Which is which? Become unaware of which is which!

(1) The section 反転 □■ should be interpreted as ‘Inverting black and white.’

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