Vocals: flower
Lyrics: 煮ル果実 (Niru Kajitsu)
Composed by: 煮ル果実 (Niru Kajitsu)
Release Date: 25 January 2020

Requested by: taringtajam
Watch the official video on YouTube!

I was interested in the characters that appear on the character’s smartphone in the video, so I did some digging and according to one commentator they form the sentence “解釈は無駄。歌詞に意味無し。同(じ)穴の狢” (“Interpretation is useless. The lyrics are meaningless. They’re birds of a feather.”)

睨めっこ 睨めっこ
アイフォゲット アイフォゲット

niramekko niramekko
hami saita nou x aironizumu
ai fogetto ai fogetto
tameratta shikou x ooganizumu

It’s a staring contest, a staring contest.
A chewed-up brain x ironism.
I forget, I forget.
Hesitant thoughts x organism.

睨めっこ 睨めっこ
アイフォゲット アイフォゲット
駄目拒否却下 無能な銓

niramekko niramekko
chachi na risou to kotta rizumu
ai fogetto ai fogetto
dame kyohi kyakka munou na hakaru

It’s a staring contest, a staring contest.
Cheap ideals and exquisite rhythm.
I forget, I forget.
No way, I refuse, overruled! The measurements are incompetent.

She was wearing red that day
just like going to kill him
Suddenly the child called a phenomenon died
They’re birds of a feather

睨めっこ 睨めっこ
アイフォゲット アイフォゲット
tari rattatta 狂って踊る

niramekko niramekko
aritei ni kusatta rasuto warutsu
ai fogetto ai fogetto
tari rattatta kurutte odoru

It’s a staring contest, a staring contest.
Truth be told, the last waltz grows degenerate.
I forget, I forget.
Tari rattatta, go mad and dance!

きりきり無いね 着膨れたって
廃贅肉でおしゃぶりなんて 御幾つですか? お客様

kiri kiri nai ne kibukureta tte
fukuramu sarendaa wa yuu’utsu
haizeiniki de oshaburi nante go-ikutsu desuka? okyakusama
kibatsu wa tou ni bon’you datte kidzuku mo dotsubo no rutsubo
kaishou nashi no kaizou ningen sa

It’s endless. Even bundled up
this swelling feeling of surrender is melancholy.
Using your excess flab as a dummy… how old are you again, dear customer?
I know that what’s normal has long since become banal, but I’m in deep trouble.
I’m a good-for-nothing cyborg.

睨めっこ 睨めっこ
アイフォゲット アイフォゲット

niramekko niramekko
kiesatta kunou x jaianizumu
ai fogetto ai fogetto
kami kitta? riron x opuchimizumu

It’s a staring contest, a staring contest.
Vanished anguish x gianism.
I forget, I forget.
Did you get a haircut? Theory x optimism.

睨めっこ 睨めっこ
アイフォゲット アイフォゲット
即落札 暴利 私利私欲

niramekko niramekko
kado na kitai de ganjigarame
ai fogetto ai fogetto
sokurakusatsu bouri shiri shiyoku

It’s a staring contest, a staring contest.
I’m bound by excessive hopes.
I forget, I forget.
An instant successful bid. Mega profits. Self-interest.

乱癡気だって 醜怪だって
磨きゃ光って 叩きゃ濁って 満悦ですか? お客様
流行りはとうに模倣になって 無法地帯で大草原化

ranchiki datte shuukai datte
osameru faindaa wa koukotsu
migakya hikatte tatakya nigotte man’etsu desuka? okyakusama
hayari wa tou ni mohou ni natte muhou chitai de daisougenka
aizou meita kaizou ningen sa

Even if I’ve lost my senses, and even if I’m hideous,
the finder I pay is ecstatic.
Polish it and it shines, dust it and it gets cloudy. Are you delighted, dear customer?
Fads have long since become shams. The lawless areas have become prairies.
I’m a cyborg showing signs of likes and dislikes.

業突く張った 核弾頭を
向天吐唾で屁理屈なんて 最高じゃんか お客様

gou tsuku hatta kakudantou o
sagesumu nareetaa wa shuuitsu
kouten toda de herikutsu nante saikou jan ka okyakusama
hon no kimochi wa yokei na sewa to kidzuku mo dotsubo no rutsubo
hanmen kyoushi aizou ningen

The narrator scorns the warhead
that karma pierced and stuck to. How excellent.
Isn’t it the best to have your actions turn on you then indulge in sophistry, o customer?
I’ve noticed that my real feelings are none of your concern, but I’m in deep trouble.
The cherished human sets a bad example.

磨きゃ光って 叩きゃ濁って 辟易 瓦釡雷鳴
お引き取りやがれ お客様

migakya hikatte tatakya nigotte hekieki gafu raimei
douka douka douka D_O_U_K_A
o-hikitori yagare okyakusama
saiteihen no
saiteihen no
saiteihen no aizou ningen sa

Polish it and it shines, dust it and it gets cloudy. I’m fed up. The big-talkers are promoted.
Please, please, please, please!
Please get out, dear customer.
I’m a human with the lowest
the lowest
the lowest-class likes and dislikes.

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