Phantom Beats-幻屍の鼓動-

Album art.
Album art.

Phantom Beats-幻屍の鼓動-
Phantom Beats-genshi no kodou-
Phantom Beats

Vocals: 咲乃 (Sakino)
Lyrics: eiki
Arranged by: saku
Album: Masquerade
Event: C81
Original theme: Ultimate Truth [アルティメットトゥルース]

Requested by: liztiger

The Japanese part of this song’s title is a direct translation of the English part. It looks like this song also appeared in the earlier album W -Snow Blossom-.














aoku sunda minamo ni ukabu no toki no kakera
sakura ga saku koro ni wa kitto wasureru deshou

hanabira shikitsumeta kiri hitsugi no funade wa
hakuen no nami to shizuka ni yoru e kogidasu

nijimu omokage, tsuki sasayaku yoru wa
wasure kaketa hi no kioku ga sotto katari kakeru
atsuki chishio no same kitta kono mune ni
naze takanari tsudzukeru no ka?
yamanu genshi no kodou wa

kimi o


shiroku sunda yaiba ni utsuru kimi no sugata
sakura no mau keshiki ni itsumo omoi kasaneta

nanaho roppo chikadzuite kesenu katakuna na kodoku wa
ichimiri no kyori mo gokusai no iro ni kasumu

ayashii yume ni kuchidzuke o kogarete
muishiki ni tsubuyaku tabi ni ki ga furete shimaisou
kasuka na hibi no kioku o egaku ko wa
nakushiteta hazu no kokoro to tomo ni
yorisoide nemuru

te o nigitta yubi mo
sono onaji shigusa mo

shiroi kami mo
wakakusa no koromo mo

subete onaji ni


Fragments of time float in the clear blue water.
I guess they’ll be forgotten when the sakura bloom.

When the casket begins its journey, covered in petals,
it silently heads to the night with waves of white smoke.

Your face blurs, and during a night when the moon whispers
I softly speak half-forgotten memories of days past.
My heart’s hot blood now runs cold
yet why does it still throb so?
The phantom beats prove

that I love you


You, reflected upon the white blade,
are what I remember when I look at the dancing sakura.

My loneliness, which remains though I draw closer,
is blurred by brilliant colours and the small distance between us.

I yearn for a kiss from that bewitching dream
and I lose my mind each time I unconsciously mutter.
The one drawing faint memories from those days
comes close to the heart they should have lost
and they slumber.

The fingers that grasped my hand,
those same movements,

your white hair
and your early spring garments

are all the same—
they do not fade.


  1. thank you thank you ❤
    I guessed it is a yuyu-myon song, and look like it's really is
    But i wonder the who is the point of view? when it's "my blade", i think it is youmu, then in the last stanza, "your white hair", did it change to yuyu here?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I wonder whose perspective this song is told from too – and it’s possible that it changes during the song. I was trying to work out who died, and I think it might be Youmu, which would make this song from Yuyuko’s perspective.

      I feel like the blade could either be ‘mine’ or ‘yours’, so if I changed it to ‘the blade’ instead, that would leave it more open to interpretation.


        1. It was the line that I had as

          ‘You, reflected upon my white blade,
          are what I remember when I look at the dancing sakura.’

          The part was ‘my white blade’ – there’s nothing in the text that says whose blade it is, so it could actually be ‘your white blade’. I changed it to ‘the white blade’ to reflect this and the line now reads:

          You, reflected upon the white blade,
          are what I remember when I look at the dancing sakura.

          It’s good to know that the track is tied to a Youmu-centered book. I wonder if the story of this song appears in there too…


          1. well, it’s a compilation book of short mangas featured youmu by various artists (there is a short by mio – the artist who known for draw lots of youmu too), there is no short related to the song, though, I guess it’s just the publisher wanted to include the song in their book.
            i realize some of romaji is not exact, you may made a typo here “kori ni”, i checked and it should be “koro ni”, and another line, 桐棺 as i heard in the song, it sung “kiri hitsugi”

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Thank you! I’ve fixed up the romanisation of those areas. I normally listen to the song before posting to check the romanisation, which solves almost all of those issues. I couldn’t listen this time…


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