Album art.

コウフクアイロニー || Ironic Happiness

Album art.

koufuku aironii
Ironic Happiness

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: エイセイパレード (Eternity Parade) [Official site]
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: Reitaisai 16 [RTS16]
Original theme: White Flag of Usa Shrine [お宇佐さまの素い幡]

Requested by: thebeanconsumer

Another translation of the title is ‘Happiness Irony’. I went with ‘Ironic Happiness’ to match how I translated it in the song.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

They spit on this beautiful world
thinking they’re not lucky and it’s all unfair. Am I wrong?
They laugh at the misfortune of others.
They smile and think “Awesome, I’m so much better than them.”
That’s right, that’s right. In the end…
That’s right, that’s right. They’re awful.
That’s right, that’s right. They’re happier
if everything other than them is at rock bottom.

I’ll be happier, happier than anyone else.
It’ll bear fruit someday, for only me.
I’ll keep believing even harder, even harder.
I surround myself with things and am relieved.

Are you happier than anyone else now?
Then why do you think you’re unhappy?
If only I had more money or a partner…
Everyone makes those sorts of excuses.

That’s right, that’s right. In the end…
That’s right, that’s right. I’m worn-out.
That’s how it is, that’s how it is. I’m nothing.
Why am I always so much less fortunate than anyone else?

Someone smiles and looks fulfilled.
Ah, why are things only unfair for me?
I’ve got this and that and everything else.
Only the most important part remains unfulfilled.
Yeah, it’s all so tiny. It’s ironic happiness.

That’s right, that’s right. Why can they smile?
That’s right, that’s right. Even though they’re nothing.
Y’know, I’m the one who’s empty.
Winning is the definition of happiness, right? I’m out of luck.

I drew a map of happiness back then
but it’s not all going to plan.
Still, there’s a hundred million forms of happiness.
It’s kinda painful.
Everyone, even you, is happy.
I’m the only one who resisted it with all my might.
I lied, saying I was happy with being average
and I drown in a pile of ideals.
The rabbit of happiness isn’t here anymore.
They were there all the time, but I never noticed.


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