MY Heart Rate

synchro2MY Heart Rate

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: Caral
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path [春色小径 ~ Colorful Path]

Requested by: hs08


A new lyricist has joined the Shinra-Bansho flock! If I had to compare Caral to another lyricist, I’d compare them to Seiji. Like Seiji, they mix English seamlessly with the Japanese lyrics. It’s really effective – I didn’t even have to do much work to make it fit.

I think this is a Yukari x Reimu song, but it’s tough working out who’s speaking where. This line in particular is tricky: 攫って幻の世界から (Abducted from a world of illusions). The speaker could be the one doing the abducting, or they could be the one being abducted. As my interpretation of the lyrics evolves, I may change some of these things around.

(Heart rate,
Ideals and reality create gaps and they close in.
My heart and reality stifle tenderness.
No limits. Even if that’s true,
I can’t shout or spit out
that small, reverberating message)
Only in my heart.

Though I act tough,
I can’t leap over this discontent.
I say something or other
and the same kind of morning arrives.

I imagined freedom back then
but where is it?
I forget my ideals in my dream.

Hey, only my heart’s voice
is an acupuncture marionette. Ah, ah.
I can’t even keep up anymore. Everybody!
Everyone sword fights with the attention-seekers. Run.
I knew that I was being sought out
but still, it was my good day.
Hey, why is it? Hey, why is it?
I want to gain one silent day. Ah…

Abducted from a world of illusions,
It was like I had been swallowed up.
Can’t get over there. Yeah…
I dig it up and it’s twisted. You got it.
We become tangled up.
Ah… I can’t disobey. I’m lame.

You gang up on me. Eh, eh.
You call me a contrarian. Eh, eh.
You tell me to donate if I’m going to say this and that.
You keep saying the same things. Eh, eh.
How boring. Don’t let me down.
(Don’t know nothing, don’t let me down.)

Oh… no matter how far I go, I don’t understand.
As for those unreasonable demands, ah, ah…
Aren’t they fine because they’re so explosive?
(Aren’t they fine?)
Ah. No matter how long I’ve done it, I’m going to leave.
After all giving up and accepting things is so important.
Hey, why is it? Hey, why is it?
In the end, I’ll manage somehow.
(So lonely, lonely day.)

But if you’re by my side…
I’ll abduct you from a repeated world.
If it’s only a little bit,
I’ll give it a try. Oh yeah…
In a dream, to think you’d say something like “You made it.”
I want to disobey.
Ah… which is my true flame?

Hey, the voice of my heart
is calling out the truth. Ah, ah.
It’s telling me to take care not to be swallowed up.
We tangle together
but why? Why? Why?
My heart rate
can’t be stopped.
Even your heart rate
is the same as mine.

Kidnapped from a world of illusions,
I don’t want to be swallowed up.
I can get over there. Yeah…
I dig it up and it’s twisted. You got it.
I’ll stand still.
Ah… This is my real flame.
Only my heart.

Your dream will someday snap.
I searched for something I lacked.
I take your hand
and kidnap you, heading to the world you gave me.
As it reacts to the truth, I can’t stop my heart rate.
That must be only—

(Kidnapped from a world of illusions…)
My heart rate
will always be only—
(Ideals and reality create gaps, and they close in.)
My heart rate.
(My heart and reality stifle tenderness.)
I can’t disobey. I’m lame.

Gusty Girl

oriental-girlfriend_e382b8e383a3e382b1e38383e38388Gusty Girl

Vocals: ichigo
Lyrics: ichigo
Arranged by: Kayoko (カヨコ)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Wind God Girl [風神少女]

Requested by: Runixzan

There are some really, really long sentences in this one! It’s also worth pointing out that all of the lyrics in the booklet are written as a wall of text. Therefore, the formatting of the lyrics here is unofficial, and has only been done to make it easier to read.


itsu datte nanika o utagatte iru ne
tsukamae sasenai sono manazashi de
hontou no kotoba o kakushite iru no wa boku ja nai
dare demo nai kimi darou ni

You’re always doubting something,
Staring with a gaze I won’t let myself be caught in.
The one hiding their true words isn’t me.
It seems like it’s none other than you.

風が分からなくしてしまう 目も開けていられない

sakki made futte ita ame de shimetta machi no iro mo nioi mo
kaze ga wakaranaku shite shimau me mo akete irarenai

I no longer know the colour, smell, or wind of this town, which was drenched
in the rain that was falling until just now. I can’t help but open my eyes.


donna kotae o kimi ga hoshigatte kizutsuku to shitemo
tsunaida te ni mada imi o kanjite iru nara
donna kotae o kimi ga mitsukete shinjinai to shitemo
boku wa mata tsugou no ii uso o tsuku

No matter what answer you want and hurt me for,
If you still feel meaning in our hands tied together,
Then no matter what answer you find and don’t believe,
I’ll just tell a convenient lie once more.


dou shitatte itsuka wa owatte shimau ndarou
dattara kanashimu no wa sono toki de ii yo
totsuzen no kaze ga fukiagete kita dake
yandara jouzu ni futari chakuchi shiyou

Things will end someday, no matter what I do.
If that’s the case, it’s better to be sad when it happens.
A sudden wind has just blown up—
When it stops, let’s make our landing.


itsuka no yakusoku o kimi ga oboete inakutemo
kawashita kisu ga mada ato o hiku no nara
itsuka no yakusoku o kimi ga yaburou to shite itemo
boku wa mata damasareru furi o suru

Even if you no longer remember the promise we once made,
If the kisses we exchanged still linger,
Then even if you attempt to break the promise we once made,
I will still pretend to be deceived.


tsudzuki no nai monogatari o kurikaeshi yonde iru you na sekai no owari ga
koko de, zutto, tsudzuite ikimasu you ni

This world is like reading a book without a sequel over and over again.
I hope that its ending will continue right here, always…


donna kotae o kimi ga hoshigatte kizutsuita to shite mo
boku wa boku ni tsugou no ii amayaka de saitei no uso o tsuku

No matter what answer you wanted and hurt me for,
I will tell myself convenient, sweet, and nasty lies…

children’s game

synchro2children’s game

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Dullahan Under the Willows [柳の下のデュラハン]


ticat posted a bit about this track on her Twitter. She mentions that it’s about a tragedy. Everyone shrugged off the blame, saying the same thing: “it wasn’t me.” Meanwhile, the gardenias were looking at the moon without speaking. Where is the 9th person…?

There’s a possible pun in this song: gardenia (クチナシ – kuchinashi), a type of flower referenced in the song, is pronounced the same as ‘something unspoken’ (口無し – kuchi nashi). It also sounds a little like headless (首無し – kubi nashi), which describes Sekibanki a bit. There could be different interpretations of this song, but I think it’s about a group of kids ganging up on someone (Sekibanki), who then goes out to seek revenge on them. So… it’s pretty dark. Look out for the references to children’s games such as kagome kagome and hide and seek!

One final note: bracketed words were written like that in the original lyrics.


[Playing a game…]
Where are those bewildered bodies going? [Number 1 is here]
Yes, bearing the obvious answer, I pose my question. [Number 2’s on the other side]
A dilapidated house. [Number 3] A corner of the back street. [Number 4]
Something seems wrong with this heat haze…

In the park of beautiful gardenias , atop the slide, [atop it]
Everyone chanted in unison: [“It wasn’t me!”]

Ah… And then they leaped out, decapitated them, and laughed.
Children here, there, everywhere!
It must have been me they did it to.
Ready? [Not yet!]
[Woh…] It must [Woh…] be somewhere,
Or so I believed.
Listen—those old tales
are the sorts of things that… you can’t possibly tell now.
[Woh… playing a game…]

After school, they play hide and seek at dusk [searching for the next one]
chasing after a shadow that must have vanished [they kicked it]. 5! [6!]
At the school gate [7!] a silhouette stands [8!].
A figure stands left out from their friends. Who is it? One left now… [Not ready yet!] (1)

The gardenia was watching everything (that day).
As for the rumoured dullahan… who’s the storyteller? [“It’s you!”]

Ah. The moon was watching, watching, waxing.
Near and far, hey… kids!
Stretching, stretching, stretched out, or so they say.
Ready? [Not yet!]
[Woh…] Everyone [Woh…] covers their eyes.
Give it back right now!
Who will I steal away? Who will I destroy? After all,
I’ll never, ever forgive them for this…

I can’t see any signs of remorse.
I pushed and was pushed back in return.
I can’t see any signs of remorse.
It’s sad, [all cut open] wait! [Stop!]

I peep right in…
Stop it, stop it, stop it, hey! Someone!
Kagome, kagome. Now, the kids
form a circle, circle, circle around the secrets. Ready? [I’m coming now!]
[Woh…] Tomorrow it’ll surely be [Woh…] an unfamiliar face.
“I won’t let you escape…”

Everything is stained red and blue:
Hearts, bodies. Still, they’re kids.
Someday, somewhere, for some reason, I’ll get rid of them all in the end. [9!]
[There’s no going back!] Though I search,
[There’s no going back!] Though I search,
I can’t forgive you now…
The sun comes out, comes out, comes out today
and from my swollen, swollen, swollen heart:
“Who was there behind you?”
Who was it? Playing a game.

(1) Who is it? (誰そ彼 – tasokare) is believed to be a precursor to the word for dusk (黄昏 – tasogare), as dusk is the time when it is no longer possible to tell who you’re speaking to [reference, in Japanese].



Vocals: Mika (美歌)
Lyrics: Mika (美歌)
Arranged by: Maurits”禅”Cornelis
Album: Rebirth Story 4 【Official Site】
Circle: FELT
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: A Starry Sky of Small Desires [小さな欲望の星空]

Requested by: Tara Celica

夢の中いつも 届かない君の手
もどかしい瞬間が 胸にこびりついて

yume no naka itsumo todokanai kimi no te
tatta ippo no kyori
modokashii shunkan ga mune ni kobori tsuite
me o tojiru koto sae mo kowaku natte itta

I can never reach your hand in my dreams.
I’m always a step away.
Those frustrating times stuck to my heart
and I became scared of even closing my eyes.


yoru no kaze ni sasowarete
mata kimi ni deau darou

I am invited by the night wind.
Perhaps I’ll see you again…

隣 触れ合っていた
時間に迷い込む 夜明けまで

tonari fure atte ita
tooi kioku no iro o oyogu you ni
hakaru koto no dekinai
toki ni mayoi komu yoake made

You were right there by my side.
It was like I was swimming in the colours of distant memories.
I wander, lost in immeasurable time
until dawn breaks.

深く… 深く…

fukaku… fukaku…

Deeper… deeper…

照りつける太陽と 冷たい風がふいに
噛み締めていたい 一瞬の煌めきを

teri tsukeru taiyou to tsumetai kaze ga fui ni
mazari atta you na
kami shimete itai isshun no kirameki o
tsutaeru sube ga itsumo mitsukerarenakute

It was like the blazing sun and the cold wind
had melded together.
I want to reflect on that brief radiance
though I can never find a way to convey it.


betsu no sekai de aetara
donna kotoba o kakeyou

If we could meet in another world
I wonder what words I would say?

光 また君を連れ去っていく

mabushiku suri nuketa
hikari mata kimi o tsure satte iku
nobasu yubisaki no
itami dake o okizari ni shite

The light pierces through radiantly.
It will take you away again.
All it will leave behind
is the pain in the fingers I reach out.

淡く… 消えた…

awaku… kieta…

So pale… you vanished…


me o tojita mama
afure dasu namida
yume ni ochite ita
futari no ashiato

With my eyes closed,
I shed tears.
Our footprints fall
in my dreams.

Black lily princess

bossa7Black lily princess

Vocals: 3L
Lyrics: Satoshi Kuroiwa (黒岩サトシ)
Arranged by: Shibayan
Album: TOHO BOSSA NOVA 7 【Official Site】
Circle: ShibayanRecords
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Themes: –Wind God Girl  [風神少女]
The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain [妖怪の山 ~ Mysterious Mountain]

Buy a digital copy of the album on BOOTH here!

I love the way Shibayan plays with rhythm here. 3L also sounds great, as always! The English parts flow quite well with the Japanese parts, so I didn’t feel like I had to mess with them at all.

憧れた wings for sky
きっと day and night
いつだって in my mind

akogareta wings for sky
omoidashite mite
kitto day and night
todokanai basho de
itsu datte in my mind
hitori jime shiteru wa
itsuka no anata zutto issho ni

I longed for wings for the sky
and I try to remember them.
Surely, day and night,
They’re somewhere I can’t reach.
They’re always in my mind.
I have them all to myself!
I’m with you, from back then, forever…


fuki susabu kaze wo uke nagara
hitomi sorasazu
massugu ni sora wo kirisaite
doko made mo ikeru
tooku kara narande tonderu tsumori no watashi
tada itsumo mite itsumo mite itsumo miteru

While bearing the brunt of the raging wind,
I don’t look away
and I cut through the sky, straight ahead.
I can go anywhere.
I intended to stay far away and fly in a line.
Still, I’m always watching, always watching, always watching…

お姫様みたい だって私は
そう Love you Love you Love you for us

fukisusabu kaze no naka futari
chinmoku no sora de
o-himesama mitai datte watashi wa
anata ga kizu tsuitara don’na koto datte suru
sō Love you Love you Love you for us

We are together in the raging wind
in the silent sky
just like a princess. After all,
If you get wounded, I’ll do anything. Anything at all.
Yes—I love you, love you, love you for us…

壊された wings for sky
ずっと day and night
いつだって in my eyes

kowasareta wings for sky
dakishimete tobu no
zutto day and night
hanasanai zettai
itsu datte in my eyes
hitori jime shiteru wa
doko demo anata zutto issho dakara
watashi ga sora wo misete ageru wa
omoi wa kuria
jirenma nante nai

Embracing my broken wings for sky
I fly.
Always, day and night,
I’ll never let go.
You’re always in my eyes.
I have you all to myself.
No matter where, I’m always with you
so I’ll show you the sky!
My feelings are clear.
I have no dilemmas.

solitary girl

bossa7solitary girl

Vocals: milka
Lyrics: milka
Arranged by: milka
Album: TOHO BOSSA NOVA 7 【Official Site】
Circle: ShibayanRecords
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Mist Lake  [ミストレイク]

Buy a digital copy of the album on BOOTH here!

No, this isn’t an arrangement of Locked Girl…

きみの足跡の波紋 まるく響いてる

sumikiru mizu no o-shiro ni mayoi konda no ne
kimi no ashiato no hamon maruku hibiiteru

I’ve gone astray in a castle hidden in the serene water.
The ripples from your footsteps resound roundly.


kiri no mizu-umi no ue de kimi wa hitori asobi
koori no beru wo narashite dare o yobu no

You play alone atop the mist lake.
You ring the ice bell. Who are you calling?


kara no gurasu narabete wa
todokanai kotoba o kaado ni kaki nokoshite miru no
douzo shiawase ni, to

I line up the empty glasses
And try writing words on cards that won’t be delivered:
“I wish you every happiness.”


asamoya wa kooru namida o tsutsunde iyasu kedo
kimi no sugata mo kakushite shimau you ne

The morning mist embraces my frozen tears and eases my pain
but it will hide your figure as well…


koko ni oide to ieta nara
mujaki na egao wa furimuku kana
minasoko ni shizumu you ni
omoi wo kakera ni kaeru

If I could ask you to come over here
I wonder if you’d turn your face and give an innocent smile…
My thoughts become fragments
and seem to sink to the bottom of the lake.


kimi no ashiato hitotsu
watashi no toiki no awa hitotsu

One of your footsteps
and a bubble from one of my breaths…


kimi no manazashi hidoku
surudoku kodoku wo ugatsu

Your gaze is cruel.
It pierces me with sharp solitude.


kimi no tsumetai hitori asobi
miagete naiteru

I look up at your cold, solitary game
and I cry.


watashi itsu demo hitori asobi
hakushi no kaado wo oru

I am always playing alone,
Folding blank cards.

とおく ふかく ひびく こおる
とおく ふかく ひびく こおる

tooku fukaku hibiku kooru
tooku fukaku hibiku kooru
kimi no koe ga

Distant, deep, resonant, freezing…
Distant, deep, resonant, freezing…
So goes your voice.



Vocals: nachi
Lyrics: milka
Arranged by: Shibayan
Album: TOHO BOSSA NOVA 7 【Official Site】
Circle: ShibayanRecords
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Lunate Elf  [ルーネイトエルフ]

Buy a digital copy of the album on BOOTH here!


Apparently the title means ‘flowing.’ This is certainly a flowing track, with lyrics that make you flow away somewhere else…

Also, big thanks to Petalite Yuu for transcribing the lyrics for me at short notice!

ざわめく風 木陰から覗く夢
わたしの目 またたく午後の岸辺

zawameku kaze kokage kara nozoku yume
watashi no me matataku gogo no kishibe

The wind rustles. I peep into a dream from the shade of the trees.
I blink my eyes and I’m on the banks of the afternoon.

さらら さらら 川流れて ゆく ゆく
ゆら ゆら 小枝揺れて どこ ゆく?

sarara sarara kawa nagarete yuku yuku
yura yura koeda yurete doko yuku?

The river flows silkily and smoothly. It flows, flows…
A branch floats this way and that. Where is it going?

ふわり ふわり 蝶の羽根は誘うよ
鳥たち 歌いだす春の庭へ

fuwari fuwari chou no hane wa sasou yo
tori-tachi utai dasu haru no niwa e

Lightly, lightly, the butterfly’s wings invite me.
The birds begin to sing, heading toward a spring garden.

ほら ひだまりのにおいに寝転んだら
遠い雲 いつか見た空になる

hora hidamari no nioi ni nekorondara
tooi kumo itsuka mita sora ni naru

Now, if you fall asleep in a sunny spot’s aura,
The distant clouds will become the sky you once saw.


wasuremono wo sagasu no wa asu ni shite
hana no beddo ni tsutsumaretara

I put off searching for the things I forgot until tomorrow
when I’m engulfed by a bed of flowers.

遠くささやく梢 呼んでる

tooku sasayaku kozue yonderu

The treetops, rustling far away, are calling.

さざめいた風 わたしの胸の奥で
春告げて 未来までつれてって

sazameita kaze watashi no mune no oku de
haru tsugete mirai made tsuretette

The boisterous wind, inside my heart,
Announces that spring is here. Take me along into the future!

ながれる水は 気まぐれなメロディで
わたしの心 浮き立たせるみたい

nagareru mizu wa kimagure na merodi de
watashi no kokoro ukitataseru mitai

The flowing water, with a whimsical melody,
Seems to invigorate my spirit.


akogareta no wa ano iro
kirameku ao no mori subete
miwatasu kigi-tachi no koe
itsumo aeru no

I longed for that colour,
Everything inside that shining, sacred forest.
I can always encounter the voices
of the trees I look out upon.