Vocals: 霖 (Rin)
Lyrics: Eris
Arranged by: Eris
Album: PHANTOM 【Official Site】
Circle: MurderGround
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: A Pair of Divine Beasts [一対の神獣]

Requested by: Vengeance

もう届かないと知っていたの 信じる事できず
壊れそうなほど叫びたいの その名前を…

mou todokanai to shitte ita no shinjiru koto dekizu
kowaresou na hodo sakebitai no sono namae o…

Though I know my voice won’t reach you, and can’t believe it will,
I want to call out your name until my voice breaks…

愛はこのまま 形なき夢を見る幻

ai wa kono mama katashi naki yume o miru maboroshi
yuuyake ga yokogao o somete yuku

Love, in this state, is an illusion dreaming formless dreams.
The evening glow illuminates your face, seen from the side.

遥かな地平線に 漂う陽炎を見つめていた
このまま時が止まり あなたのそばにいられたなら

haruka na chiheisen ni tadayou kagerou o mitsumete ita
kono mama toki ga tomari anata no soba ni irareta nara

I was looking at a heat haze drifting over the distant horizon.
If only time would stop and I could stay by your side…

ドラマティック膝栗毛 || A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

doramatikku hizakurige
A Dramatic Journey by Shank’s Mare

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express [ヒロシゲ36号 ~ Neo Super-Express]

Requested by: Siti


Translating the title was a little frustrating since the phrase “Shank’s Mare” means absolutely nothing to me. However, the title is a specific reference to a famous Japanese book, 東海道中膝栗毛 (shortened to Hizakurige), and that’s been translated as Shank’s Mare so I used that term to preserve the literary reference.

There are some articles out there that reference the book and its translation if you’d like to know more.

Incidentally, Shinra-Bansho seems to have dropped the capitalised R from their official branding, so I might drop it too. I really want to translate more Shinra-Bansho stuff…

The super express leaves dreams behind as its tracks.

Now, I will check everybody’s tickets.
This is the century’s greatest invention.
As long as I’m with you
there aren’t any walls in our way.

The journey is on schedule and going well.
Afterimages of the panoramic view are projected.
I will dive in
to the super-vivid blue sea.
The steam train runs with alternate dreams on board.
I wonder whose dreams they are?
‘Something certain’ advances toward the future.

I always find myself suddenly thinking
that life is like a train.
Immortality, so to speak, is an illusion—
we will arrive at the terminal station eventually.

Splitting Tokaido,
this madness continues. It stretches out forever, far into the distance.
“Ah, virtual princess
even your awareness is a fraud.”
I’m all dizzy now!

The train continues. With a bump and a crash, it carries dreams.
The boundary line blurs, playing a lovely discord.
“Mad illusion,” run, run!
There are 53 revolving mirage lanterns.

Twinkle, twinkle. A parabola was sketched out in binary.
It was so beautiful I sighed.
You said some words back then. When was it…?
Now, I’m not sure
if they were real.

One day, the steam train
went and leaped over all the lodgings.
It drew closer to the dream’s end.
Please, wait a bit.
It’s too fast for the credits to roll!
I haven’t shown you something dramatic yet!

Even so, the steam train runs along the tracks.
Our journey by Shank’s Mare through the modern world
was over too soon, to my surprise. Like that, everything will end.
“Still, surely”
The journey the two of us took
“will continue forever.”
It won’t end.
There’s still more to come.

There’s an announcement: we’re at the station.
Make sure to leave nothing behind.
Perhaps this warmth is the only real thing.



Vocals: レジ (Reji)
Lyrics: 海兎 (kaito)
Arranged by: きりん (Kirin)
Album: Valiant Blade 【Official Site】
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream… [さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream…]

Requested by: Vengeance

冬を越えて やって来たよ
白い花が過ぎ去って Ah…
さくらさくら 雲の向こう

fuyu o koete yatte kita yo
shiroi hana ga sugi satte Ah…
haru no kaze ga watashi o yobu
sakura sakura kumo no mukou

Passing through winter, it’s finally arrived!
The white flowers become a thing of the past. Ah…
The spring breeze calls for me.
Sakura, sakura, beyond the clouds…

夢の続き つかまえて Ah…
優しい風 巡り巡る
いつまででも 微笑んでた

muna sawagi ga tomaranai yo
yume no tsudzuki tsukamaete Ah…
yasashii kaze meguri meguru
itsu made demo hohoendeta

I can’t stop my uneasiness.
I will catch the tail end of my dream. Ah…
The tender wind travels through its cycle.
I was smiling, and I continued to smile forever.

皆の想-コエ- 紡いでく Ah…
さくらさくら 過ぎ去る日々

haru no yume ni omoi hasete
minna no koe tsumuideku Ah…
aoi sora e te o nobashite
sakura sakura sugi saru hibi

I send my thoughts to a spring dream.
Everyone’s voices are spun together. Ah…
I reach out towards the blue sky.
Sakura, sakura, the days pass by…

(1) 想 (omoi – feelings) is written, but it is intended to be read as こえ (koe – voices).



Vocals: うくな (Ukuna)
Lyrics: sasakusa
Arranged by: sasakusa
Album: one for all 【Official Site】
Circle: Lampcat
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]

Requested by: McGuys
Buy the album on Bandcamp!
Watch the official video here!

‘Autre’ is French for ‘other.’

I really enjoy this circle’s works, but what I like the most are the lyrics. There’s so many double meanings, and sasakusa’s really good at making the most of repeated sounds – one only has to look at the first line. Either way, I heartily encourage you to visit the circle’s Bandcamp page and buy both of their albums. Now that I’ve started, I hope to translate more of their music.

(See if you can spot the obligatory pebble/Koishi reference…)

内々ない 何もない 私は色を知らない殻
空 空っぽのような形だと 意味を悟ったのは
負う曖昧な異 兆しも見えない 声が傷つけ続けて
残ったものは殻もない 剥き出しの哀だけ

nai nai nai nani mo nai watashi wa iro o shiranai kara
kara karappo no you na katachi da to imi o satotta no wa
ou aimai na i kizashi mo mienai koe ga kizutsuke tsudzukete
nokotta mono wa kara mo nai mukidashi no ai dake

No insides, I’ve got nothing inside. I am a colourless shell.
I realised that meaning holds a hollow, hollow form.
I bear an ambiguous difference, yet the symptoms are unseen. My voice keeps wounding others.
All that remains is shell-less sorrow, laid bare.

孤の目を閉じた 見たくない世界と離れだす
きっと 境界を失ったら 最早自分にすらなれない

ko no me o tojita mitakunai sekai to hanaredasu
kitto kyoukai o ushinattara mohaya jibun ni sura narenai

I shut my solitary eye, detaching myself from a world I didn’t want to see.
Once I’ve lost my boundaries, then I can no longer even be myself.

もう三千万の景色 私は誰の中にも残らないなら
燦然世界が変わったとしても 私は底で変われない
問う判定外の意識探せど 誰の指にも止まらないから
瑩鉄の愛に依る この眼が映す自己には届かない

mou sanzen-man no keshiki watashi wa dare no naka ni mo nokoranai nara
sanzen sekai ga kawatta to shitemo watashi wa soko de kawarenai
tou hantei-gai no ishiki sagasedo dare no yubi ni mo tomaranai kara
eitetsu no ai ni yoru kono me ga utsusu jiko ni wa todokanai

I’ve seen countless landscapes, but if I won’t remain within anyone,
Then though the radiant world will change, I can’t change, deep down.
I search for consciousness separate from the judgement I question, but nobody’s fingers will land on me
so I depend on transparent love. It won’t reach the self reflected in my eyes.

廃獄這い傍に 明かした意図を振り撒いて進む

haigoku hai katawara ni akashita ito o furi maite susumu
sasotta you na sono ato wa hashi e tsudzuite iku
boukyaku no ura ni koborenai chikara mo shigarami sakete
osore kiratta you na kagami ni mo nanika imi wa aru no

While crawling through the deserted hell, I scatter divulged intentions and move on.
Those inviting marks continue to the edges.
Power, which will not spill from behind oblivion, avoids shackles.
Is there a meaning to this mirror, which I seemed to fear and hate?

わかりきってた 失えば二度と戻らぬこと
今、 透明が空白を満たして もう息すら出来ない

wakari kitteta ushinaeba nido to modoranu koto
ima, toumei ga kuuhaku o mitashite mou iki sura dekinai

I knew all too well—when I lose it, I won’t get it back.
Now, transparency fills this blank space. I can’t even breathe anymore.

不完全な個の果てに 晒した私の中が壊れていく
ただ、存在の劣を呪ったところで 誰と代われるわけもない
乞う対象は求めても埋まらぬ 認識不可の通りゃんせ

fukanzen na ko no hate ni sarashita watashi no naka ga kowarete iku
tada, sonzai no retsu o norotta tokoro de dare to kawareru wake mo nai
kou taishou wa motometemo umaranu ninshiki fuka no tooryanse
arikata o okasu kono itami ga kiete ieru koto wa nai

This is the end of an imperfect individual—My exposed insides break away.
Still, I curse the inferiority of life but won’t take someone else’s place.
I search for someone to beg to but won’t be satisfied. Incognisant things pass on by.
My pain, which transgresses the way things should be, won’t vanish or be healed.

その残骸は灰の中消えていく 何処に行くかもわからずに

aietsu miezu tomarazu ai sarezu maru de watashi wa koishi no you
nara seizei watashi ga inaku natta tokoro de nani mo sekai wa kawaranai
“moshi mo konna me o motazu, futsuu ni…”
nante waraeru yume o mite
sono zangai wa hai no naka kiete iku doko ni iku ka mo wakarazu ni
watashi no basho wa…?

Choked with tears, I can’t see. I don’t stop. I won’t be loved. I’m like a pebble.
If so, then if I disappear, the world won’t change a bit.
“If I didn’t have this eye, I’d be normal…”
I dream such scornful dreams.
Their ruins disappear into ashes. Without knowing where I’m going…
Where do I belong…?

夜に咲くオーエン || Owen Blooming in the Night

yoru ni saku ooen
Owen Blooming in the Night

Vocals: 西園寺・スーパーガード・麗華 (Reika “Super Guard” Saionji)
Lyrics: 西園寺・スーパーガード・麗華 (Reika “Super Guard” Saionji)
Arranged by: 神楽坂・ダンサーインザダーク・佳奈多 (Kanata “Dancer in the Dark” Kagurazaka)
Album: Sugarknives
Circle: カナタノート (Kanata Note)
Published by: paroleise
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Themes: Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial [月時計~ ルナ・ダイヤル ]
U.N. Owen Was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? ]

Requested by: Kaleival


ano hi kara tozasareta anata no sekai ni wa,
watashi wa iru no kana
ikutsumo no kisetsu ga sugita kedo,
anata to no jikan wa tomatta mama

I wonder if I’m there in your world, which has been sealed away
since that day.
Though countless seasons have passed,
The time I spent with you remains frozen.


sono basho de furimuita mama dewa,
omoide ga iroasete shimau yo
itsu kara ka, toki no yodomi no naka de mogaiteru
anata mo, sou, watashi mo

Through remaining there, looking back,
My memories will fade.
I’ve been struggling in the sediment of time since who knows when.
We’ve been struggling, you and I.


mado ni sashita tsuki no akari ga,
itsu no ma ni ka kumo ni kakurete
doa no mukou gawa ga kowakute,
kurai heya de, nani mo dekizu ni

The moonlight shining through my window
was hidden behind the clouds before I knew it.
I stay in my dark room, doing nothing
because I’m afraid of what’s behind my door.


kira kira to kagayaku yozora o anata to tobitai no
dakara, tsuredashite
tada, yodonda toki no naka o nukedasenai nara
ima wa tada, semete, nemurasete

I want to fly in the shining night sky with you
so, take me with you!
Still, I can’t escape from stagnant time
so for now, please just let me sleep.

思い出して 私と見た夜の景色を
忘れないで 忘れないで 忘れないでよ

omoidashite watashi to mita yoru no keshiki o
anata to te o tsunaide tonda, ano hi o
wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide yo
toki ga tomatte shimawanai you ni

Remember the night scene you saw with me
and the day when I held hands with you and flew away.
Don’t forget… don’t forget… don’t forget…
I hope that time won’t wind up coming to a halt.

“感情 追憶 言い知れない焦燥感

“kanjou tsuioku iishirenai shousou kan
kioku no kanata ni, nanika, nanika taisetsu na mono o oite kite shimatta ki ga suru
tachidomatta, furikaette, sono nanika o sagashi tsudzukete
ki ga tsukeba, okizari ni sarete ita no wa jibun datta”

“Feelings, recollections, immeasurable impatience…
I feel like I left something, something really important, far beyond my memories.
I stop, look back, and continue searching for it.
Before I knew it, I was the one who had been left behind.”


“anna ni mo utsukushikatta omoide ga,
dou shiyou mo naku kono ashi o hipparu
kumo ga kakaru mae no sora no iro
suiteki no tsuita mado
yozora ni soyogu teien no kigi
tsukiakari ni terasareru anata no, zanzou”

“My feelings are so beautiful,
But they inevitably pull at my feet.
The sky’s colour is the same as before clouds cover it.
The window is covered in droplets.
The trees in the garden rustle in the night wind.
Your afterimage is illuminated by the moonlight…”


“hito wa tada, ai sarete ikite itai dake nanoni”
anata no kotoba ga ima mo tsuki sasaru no
omoide o furihodoite, aruki daseta no nara
anata to watashi no toki wa kasoku suru no

“Humans just want to live while being loved, after all…”
Your words pierce me, even now.
If only I could shake free of those memories and start walking,
Then our time would accelerate.

Bravy Girl

oriental-girlfriend_e382b8e383a3e382b1e38383e38388Bravy Girl

Vocals: ichigo
Lyrics: ichigo
Arranged by: Kayoko (カヨコ)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Broken Moon [砕月]

Requested by: mr.deagle

In the end, this seems to be a song about reincarnation. Not Mima’s Reincarnation – just regular reincarnation.


tamerau you na mikadzuki
nijinde iku rinkaku
yasashii uso mo sayonara mo
kimi wa jouzu ja nai kara

The crescent moon appears to hesitate.
Its outline blurs.
It’s all because you’re no good
at telling kind lies and saying goodbye.

過ぎていく日々のひとつのように そっと此処に残していって

sugite iku hibi no hitotsu no you ni sotto koko ni nokoshite itte
kyou ga kimi o kagerasete shimau koto ga nai you ni

I left you here and went, like one of those days long past.
I hope I won’t end up making your mood darken again today.

悲しまないで 愛しい人 誰のことも責めたりしないで
この世界を愛したままでいて欲しいよ 今、涙 雨に濡れても

kanashimanaide itoshii hito dare no koto mo semetari shinaide
kono sekai o aishita mama de ite hoshii yo ima, namida ame ni nuretemo

Don’t be sad, my beloved. Don’t blame anyone else.
I want you to stay as you are, loving the world, even if rain or tears now drench you.


koko wa maru de en no tochuu
yuugen no tabiji
kanashii uta wa kirai da to
kimi wa ookiku warau darou

This place must be midway along a circle.
This journey will end.
Perhaps you’d give me a big smile
telling me you hate sad songs.

約束した幾つかのこと 次の僕に託しておくよ

yakusoku shita ikutsuka no koto tsugi no boku ni takushite oku yo
semete kore ga kimi ni yasashiku tsutawareba ii kedo

I’ve left all our promises to my next self.
If only I could at least tell you that tenderly…

悲しまないで 愛しい人 誰のことも責めたりしないで
この世界を愛したままでいて欲しいよ 今、涙 雨に濡れても

kanashimanaide itoshii hito dare no koto mo semetari shinaide
kono sekai o aishita mama de ite hoshii yo ima, namida ame ni nuretemo

Don’t be sad, my beloved. Don’t blame anyone else.
I want you to stay as you are, loving the world, even if rain or tears now drench you.


nando demo kimi o mitsukeru
arikata ya sugata ga kawattemo
kimi o shiru yuukyuu no naka mata deatte mou ichido koi o shiyou

No matter how many times, I’ll find you
even if my form or way of living changes.
Let’s meet again somewhere in your eternity and fall in love.

永遠に続く夢 || An Everlasting Dream

eien ni tsudzuku yume
An Everlasting Dream

Vocals: Comp (コンプ), ytr, Rapbit (らっぷびと), Ranko (ランコ)
Lyrics: Comp (コンプ), ytr, Rapbit (らっぷびと)
Arranged by: Comp (コンプ)
Album: Touhou Peace (東方ピース) 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: The Rabbit Has Landed [兎は舞い降りた]

Requested by: Runixzan


sora ni ukabu otsukisama ni utsuru kage wa watashi ja nai no
towa ni tsudzuku yume o kakaete koko ni maiorita no sa

The shadow projected on the moon floating in the sky isn’t me.
Bearing an everlasting dream, I landed here, on the earth. (1)

途切れがちなテレパシー 何方が御出座し
そっと休憩中に餅つき ためらいも無く飛びつき落ち着きも無くなっていく
moonlight 夢か幻の感覚が迷いを断ち切る

getsumen ni chakuriku shita tori to kono chijou ni maiorita tta usagi
togire gachi na terepashii donata ga odemashi
“meedee meedee! outou seyo! kochira wa iiguru ravi!!”
sotto kyuukeichuu ni mochitsuki tamerai mo naku tobitsuki ochitsuki mo nakunatte iku
moonlight yume ka maboroshi no kankaku ga mayoi o tachikiru
hikaru me wa makkakka

A bird touched down on the moon, and a rabbit landed on the earth.
Someone appears through intermittent telepathy.
“Mayday, mayday! Please respond! This is the Eagle Ravi!” (2)
I pound mochi while secretly taking a break. I jump at things without hesitation. I can no longer relax.
Moonlight. This sensation, like a dream or an illusion, blocks out my doubts.
Those shining eyes are deep red…

誰も止められない 私は止まらない
邪魔したらペシャンコだぞ だぞっぞ

dare mo tomerarenai watashi wa tomaranai
jama shitara peshanko da zo da zozzo

Nobody can stop me. I won’t stop!
If you get in my way, I’ll squash you flat!


sora ni ukabu otsukisama ni utsuru kage wa watashi ja nai no
towa ni tsudzuku yume o kakaete koko ni maiorita no sa

The shadow projected on the moon floating in the sky isn’t me.
Bearing an everlasting dream, I landed here, on the earth.

ひとりで駆け抜けた 期待や無駄な知恵は捨ててった
一つ 楽観だけが圧巻 月夜に照らされた星を散策

hitori de kakenuketa kitai ya muda na chie wa sutete tta
hitotsu rakkan dake ga akkan tsukiyo ni terasareta hoshi o sansaku
kyou ga suteki na kyou de aru tame ni shouki o tamochi tokyousou ni kureru
ikite iru uchi wa utsukushiku moete itai to hashiru

I raced past, throwing away my expectations and useless knowledge.
Only optimism is the best. I explore a planet illuminated by the moonlit night.
Because today was such a good day, I keep my sanity and end this footrace.
If I want to burn brilliantly while I’m alive, I’ll run.

決めたらヤル娘だぞ だぞ だぞっぞ

nani ga okorou tomo iku toko made iku yo
kimetara yaru ko da zo da zo da zozzo

No matter what happens, I’ll go as far as I can.
After all, once I decide to do something, I do it!

浅葱色の星目指して飛んで来たの 因果の果てに
だけど少し寂しくなって たまに見上げてる空

asagi-iro no hoshi mezashite tonde kita no inga no hate ni
dakedo sukoshi sabishiku natte tama ni miageteru sora

I flew to an asagi-coloured planet, reaching my fate’s end.
But I sometimes get a little lonely and look up at the sky.

遠い遠い昔話 今も語り継がれる話

tooi tooi mukashibanashi ima mo kataritsugareru hanashi
sonna yume o uchitsuketakute koko ni maiorita no sa

It’s an ancient, ancient tale, one that’s even told now.
Wanting to strike that dream, I landed here, on the earth.


sora ni ukabu otsukisama ni utsuru kage wa watashi ja nai no
towa ni tsudzuku yume o kakaete koko ni maiorita no sa

The shadow projected on the moon floating in the sky isn’t me.
Bearing an everlasting dream, I landed here, on the earth.

(1) 地上 (chijou – the surface/the earth) is sung as ここ (koko – here)
(2) 調査部隊 (chousa butai – recon team) is sung as イイグル・ラヴィ (iiguru ravi – Eagle Ravi)



Vocals: 花たん (Hana-tan)
Lyrics: tAkA
Arranged by: devilish5150
Album: 菫 (Violet) 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Septette for a Dead Princess [亡き王女の為のセプテット]

Requested by: ChaosEternal

暁の空に 虚ろに見た夢
奪われてた永い時と 焼き付いてた魂のような輪郭
喉を縛り付ける 幼き日の遠い記憶 無邪気に嗤う少女

akatsuki no sora ni utsuro ni mita yume
ubawareteta nagai toki to yakitsuiteta tamashii no you na rinkaku
nodo o shibori tsukeru osanaki hi no tooi kioku mujaki ni warau shoujo

In the dawning sky, I saw a hollow dream.
It looked like stolen eternity and the soul scorched into my memory.
Distant memories from my childhood constrict my throat. A girl sneers innocently.

あの目覚めた朝に 胸に響いた神の誘惑
もう何も知らない 何も愛せない 運命に堕とされてく

ano mezameta asa ni mune ni hibiita kami no yuuwaku
mou nani mo shiranai nani mo aisenai sadame ni otosareteku

When I woke up that morning, God’s temptation echoed in my heart.
I know nothing now. I cannot love anything. I am cast down in fate.


shiroi hikari ga souku ni nijimu
watashi no subete wa kirei na nisemono

White light blurs through a lean figure.
My whole self is a beautiful imitation.

黄昏の海は 朧に霞んで
囚われてた希望と絶望が 腕でひとつに溶け

tasogare no umi wa oboro ni kasunde
torawareteta kaze to nami ga ude de hitotsu ni toke

The dusk sea blurs into a haze.
My hands make imprisoned hope and despair melt into one. (1)

So 眠れぬ夜に 胸に映した宙吊りの未来
まだ掴み取りたい ダレカ愛したい 花言を散らしていく

So nemurenu yoru ni mune ni utsushita chuudzuri no mirai
mada tsukami toritai dareka aishitai kagen o chirashite iku

So, during a sleepless night, a suspended future was cast upon my heart.
I still want to grab it. I want to love someone. I scatter floriography.


shiroi hikari ga souku ni nijimu
watashi no subete wa kirei na nisemono
aoi hikari ga kokoro o nazoru
watashi wa kodoku ni amaeta nisemono

White light blurs through a lean figure.
My whole self is a beautiful imitation.
Green light traces around my heart.
I am an imitation that depended on love.


muchi to iu oroka na tsumi o idaite
oboreteku “shiritai” to motomeru batsu

I embrace the foolish sin of ignorance
and drown. I receive the punishment of ‘curiosity.’

叶わなかった 無数の祈り
微かに見えた わたしの声は
叫び続ける 見失わぬよに true sign

kanawanakatta musuu no inori
kazoeteku no wa nan no tame?
kasuka ni mieta watashi no koe wa
sakebi tsudzukeru miushiwanu you ni true sign

Countless prayers remained unanswered.
Why do I count them?
My voice seemed indistinct.
I continue to shout so I won’t lose sight of it. True sign.

(1) 囚われてた希望と絶望 (torawareteta kibou to zetsubou – Imprisoned hope and despair) is written, but 囚われてた風と波 (torawareta kaze to nami – The imprisoned wind and waves) is sung.

太陽のうた || The Sun’s Song

taiyou no uta
The Sun’s Song

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion [霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion]

Requested by: seaandhisramen

This track seems to play around with Utsuho’s name (空), which also means ‘Sky’ and ‘Empty’. I wonder if this track is related to aurora…?

Woh oh… Now, face the sky!
My love! I will fly far into the distance.
Hah. Ah… I bask in the morning sun
Though everything now returns to ashes. Oh…

In the distant past, the endless sky seemed so free, blue, and clear.
The white raven raced through a dream.
It yearned after the brilliant sun.

The raven wasn’t scared of anything
and it felt like it could go anywhere.
It told a small lie
and was stained black.

Woh oh. So, I face the sky
and my love stretches far into the distance.
The midday sun shines
though my voice now burns. Oh…

I’m not loved by anyone.
Nobody understands me.
After all, my voice and figure are so hideous.
“Even if you hate the world,
Nobody is beyond redemption.”
Yes—the two of us were so alike.

I want to be your light.
What is more important than anything else?
Warmth pierces my heart.
If I can still flap my wings,
I’ll head towards the sky!

Wo oh. Now, the three-legged crow
cries, and faces the sky.
Hah. The setting sun shines through.
That’s right—even if my body will be burned up by the sun…

Though everything is empty, the sky is there.
I felt like I understood the name you gave me back then.
The rays become a beam of gentle light
so they will illuminate you.

I spread my wings
and, yes! After pushing through the frozen star,
I’ll reach out my hands
toward my mother sun.

Woh oh. The three-legged sun
flew high into the heavens.
I raised my voice!
I may have forgotten
what I wanted all along,
But I’ll shine conspicuously. Ah…

Na na na…

無意識レクイエム || Unconscious Requiem

muishiki rekuiemu
Unconscious Requiem

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro 2 (シンクロ2) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original Theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]


This track is so deep. Like always (?) the parts in brackets should be interpreted as their own separate sentence, though there are some parts that actually fit quite neatly into what comes before. One part also swaps from kanji to hiragana – I accounted for it by changing capitalisation and punctuation.

ticat had this to day about the track on Twitter: “Hello…? Ah, can you hear me? Oh, who am I? I’m Koishi! Ko-i-shi! You don’t know me? You liar! I’ve been watching you the whole time since that day, from behind. You didn’t think it ended back then, did you? Hey, don’t hang up! …Well, hanging up won’t do you any good anyway, you know…”

It’s 2 AM. The mercury lamp flickers
and at a gloomy intersection
a voice can be heard coming from behind…

Somebody was boasting [There’s nobody there,]
and according [But who spoke?]
to the rumour they told, [Your dreams can come true…]
They were standing there quietly.

An inorganic pushing sound echoes softly.
You can’t turn back after. Does heaven or hell wait at the end of the line?

“Good evening. Um… have you heard?”

Look, look, somebody’s looking.
They’re peeping at you from close by!
I send down traumatic rain, drip drop.
I’m only going to boil one bird today. Hah.

“How do you do? Good evening. Is it raining where you are?”

I was playing hide and seek. Fooling around.

“I’m close by. I’m coming to see you…”

Right next to you…
Yes. Somebody created [There’s nobody there,]
a rumour [But who spoke?]
and according to it, [Meet them and you can’t go home…]
They’ll sneer from behind you. Who are they?

[Listen closer to this requiem. Does it exist? This is the border beyond the telephone receiver…]
It’s nowhere, but it’s over there:
It’s a hallucinatory world. (1)

“Have you noticed me?”

I hear the clattering sound of a knob turning,
A secret at 2 AM, in the dead of night.
I can’t even see shadows, and footsteps resound.
Two birds can’t come here. They cry.

Even if they see my smashed face,
Everyone will stand in a row.
Being cleaved from the head down,
They crawl along the red lights.
From here, to here,
I won’t let you travel that lost road somewhere.
Thus spoke the heavenly god.
My path back has come unstuck, but
I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.

I tear things to pieces and mix you and you in.
Red… red… how pointless.
alone in the world. you, i, and dreams…
it’ll finally end. it hurts it hurts it hurts

Still, when I was born
my heart was already wounded.
All I did was hurt someone else.
Will the innocent suffer such a fate?
Well, if you don’t know
then tremble and fall asleep!

“Hey, right now, I’m right by you—”

Ah, bodies and souls are in pieces.
Those lives won’t go back to how they were.
How long will you dream?
Unfair, fair—it’s all relative.
What if I’m Mary?
It’s an unbelievable truth.
Please, don’t arbitrarily settle on a bad ending!
Today, only one bird will fade away again.
Today, I’ll offer up my sweet sacrifice again.

(1) 言死 (genshi) is written in brackets next to 幻視 (genshi). The line can also be read as “It’s the world where words die.”