Gusty Girl

Album art.

Gusty Girl

Vocals: ichigo
Lyrics: ichigo
Arranged by: カヨコ (Kayoko)
Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15]
Original theme: Wind God Girl [風神少女]

Requested by: Runixzan

Update (17 November 2021): Correction to translation of stanza 2 (開けていられない). Thanks tramdottre!

There are some really, really long sentences in this one! It’s also worth pointing out that all of the lyrics in the booklet are written as a wall of text. Therefore, the formatting of the lyrics here is unofficial, and has only been done to make it easier to read.



風が分からなくしてしまう 目も開けていられない







itsu datte nanika o utagatte iru ne
tsukamae sasenai sono manazashi de
hontou no kotoba o kakushite iru no wa boku ja nai
dare demo nai kimi darou ni

sakki made futte ita ame de shimetta machi no iro mo nioi mo
kaze ga wakaranaku shite shimau me mo akete irarenai

donna kotae o kimi ga hoshigatte kizutsuku to shitemo
tsunaida te ni mada imi o kanjite iru nara
donna kotae o kimi ga mitsukete shinjinai to shitemo
boku wa mata tsugou no ii uso o tsuku

dou shitatte itsuka wa owatte shimau ndarou
dattara kanashimu no wa sono toki de ii yo
totsuzen no kaze ga fukiagete kita dake
yandara jouzu ni futari chakuchi shiyou

itsuka no yakusoku o kimi ga oboete inakutemo
kawashita kisu ga mada ato o hiku no nara
itsuka no yakusoku o kimi ga yaburou to shite itemo
boku wa mata damasareru furi o suru

tsudzuki no nai monogatari o kurikaeshi yonde iru you na sekai no owari ga
koko de, zutto, tsudzuite ikimasu you ni

donna kotae o kimi ga hoshigatte kizutsuita to shite mo
boku wa boku ni tsugou no ii amayaka de saitei no uso o tsuku


You’re always doubting something,
Staring with a gaze I won’t let myself be caught in.
The one hiding their true words isn’t me.
It seems like it’s none other than you.

I no longer know the colour, smell, or wind of this town, which was drenched
in the rain that was falling until just now. I can’t keep my eyes open.

No matter what answer you want and hurt me for,
If you still feel meaning in our hands tied together,
Then no matter what answer you find and don’t believe,
I’ll just tell a convenient lie once more.

Things will end someday, no matter what I do.
If that’s the case, it’s better to be sad when it happens.
A sudden wind has just blown up—
When it stops, let’s make our landing.

Even if you no longer remember the promise we once made,
If the kisses we exchanged still linger,
Then even if you attempt to break the promise we once made,
I will still pretend to be deceived.

This world is like reading a book without a sequel over and over again.
I hope that its ending will continue right here, always…

No matter what answer you wanted and hurt me for,
I will tell myself convenient, sweet, and nasty lies…


    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, and you’re absolutely right. I must have read that line as 開けずにいられない, which is how I got “I can’t help but open my eyes.” Sorry about that, the update should be live shortly (^_^)


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