Album art.

惡の正義 || The Justice of Evil

Album art.

aku no seigi
The Justice of Evil

Vocals: Mie
Lyrics: Azuki
Arranged by: カズトラ (Kaztora)
Album: Doppel
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: Hakurei Shrine Autumn Reitaisai 1
Original theme: Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When? [広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?]

Update (17 January 2015): Made a minor correction to the last stanza.
Update (3 February 2015): Translated a missing line…

Another track from Doppel. Following on from the theme of my last translation, this song is basically about a person (presumably Youmu) going on a rampage, fed up with the world. As usual, Shinra-Bansho’s (a.k.a Azuki’s) lyrics are deep and spiritual, with a pessimistic world view. Translating them and trying to tease out their inner meaning is somewhat… filling. And now I feel like I’m turning into some sort of weird youkai… v_v

As a side note, the title uses the kanji 惡 (aku, evil), which is the old form of the kanji 悪 (aku, evil). I don’t think there’s a real difference in meaning between the two, though the first one looks a bit ‘cooler,’ so to speak…

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

Somebody asked a question once, about the difference between good and evil –
I’m not looking for the answer.
Scandal and reputation are blended together, and a shallow ‘virtue’ is handed down.
Such is the state of this world.

I’ve been a bit bored with the world lately.
If no-one’s gonna do it, then I’ll do it!
Hah! My sword’s strokes bear the name of justice.

Those who are lost, and those who aren’t worth duping…
I’ll brush them aside, all at once, like countless flowers.
I’ll do it so their hearts won’t be clouded over – they’ll never be aware of it.
I throw my scabbard away. With this body alone, I make my way to the name of ‘Justice.’

This world is infested by petals of good and evil mixed together,
Though they’re identical to rubbish on the side of the road… (One, two, three, four)
Ahh, don’t you think
That the human world is a dreadfully difficult place to live in?
I find myself just wanting to breathe clean air…

They pretend to have a virtuous mind, with their paper mache signs of comprehension.
After all, dealing a crushing blow would be such a sloppy thing to do…

All those people, with their doubts, have strayed from the path.
Thou shalt not hold doubts – that is correct justice.
I am separated from my alertness, as my body receives this feeling of bareness.
Buddha’s face is reflected upon my blade…

They say when you love someone, you become stronger…
They say that believing in other people is a form of strength, too…
But I wonder, why do you protect other people?
I ask my blade, reflected before me.
They say that humans tell lies without remorse.
They say that humans tell lies without remorse.
They say that humans tell lies without remorse.
I lose control, and cut and leave… (1)
Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! (2)

All of those people who thoughtlessly talk and lie to others…
And the masses, who are made to dance through phrases such as:
“Put your trust in others, and they will never betray you or harm you.”
Hah! Those kinds of people… are rust on my blade!

Thus, I defeat evil, and raise the severed head of virtue.
True benevolence is beckoning all to Nirvana.
With the greatest devotion,
I kill my beloved.
The evil of the world was reflected on my drawn sword.
So, too, was my face

Translator’s notes

(1) This sentence uses the traditional Japanese phrase kiri sute gomen, which literally means ‘to cut and leave.’ Basically, samurai in the olden days had the right to cut and leave commoners who offended them. This one just adds the word mayoi in front of it, which I assume refers to Youmu’s state of mind.

(2) This sentence is a type of wordplay. Zan (an onomatopoeia resembling a hard slash) is spelled out with kanji (chinese characters) that have the same reading. Interestingly, when one takes the individual meanings of the kanji into account, the sentence becomes something like ‘Leftovers! Mountain! Behead! Disaster! Regret!






2 responses to “惡の正義 || The Justice of Evil”

  1. Alice Margatroid Avatar

    It looks like there is one sentence not translated yet. I mean this sentence : 迷い切り捨て御免

    Btw, thanks in advance for taking time to translate awesome song as always *v*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know about that! It should be all good now 🙂


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