maiden pints

しきみmaiden pints

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: Azuki
Arranged by: Kaztora (カズトラ)
Album: Doppel
Circle: Shinra-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original Theme: Lullaby of a Deserted Hell [廃獄ララバイ]

I think it’s a bit ironic that we have a dark track about Orin on the same album as ‘Doppel,’ in which Orin played a big part in helping Satori pick herself up and move forward. But whatever…

Anyway, this track is dark. The star is Orin, the cheerful ‘waste-picker’ who lives in the abandoned hell. She compares herself to the corpses she picks up and plays around with, for living alone in this grey world is the same as being dead. Like some other Shinra-Bansho tracks, there’s a gratuitous use of English in the chorus sections – I tried to stay a bit closer to the original this time, but there are areas where I had to interpret it a little.

Also, as I’m sure a lot people know already, John Doe and Jane Doe are names used for people whose identities are unknown. It’s also apparently used when referring to the identities of the deceased before they have been formally identified. I treat them as both ‘generic’ nouns and names, which leads to phrases such as “You’re a smiling John Doe.” [type 1 – ‘generic’ noun] and “I’m tired of playing alone, John Doe!” [type 2 – name]

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The path ahead is full of people with their heads hung in shame…
Let’s light this dark world up, just a little. Look!

Tonight, I’ll play around with your heart – tip tap!
Answer me, tell me! I seek the unknown. (1)
I’m tired of playing alone, John Doe!
I’m a cheerful waste picker…

You’re scared of having nobody there to care for you, and you’re scared of rotting away…
My claws lit up with flames. You’re a smiling John Doe.
Should we have a dream? Only my dreams, though, forever…

Nobody visits the dark depths of the earth spirits anymore…
Like me, the sky was sparkling dark grey.
It’s just like being dead.

You’re running away from me, but together we dance, dance!
I just want your still body, to give it a kiss, kiss!
I’m tired of playing alone, Jane Doe!
I’m a gallant embalmer…

You were still more scared of death than living a meaningless life…
I dug up your prized possessions. You’re a smiling Jane Doe.

Aah, I don’t want to be alone… I can’t live alone!
In the depths of the earth spirits, void of people, I shut my heart.

I dance by myself, a splendid tap dance! (2)
I smile by myself, a cute smile, smile!
I’m good at playing by myself, Jane Doe!
By myself, I’m lonely…

However, viewing the past with nostalgia is just gathering up waste.
I’m intoxicated with beauty. My partner for the day is Jone Doe.
Still, looking back on the past is leaving happiness behind.
I put on a show of having no heart. My grinning self, too, is Jane Doe!
I smile coldly, and dance, dance, and dance.
My grinning self – Jane Doe.

_ _ _ _ _

(1) Original is ‘non know,’ = ‘not known’ = ‘unknown]
(2) Original is ‘tip dance.’ I assume they meant ‘tap dance.’

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