Album art.

巡る業 || Returning Karma

Album art.

meguru gou
Returning Karma

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko)
Arranged by: コンプ (Comp)
Album: 少女煉獄 (Maiden Purgatory)
Circle: BUTAOTOME (豚乙女)
Event: C84
Original theme: Child of Are [阿礼の子供]

Requested by: Roboscape

The… bagpipes (?) at the start of this song initially turned me off, but I must admit they’ve grown on me. It kind of matches the desolate, hopeless mood of the song. The ‘meguru’ 巡る in the title is a ‘meguru’ that specifically refers to things that go around in some sort of order. So, the events of the song can be seen as a sort of cycle of despair…



終わりとは 始まりだ

覚えている 記憶の向こう側も
忘れられぬ これから生きることも
暖かさは 幻

神様 何故なの?

始まって 終わっても

手を伸ばせば 消えてく

繋いでいく 命を


horobi no uta utau
shoujo wa tachisukumu

yorokobi mo kanashimi mo ikari mo
subete ga mu ni kisu
owari to wa hajimari da
tazusaeta kakugo wo kokoro ni

oboeteiru kioku no mukougawa mo
wasurerarenu korekara ikiru koto mo
atatakasa wa maboroshi

kioku no dorei da to
iwarete waratteta
“mi-are no kodomo wa hitsuyouaku”
kamisama naze na no?

hajimatte owattemo
danzai wa nasarezu hatasezu

noroiakita sadame wo kamikudaite
mukougawa no egao wo omoidasedo
te wo nobaseba kieteku

nozondeita heion kuzuresatte
watashi wa mata hitori de gou wo meguru
sutesarenai omoi wo mune ni daite
namida hitotsu otoshite furikaerazu
tsunaideiku inochi wo


That maiden stands paralysed,
Singing a song of destruction…

Joy, sadness, and anger…
Everything returns to nothing.
Endings are beginnings…
My resolution is held inside my heart.

I remember it – the opposite side of my memories, and…
I cannot forget it – living from here on, as well.
Warmth, too, is an illusion.

The slave of memories:
People called me that, and I smiled…
“Children of Mi-Are are a necessary evil”
O, Lord, why is this so?

Though it starts, though it finishes,
Judgement is not established, is not carried out…

I crunched up my fate of curses, which I had tired of.
I remembered your face, smiling on the opposite side, and
When I reached out my hand, it disappeared.

The tranquility that I longed for went and crumbled away.
I am still alone, and karma goes around and around…
I clutch thoughts I cannot abandon close to my chest.
A single teardrop falls, and without turning my head,
I go and fasten it… my own life.






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