Album art.

パラレルスカイ ~Ambitious Explorer || Parallel Sky ~Ambitious Explorer

Album art.

パラレルスカイ ~Ambitious Explorer
parareru sukai ~Ambitious Explorer
Parallel Sky ~Ambitious Explorer

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 改 (Aratame) [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C84
Original theme: The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw [少女が見た日本の原風景]

Requested by: Eiki

Enter the parallel world of this song, and experience Sanae’s megalomania first-hand. Also, see if you can spot all of the references to her adventures! Some are easy, but some are hidden quite well…

Also, the lyrical content of this song seems to be quite similar to that of the original ‘Parallel Sky.’

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

(My heart rings, just like that bell…!)

When that silver-coloured wind blew…
I gazed upwards, and there – look! – was an unfamiliar sky.

I feel as if I’ve seen this wind’s colour before, yet I had lived without being aware of it.
Everything that surrounds me is the colour of illusions…

…My heart is aflutter, and as I wave my hand,
I grasp an illusion tightly in it.

–And now, with the light of that star shining in my hand, I’ll…!

It wasn’t written about
In any textbook.
It was a dream I drew up, hoping it would come true someday.

All of those things
Change into reality here, so…

–This place is such a beautiful wonderland.

(Ring, bell of my heart, just like Big Ben!) (1)

Everything reflected in my eyes is unconventional.
It’s sci-fi, and fantasy. It’s a utopia, for sure! (2)

Treasure is overflowing, and
Eccentrically dancing around.
Has my encounter with the unknown, which I continuously desired, finally happened?!

…My eyes are made to sparkle, and whilst I breathe in,
I grasp an illusion tightly in these hands.

And now, with that old, secret magic that should have crumbled away, I’ll…!

No matter what words I use,
You won’t believe it.
Everything should have been the stuff of legends…

But everything, and everyone,
Lives and breathes as if it’s an everyday thing, so…

– Perhaps, someday, I’ll even be able to meet a robot, right?

I try and
Gaze far away.
Though the sky reflected there
Is different
To that seen by everyone else…

I’m okay with it!
I hold these unshakeable feelings close to my chest.

I gaze up at this parallel sky,
Which spreads out far and wide…

…I breathe in, and if I’ve mustered up my courage,
I’ll make those illusions overflow out of my body!

–I cross over towards that sky, overflowing with freedom, where nothing can contain me!

At last, I head towards Goddesshood!
Even if things can’t be done by other people…
As for me, I can do them! Everything!

All of those things
Have granted me power…

–With those feelings as they are now, I’ll walk forwards!

(Together with that sound, I’ll step forth, with this single step…!)

Translator’s notes

(1) The original Japanese translates to ‘Westminster,’ which is another name for ‘Big Ben.’ The chime of Big Ben is a familiar sound to Japanese school students. 

(2) Though ‘SF’ is written in the lyrics booklet, Merami actually sings ‘少し不思議’ (sukoshi fushigi), which translates to ‘slightly fantastic,’ sticking with the initials.






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