Album art.

電解質の世界 || World of Electrolytes

Album art.

denkaishitsu no sekai
World of Electrolytes

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: laglange point
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original theme: Blue Sea of 53 Minutes [53ミニッツの青い海]

This is my favourite track from this album – scratch that, it’s my favourite Liz Triangle song. Like I keep saying, I really enjoy azuki’s lyrics, and these are no exception. Since the source theme is ‘Blue Sea of 53 Minutes,’ we can assume it deals with the Renko x Merry story.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

I am struck by a rain of words, and without putting up my umbrella, I start to sink
To the bottom of the sea I struggle on towards. This whole world is a lie, and
Everything is here, in this place. I overcome that false vision, ah…

The hands of that girl, who I met for the first time, were very warm.
In this world that is full of lies, they were real.

At the edge of a world of just ones and zeros, you and I, who had met by chance,
Piled up a texture of lies and falsified
The solution of this unending voyage.
I wonder if even the door we will someday reach will not welcome us.
Only my right hand, which certainly feels your warmth, is passed down…

Tomorrow is a thing of the future.
Even without understanding, it’s obvious. God doesn’t exist.
They’re not here. They’re not anywhere.
The sky I looked up at became cloudy,
And I heard a voice: “This is paradise.”
What is happiness? I don’t know…

The rust-eaten hands of that girl were, in some respects, unrefined.
I aimed for a world that would accept everything.

At the edge of a world of just ones and zeros, you and I, who had parted,
Had been taught everything by a God who went and disappeared, sinking in an ocean of electrons.
My outstretched hand did not graze against anything, and the world closed its eyes.
I was the one left behind. As it is, I laugh all by myself – I am junk.

Ah… I am gazing at a world that crumbles away from my feet.
Even this vague scenery sinks into the ocean…

At the edge of a world of just ones and zeros, you and I, who had met by chance,
Understood that the tremors of the world were spreading,
And we took each others hands.
I wonder if the door to the world of electrons will never open again.
The things that were left behind are
A purposeless key to the future, and
Just my right hand, which cannot forget the warmth it felt…






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