Album art.

Ms. lonely hedgehog

Album art.

Ms. lonely hedgehog

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 密 (Hisoka) [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C89
Original theme: Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World [ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師]

In a novel turn of events, the lyrics to this song are actually on the album art [except for the last two lines]. Anyway, this song leads straight in from ‘The Aftermath,’ and it deals with a very big secret hidden by Sumireko, which is appropriate for an album called ‘Secrets.’ Personally, I think it’s the best album RD has made to date. And that’s not saying much, since I probably said the same thing about Motome >_>

[There’s also RD’s typical habit of having the lyricist sing different things to what’s written – I tried to fit both in instead of striking stuff out like I normally do.]

Unofficial translation/非公式の英訳

Aah, a mountain of concrete and debris lies all around me.
It’s chaos taken to the extreme – like some movie set in poor taste I’d seen somewhere before.

Aah, the fragments of one of my ‘nameless classmates’ lie scattered all around me.
It doesn’t look like they’ll get up again. I find myself feeling slightly envious of them.

I can hear nonsensical slogans coming from the almost-broken radio…

I can’t hear the slogans anymore. I’m not irritated anymore. I’m not even worried about them.
But thinking that there might have only really been one truth… it shook me, and

I’m still thinking, in a daze.
I have placed myself in the threshold between dreams and reality – another dream.

Aah, I’m dreaming, but it’s a dream of such vulgar taste –
I felt like I could hear the voice of someone laughing at me, somewhere…

Aah, it would be good if this was all a dream. Those thoughts snatched my mind away.
I embraced those far-reaching thoughts, and from that time they knocked me down completely.

I had no choice but to laugh. I was being toyed with by countless thoughts.

I won’t worry anymore. I won’t corrupt myself anymore. There’s no need for me to fear them,
Because those fearful things, and things that might have caused them, all vanished like this.

Somewhere in my heart, I was thinking.
Thinking about the value these things can have.

I won’t hurt anyone anymore. There lies a lonely hedgehog…

I don’t need anything anymore. I don’t want anything anymore. I have no choice but to walk in a dream.
But why couldn’t I even gain anything of value
In this world?

I was thinking on top of a mountain of debris

About what I truly desired. But then…

I vomited on top of ‘them.’

…There is no need for me to convey my thoughts – this secret – anymore.






4 responses to “Ms. lonely hedgehog”

  1. Nguyễn Đức Trọng Avatar

    How terribly lame but i don’t really understand this song *shame*
    (anyway are those stains blood?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      Yeah, the stains are blood. I think the last page of the album booklet makes the story a bit clearer – I probably should have uploaded it somewhere or looked at it first. But anyway, Sumireko’s sitting on top of the rubble, and there are dead bodies in and near the rubble. So I get the feeling that Sumireko killed one/all of her classmates [possibly through an explosion caused by breaking the barrier like she wanted to do in ULiL…?], and this song talks about what happened before and after. I think, by the end of the song, she vomits up blood and passes away.


      1. Nguyễn Đức Trọng Avatar
        Nguyễn Đức Trọng

        Oooh thank you for the info.I guess seeing the booklet is also needed to understand RD’s songs sometimes huh?

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      2. kafkafuura Avatar

        If you put the lyrics page up to a mirror you can see text written that’s covered by the white out on the other side, which shows mild bullying. I caught strong Carrie vibes, but it doesn’t mention anything about what caused everyone to die. Again, the title of the song is a direct reference to the “Hedgehog’s Dilemma” which is that it’s hard to get too close to someone without hurting them and being hurt by them.

        There are several hints in the song about “not having to be irritated” and “not having to ‘fall’ or become a worse person” any more, and also about it being a dream suggests that whether it was intentional or not (probably not) Sumireko was either directly involved in causing the disaster she sits upon, or she at one point wanted something like that to happen.

        I personally do not think she dies at the end.

        I also think that the secret isn’t what happened, but the “what I really wanted was” – which saying now wouldn’t change anything because everyone’s dead.

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