Album art.

上海牡丹 || Shanghai Peony

Album art.

Shànghǎi mǔdān
Shanghai Peony

Vocals: まいなすいょん (minusiyon)
Arranged by: IRON-CHINO
Album: 上海牡丹 (Shanghai Peony) [Official site]
Event: C89
Original theme: Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea [上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea]

Requested by: Runixzan

This track was written after IRON-CHINO first visited Shanghai, so it includes a lot of references to China along with some random Chinese words. I did my best with them, but please let me know if my interpretations are incorrect, or if my romanisation is incorrect, too!

Meiling mentions the ‘butterfly dream’ in this song. This is from the well-known story of a scholar who dreams he is a butterfly, and wakes up and wonders if he dreamed of being a butterfly, or if the butterfly is dreaming of being him.


セピア色に染まる街 響く汽笛
思い出すのも少しずつ 少なくなったのに
穴だらけの心 我心痛

いつかこの日が訪れる 分かっていたのに
あと少し 胡蝶の夢を…

咲き誇れ 上海牡丹
この身さえも 紅く染め上げたなら
今 この華を手向けよう

いつかこの日が訪れる 分かっているから
あと少し 重温旧梦…

咲き誇れ 上海牡丹
この身さえも 紅く染め上げたなら
今 紅の華と散る


sepia-iro ni somaru machi hibiku kiteki
“ikanaide” to kawaita kuchi de nomikonda yoru
omoidasu no mo sukoshi zutsu sukunaku natta noni
ana darake no kokoro wǒ xīntòng

tsuchikemuri ga agari kasumu Nánjīng lù
“wasurete kure” to yasashii yubi de nuguu “bǎozhòng ó”
itsuka kono hi ga otozureru wakatte ita noni
ato sukoshi kochou no yume wo

saki hokore Shànghǎi mǔdān
kono mi sae mo akaku someageta nara
tasogare no yuunami ni
ima kono hana wo temukeyou

itsuka kono hi ga otozureru wakatte iru kara
ato sukoshi chóngwēnjiùmèng…

saki hokore Shànghǎi mǔdān
kono mi sae mo akaku someageta nara
anata no omokage mo
ima kurenai no hana to chiru


The steam whistle echoed through the sepia streets.
“Don’t go!” I gulped down those words that night with my parched throat.
I remember, though my memories have gradually grown fewer.
My heart is full holes. I am sad.

Nanjing Road grew hazy as a dust cloud rose.
“Please, forget me.” You wiped away my tears with kind fingers. “Take care.”
I knew that this day would come someday,
But I shall have this butterfly dream for a little longer…

Shanghai peony, blossom in full glory!
If even my body has been dyed scarlet,
Then now, upon the twilit waves,
I will offer up these flowers.

I know that this day will come someday,
So I shall rekindle my old dreams for a little longer…

Shanghai peony, blossom in full glory!
If even my body has been dyed scarlet,
Then now, the traces of you, too,
Will fall with the scarlet flowers.






2 responses to “上海牡丹 || Shanghai Peony”

  1. udumbara Avatar

    Nice translate, I remember the first time I saw this CD cover and laughed out, 牡丹 is also a local cigarette brand in Shanghai, and IRON actually got one when he came here. Just one little thing here, 南京路 is a street name in Shanghai, the busiest shopping street, translated as Nanjing Road. Guess IRON-CHINO wanted to add some local materiel in this song, which was written after he first coming to Shanghai. BTW, all the lyrics and arrangements should be written by IRON-CHINO, as usual, he writes everything in this band.


    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks for the info! I’ve updated it 🙂


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