Album art.


Album art.


Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: LessExtra [Official site]
Circle: Sally
Event: C89
Original theme: Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night [夜のデンデラ野を逝く]

Commissioned by: yarento
And requested by: Vespere

I was trying to build up a picture of this song in my mind while I was translating it, and it was pretty difficult. I can feel a sense of tension coming from it – it’s like Renko/Merry is struggling with the idea of confessing and losing everything (resulting in an ‘equal’ relationship because her passion is unfulfilled) or sticking to the status quo and leaving her dream unfulfilled. There are some parts in there (like the “wanting each other” and “crying on the answering machine” parts) that don’t really fit in with this narrative, though. Perhaps they both love each other but just don’t have the words to say it? I guess that would be kind of… ironic.


溶けていけ もう沢山だわ





I don’t need irony



同じ場所で息をしてる 只それだけで

I don’t need…



tokete ike mou takusan da wa

dareka wa sore wo zoku ni iu “kanashimi” to
shitagawanu to wa ware ima ni me wo tsunzaku zo

yokubou no hate ima ya mashiin ni sura kuware
motome au no wa hoka de wa ajiwaenai batsu sa

youyaku suru to “shitta furi shite ite” yo ne
sorezore no o-suki na hou he hantenkou demo
kamawanaide icchaeba?

omoikiri furikitte takaku furi kabutte
chiheisen no haruka mukou made tonde ike
otagai ni warikitta iibun na kankei nara
“katagoshi no mirai ga mitai”
nante, waracchatta wa.

I don’t need irony

dareka wa sore wo zoku ni iu “uragiri” to
koko de matsu no wa nani ni mo kaerarenai iji sa

youyaku kiketa rusuden oetsu majiri de
“sorezore ni sou shita hou ga”
seiron demo tamannakute gogatsu hae iya

omoikiri imashimeta kizu asaku nokotta
onaji basho de iki wo shiteru tada sore dake de
otagai ni samekitta iibun na kankei yori
kanawananu yume nara kono mama de ii
nante, waracchau yo ne?

I don’t need…



Melt away! Enough is enough…

Someone out there commonly refers to this feeling as ‘sadness.’
Resisting it means I will soon tear my eyes apart.

At the edge of lust, I am now eaten up by even the machines.
Wanting each other is our punishment, one that cannot be tasted anywhere else…

Basically, “pretend that you knew about it.”
It’s unheard-of, but what would happen
If we didn’t worry and went where we pleased?

I shook off my resolve and held it up high –
Now fly away, far beyond the horizon!
As for our equal relationship, which we worked out together,
“I want to stay by your side…” (1)
Hah… ridiculous.

I don’t need irony

Someone out there commonly refers to this feeling as ‘betrayal.’
Just waiting here is stubborn. Nothing will change.

I finally heard you sobbing away on the answering machine:
“This is what we should have done.”
They were sound arguments, but I couldn’t bear them. Shut up!

Harsh words of warning left a faint scar behind.
Being together in the same place… just that is enough.
If my dream will not come true, then I’d rather stay like this
Than have an equal relationship that had grown frosty.
Hah… isn’t that ridiculous?

I don’t need…


Translator’s note

(1) Literally “I want to see the future beyond your shoulder.”







6 responses to “irony”

  1. ycdtosa Avatar

    It also appears that at the end of the second line of the 4th stanza いけ is used in the booklet instead of いく and that in the first line of the 8th stanza 嗚 is used instead of 鳴 in the booklet. I never would have noticed but when I was adding the translation to the wiki I check this transcription against the one user Yamaxanadu already posted on the wiki.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks! I’ll fix it up right away 🙂


  2. ycdtosa Avatar

    The third stanza uses 喰われ not 食われ according to the booklet.


  3. yarento Avatar

    thx a lot for translating!

    at first i tough it say “Irony” twice, … irony 😛

    kinda sad Sally din’t reveal a new album this comicon ;A ;. welp they deserve a break!… hope is not a looooon break like foreground eclipse ;c ;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eiki Avatar

      Also, FgE broke up, not had any break lol


    2. releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! 🙂 Well, Wani and NSY have started working with their own circles/other circles (NSY – Touhou Jihen, Wani – AdamKadmon/monochrome-coat), so it looks like that might be their focus instead of Sally 😦 Hopefully they return one day…!


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