Album art.

薔薇と心眼 || The Rose and the Heart’s Eyes

Album art.

bara to shingan
The Rose and the Heart’s Eyes

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko)
Arranged by: パプリカ (Paprika)
Album: FREAKS [Official site]
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Event: C90
Original theme: The Instant is Shorter Than Planck Time [須臾はプランクを超えて]

Translating this one first because I love Planck!

This track is based on ‘The Little Prince.’ A section towards the end (‘What is essential is invisible to the eye.’) is a quote from chapter 21 of the book. I’m not very familiar with the original text, so please let me know if I missed any references/direct quotes.



そのうち数字しか面白くなくなるのかな やだな






かけがえないもの 代えられないもの


tooku tooku nanbyakuman mo no hoshi no doreka ni saite iru
tatta ichirin no hana
nanno yaku ni mo tatanai toge wo tsukete
jaa sore wa nande na no,
daiji na koto ja nai no

otonatachi subete wo okizari ni shite kita no
sono uchi suuji shika omoshirokunaku naru no ka na ya da na

sabishii kimochi wa omoide ni komete
tomodachi no koto wo wasurenai you ni

nannimo wakaru hima ga nai kono hoshi de
tomodachi wa uttenai
doko ni mo uttenai yo

hoshii mono sagashite arukimawatteru kedo
kore ga sou nandarou, to omou to,
nakitakunaru no wa naze?

kanjin na koto wa me ni mienai nda
utsukushii mono wa kokoro de minakucha

chiisana toki wo kasanete, yoru wo koe, mukou he
kowakunai yo

watashi ni totte no tatta hitori dake
kakegaenai mono kaerarenai mono
kanjin na koto wa me ni mienai nda
utsukushii mono wa kokoro de minakucha


Far, far away, upon one of the millions of stars,
A single flower blooms.
It has its thorns, though they are of no use.
Now, why is that so?
It isn’t worth worrying about.

I left all the adults far behind.
I wonder if only numbers will become interesting soon? Not a chance!

I stuff my feelings of loneliness deep inside my memories
So I won’t forget about my friend.

Upon this planet, where I don’t have time to understand anything,
They don’t sell friends.
They don’t sell them anywhere!

Though I walk around, searching for that which I desire,
When I think “Is this it?”
I want to cry. I wonder why…

What is essential is invisible to the eye.
Beautiful things must be seen with the heart.

Spending a little time, I passed through the night and headed far away.
I’m not scared!

For me, there’s just one thing
That I can’t replace, that can’t be replaced.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
Beautiful things must be seen with the heart.






4 responses to “薔薇と心眼 || The Rose and the Heart’s Eyes”

  1. Corridor of Phantasm Avatar

    […] 薔薇と心眼 || The Rose and the Heart’s Eyes […]


  2. 薔薇と心眼 || 豚乙女 | Petalite Yuu Avatar

    […] 薔薇と心眼 || Bara to ShinganThe Rose and the Heart’s EyesHoa hồng và Đôi mắt của Trái tim Album: FREAKS Circle :豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME) Arrangement: パプリカ (Paprika) Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko) Vocal: ランコ (Ranko) Original title: 須臾はプランクを超えて (The Instant is Shorter Than Planck Time) Source: 燕石博物誌 ~ Dr. Latency’s Freak Report (Enseki Hakubutsushi ~ Dr. Latency’s Freak Report) Event: Comiket 90 English Translation: Releska […]


  3. ycdtosa Avatar

    I see you had to edit the wiki page because I didn’t properly cut down the note on The Little Prince. reference. Just wanted to say sorry about that, normally I do take out the unessential bits like that but I was being lazy =_=; and didn’t think of it.

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    1. releska Avatar

      That’s okay, don’t worry about it! Normally I would have made something like that a proper note in the text, but I wasn’t thinking either and ended up talking about it at the start >_>


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