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かぜなきし || The Wind Cries

Album art.

kaze nakishi
The Wind Cries

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 薦 (Susume) [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C85
Original themes: Native Faith [ネイティブフェイス]
Faith is for the Transient People [信仰は儚き人間の為に]

Requested by: Petalite Yuu

This track is based on the comic of the same name by Iyokan. Unfortunately, I haven’t read it, so please let me know if there are sections that don’t match up with what happens in it.

I get the impression that this song is mostly told from Suwako’s point of view, though there are some small sections where Sanae/her ancestor takes over. In the world of this song, it seems like Sanae’s ancestor was born as a result of forbidden (non-consensual) contact between Suwako and a human. Though Suwako loves Sanae’s ancestor deeply, she is forced to move her to the human world.

Unofficial translation/非公式の英訳

…I pray that the children of humans will be loved by humans.

…I pray that the children of gods will be loved by the gods.

And if one exists who is both a human and a god, I pray that they will be loved by both.
The wind carries a distant memory.

I stand in a rice paddy. Gold hovers over this sea.
Iron, brought forth by man, becomes our bond.

Gods and humans support each other and make use of each other.
But, ah… they must never come together.

I receive the unstable, fickle prayers of humans.
Though sometimes, I even feel love for them.

…Even so, gods are solitary beings.

My dear child, my sinless child,
Though I celebrate your birth,

I am not permitted to hold you in my arms.
Gods must maintain their position.

I am unable to hold my child and weep.

Still, I wanted you to be loved. Where do my thoughts, carried by the wind, go?

You are hidden in a sea of iron, over which dark grey shapes rise,
In which the beliefs that humans clung to gradually vanish…

My path lies in religion.
I do not doubt it, even for a moment.

I receive the resolute prayers offered up to me,
Though I occasionally long to look back.

…But humans are solitary beings.

My beloved humans, my beloved mother.
Even if our blood did not separate us…

If I was loved by you when I was born,
Then I must stand tall, while feeling your love.

I cannot kneel and cry.

I sent thoughts away on the wind, just so she could live. Where did they go?

…I hear a voice calling, “stand up!” With my own hands,
I will discover my own way of life.

I pray, hoping that the wind will blow so they will reach their destination.

My dear child, my distant child!
Once humans have broken their bonds…

Now is the time for me to hug you, stronger than anyone else.
You are worthy of being a living god.

I cast you away, and I am allowed to weep.

Still, I love you. My feelings, carried along by the wind, are right here.

And in the distance, the wind cries.






6 responses to “かぜなきし || The Wind Cries”

  1. かぜなきし || 凋叶棕 | Petalite Yuu Avatar

    […] かぜなきし || Kaze Nakishi The Wind Cries Dẫu cho cơn gió có đang khóc Album: 薦 -susume- (Recommendation) Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong) Arrangement: RD-Sounds Lyrics: RD-Sounds Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) Original titles: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith Is for the Transient People [Sanae Kochiya’s Theme]) ネイティブフェイス (Native Faith [Suwako Moriya’s Theme]) Source: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith (Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith) Event: Comiket 85 English Translation: Releska […]


  2. Trong Nguyen Duc Avatar
    Trong Nguyen Duc

    *SPOILERS ALERT* I think calling it an “affair” wouldn’t be 100% correct because Suwako was rap*cough cough*.
    Other than that i think you got everything right though i could be wrong. It’s been quite a while since i read it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trong Nguyen Duc Avatar
      Trong Nguyen Duc

      Oh and Suwako’s child is Sanae’s ancestor. I forgot that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. releska Avatar

        Thanks for the info 🙂 I’ll go through and reword my description with that in mind


        1. Trong Nguyen Duc Avatar
          Trong Nguyen Duc

          Glad to be of some help! Have you read the comic yet? It does give a better understanding about the order of the “speakers” in the song.


          1. releska Avatar

            I haven’t read it yet. I’ll have to get around to it one of these days…


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