Vocals: みとせのりこ (Mitose Noriko)
Lyrics: Kato.yoshihal
Composed by: Taishi
Album: El Dorado [Official site]
Circle: Electro.muster
Event: C89

Requested by: John Hogen

This song has that sort of… possessive love feel to it. Like, the speaker sees his lovers as the epitome of purity, and he doesn’t want to let them go, even if the world frowns upon him as a result. I feel like he’s in love with more than one person, though the lyrics seem to suggest there’s only one involved.

This song was originally used as the theme music for the game Demonion II. I have little knowledge of the game, so please let me know if there are parts that don’t seem to match with the content of the game.


穢れない純真よ お前が欲しいのなら
残酷な言葉など飾らず 在れば良いだろう

そうだ 小さな花たちを毟り尽して
恋慕う幻想に捧げ 心を満たせばいい

あぁ こんなにも この空は続いてるのに
知らないものに まだ怯えてる
愛するべき 幸せを罪と呼ぶなら
闇に身を堕とし 最初から消えてしまえ

残虐で 冷酷な 知らない者の詩よ
華やかに 鮮やかに 削がれ 散らせ Innocencia

どうせ無へと還るなら お前の元へ
途切れない虚無を遡り 終わりに出会う日まで

まだ 心が永遠を 理想を求め
疑いなく 壊れ 欺いて
もう 誰一人 目も合わず 通り過ぎてく
違うと気付いた 知らない事こそが全て

教えておくれ 隠した鍵の在り処
大事か どうなのか 知る由もない
お前だけの 其の応え 求め

交わらない 世界には 罪はいらない
たとえ 自らが望もうと
言葉だけが ただ溢れ 花を飾って
美しくあれと 狂おしく笑う

あぁ こんなにも この空は続いてるのに
知らない事を まだ恐れてる
与えれた 幸せを壊す者など
闇に飲み込まれ 存在を消してしまえ


kegarenai junshin yo omae ga hoshii no nara
zankoku na kotoba nado kazarazu areba ii darou

sou da chiisana hanatachi wo mushi tsukushite
koishitau gensou ni sasage kokoro wo mitaseba ii

aa konna ni mo kono sora wa tsudzuiteru no ni
shiranai mono ni mada obieteru
ai suru beki shiawase wo tsumi to yobu nara
yami ni mi wo otoshi hajime kara kiete shimae

zangyake de reikoku na shiranai mono no uta yo
hanayaka ni azayaka ni sogare chirase Innocencia

douse mu e to kaeru nara omae no moto e
togirenai kyomu wo sakanobori owari ni deau hi made

mada kokoro ga eien wo risou wo motome
utagai naku koware azamuite
mou dare hitori me mo awazu toori sugiteku
chigau to kidzuita shiranai koto koso ga subete

oshitete okure kakushita kagi no arika
daiji ka dou nanoka shiru yoshi mo nai
omae dake no sono kotae motome

majiwaranai sekai ni wa tsumi wa iranai
tatoe mizukara ga nozomou to
kotoba dake ga tada afure hana wo kazatte
utsukushiku are to kuruoshiku warau

aa konna ni mo kono sora wa tsudzuiteru no ni
shiranai koto wo mada osoreteru
ataereta shiawase wo kowasu mono nado
yami ni nomikomare sonzai wo keshite shimae


O, unstained purity! If I want you,
Then perhaps I should live without saying cruel things.

Yes… I pluck away small flowers, offering them up
To the illusion I yearn for. I will satisfy their heart…

Ah… The sky is so vast,
Yet I am still afraid of what I do not know.
I must love you. If my happiness is regarded as a sin,
Then, from the start, I shall lose myself to the darkness and disappear!

This poem belongs to someone cruel and ruthless, who I do not know.
Gorgeously, brilliantly, ‘innocencia’ is weakened and scattered about.

If am to simply return to nothingness, then I will return to your side,
Swimming against this perpetual nothingness until the day I meet my end.

My heart still pursues ideals. I will pursue them forever.
Without a doubt, I destroy. I deceive.
Nobody will look at me again. They will simply pass on by.
I realised something was wrong… but not knowing is paramount.

Please tell me where the hidden key is.
Is it important? There’s no reason for me to know.
I seek a response, one from only you.

Sins aren’t needed in our worlds, which do not come together
Even if we ourselves want it.
Only words flow forth, decorating the room with flowers.
They are so beautiful – I smile madly.

Ah… The sky is so vast,
Yet I am still afraid of what I do not know.
But for those who would seek to destroy my happiness…
They will be engulfed by darkness! I shall erase them!






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