Album art.
Album art.


Vocals: ななひら (Nanahira)
Lyrics: かめりあ (Camellia)
Composed by: かめりあ (Camellia)
Album: Secretale [Official site]
Circle: Confetto
Event: C91

Requested by: Meriole

Update (3 September 2019): Altered the line beginning with 弱く閉じた瞼.


光と暗闇のように 初めから
冷たい鉄の天秤の上だと 分かっていた

何度も思った 時の音は鳴り止まなかった

失われていった か弱いその温度が
淀み果てた空を 望んでいた色に変える

答えのないパズルだった 初めから
正しさに身を委ねるか 全てを諦めるか

剣を振るうのも 弓を放つのも
怖くない それなのに震えて 躊躇っている

求める希望の夢 手を伸ばせば伸ばすほど
選択肢は尖り 残酷なほど近づく

傷だらけのその手が 救ってくれたこの手
握っているのは 君を倒すための光

弱く閉じた瞼 世界はきっと知らない
その明日の轍に 散っていく闇夜の欠片

全て終わったなら きっと会いに来よう

失われていった か弱いその温度が
淀み果てた空を 望んでいた色に変える


hikari to kurayami no you ni hajime kara
tsumetai tetsu no tenbin no ue da to wakatte ita

moshi dokoka betsu no basho de meguri au unmei nara
nando mo omotta toki no ne wa nari yamanakatta

ushinawarete itta kayowai sono ondo ga
yodomi hateta sora wo nozonde ita iro ni kaeru

kotae no nai pazuru datta hajime kara
tadashisa ni mi wo yudaneru ka subete wo akirameru ka

ken wo furuu no mo yumi wo hanatsu no mo
kowakunai sore nanoni furuete tameratte iru

motomeru kibou no yume te wo nobaseba nobasu hodo
sentakushi wa togari zankoku na hodo chikadzuku

kizu darake no sono te ga sukutte kureta kono te
nigitte iru no wa kimi wo taosu tame no hikari

yowaku tojita mabuta sekai wa kitto shiranai
sono asu no wadachi ni chitte iku yamiyo no kakera

subete owatta nara kitto ai ni koyou

ushinawarete itta kayowai sono ondo ga
yodomi hateta sora wo nozonde ita iro ni kaeru


From the beginning, I knew that I was on top of cold, metal scales.
I knew it, like I knew light and darkness.

If it’s our fate to meet again somewhere else, then it’s something I thought about
Countless times. The sounds of time did not stop ringing.

Your feeble warmth, which I lost,
Turns the stagnated sky into the colour I wanted it to be.

It was a puzzle without an answer, even from the very start.
Should I devote myself to righteousness? Or should I give up on everything?

Wielding a sword and firing a bow
Don’t scare me. Even so, I’m shaking, and I hesitate.

I pursue a hopeful dream, but the more I stretch out my hands,
The more my alternatives taper away. I come so cruelly close…

Your hands, covered in wounds, saved me.
In my hands, I grasp light so I can defeat you.

The world surely doesn’t know of your weakly closed eyes.
Fragments of the night fall among the furrows of tomorrow.

If everything has come to an end, then please come to me…

Your feeble warmth, which I lost,
Turns the stagnated sky into the colour I wanted it to be.


  1. 弱く閉じた瞼 世界はきっと知らない
    yowaku tojita mabuta sekai wa kitto shiranai
    I weakly closed my eyes. I surely don’t know about the world.
    I believe this line would be better translated as “The world surely doesn’t know of your weakly closed eyes”, the original would be correct if 世界は was replaced with 世界を.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I can see your point of view, but I think there’s part of the line that we’re missing. I did a cursory Google search to see how this phrase is used, and I came up with two examples:


      In both cases, は is used to indicate that what comes afterwards is actually something that’s describing 世界. I perhaps went a bit loose by translating it as “I surely don’t know about the world”, but my understanding is that we’re meant to ‘fill in’ the phrase with something like the first example.

      I would also question what “The world surely doesn’t know of your weakly closed eyes” actually means. In a song in which the speaker is hesitant, pursuing something which they struggle to reach, it’s consistent for them to know nothing about the world. I think it feels a little strange to suddenly change the focus to the ‘world’.

      Please let me know your thoughts on this!

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      1. So 知らない has multiple possible meanings, and it seems we are assuming different ones. 知らない can be used as an I-adjective as in those example sentences, in which case it would mean “unknown; strange” (知らないこと as “unknown thing”, or 知らないパワー as “unknown power”).

        Alternatively, 知らない could be the negative form of 知る (“to know”) as in:

        She doesn’t know how to swim.

        in this case 彼女は indicates that “she” is the person who doesn’t know how to swim. If 泳ぎ方を was omitted, it would be inferred from context what she doesn’t know.

        I believe 世界はきっと知らない follows this form, and we are supposed to infer that the thing that isn’t known by the world is (the demon girl’s)弱く閉じた瞼.

        So that is why I landed on “The world surely doesn’t know of your weakly closed eyes”.

        If the meaning of this is unclear I’ll try to elaborate on how I think it fits in the story. My reading is that the speaker has defeated the demon girl, and the demon girl has closed her eyes in death. The speaker is now observing that the rest of the world surely wouldn’t know this side of her (the weakly closed eyes), as they would only have seen the damage she caused to the country.

        This also works better with the following line in my opinion:

        その明日の轍に 散っていく闇夜の欠片
        Fragments of the night fall among the furrows of tomorrow.

        In this context the speaker would be comparing her to the “fragments of the night”, which imo is a very powerful metaphor.

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        1. Thanks for your response! I was kind of testing out the other theory to see how strong it is, but based on what you’ve written I’m happy to make the alteration you suggested! (^_^) Thanks!

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  2. Thanks you really much Releska. Normally, I don’t ask translation of Denpa songs, but when I see CamelliaXNanahira, I can’t resist. So, I think your the first to have translate a song of Confetto.

    The context of the song is difficult to explain, but there’s actually a picture in the booklet to illustrate the song. Even so, we can have a look to this picutre, in the official site.

    Here, my interpretation for the song:

    The song turns about the sad fate between a girl demon and a young boy, who this one has killed her.

    According the Japenese, the song is in the point of view of the boy, who have for mission to kill the demon girl, to the risk of his life (all the wound in her body). It sounds like the hero who is killing the king demon, something like that.

    The demon girl in the picture has her eyes closing and the petal who are falling, means she is actually been defeated.

    “Your feeble warmth, which I lost,
    Turns the stagnated sky into the colour I wanted it to be.” = if you take a look to the picture, in the window can be see the light which is dominating, means the darkness has been defeated.

    The only reason that the song is sad is probably, because the two characters have a connected fate and seems to revive the sad destiny. So, probably, in force to repeat the same scene, a connection has been etablished between these two characters, and probably a little love.

    We can even see the hesitation of the boy, who don’t want to kill her, and maybe in other parallel worlds/fates, this one let him defeated by the demon girl.

    But, it’s a wonderful song, I really love it.

    Thanks you Releska for this (sorry to have been so long to answer)! You make my day :).

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