Album art.


Album art.


Vocals: Nana Takahashi, 709sec.
Lyrics: Nana Takahashi
Arranged by: MasKaleido
Album: 封 -FUU- [Official site]
Event: RTS12
Original theme: Greenwich in the Sky [天空のグリニッジ]

Requested by: Petalite Yuu


いつか この暗闇のどこかに
沸き起こる無限のパワー どんな未来も掴めるだろう

突き抜けてく オレンジ色の熱風 Fire blow
物足りなく 燻る虚無感も吹き飛ばせ

太陽系より <もっともっと遠く>
憧れのツアー <ハイテンションさ>
リアルエイリアン 未知との遭遇 あったりするかもね

So Dreamin’
数えきれない Twinkle all the way 煌めいた星屑のファンタジー
遠いようで近い場所 あっと言う間 果てへひとっ飛び
それは このココロともシンクして 願えば願うほどに輝く
想像以上 秘めたエナジー 強く感じながら 明日へ向かう

浮かんでいる ラグランジュ点の宇宙 Station
初めて見た景色に 感動が溢れるよ

ビックバンって何 <もっともっと知りたい>
無茶ぶりなツアー <ブラックアウトさ>
まさかのハプニング 微塵も恐くない って言ったら嘘になる

I Believin’
きっと間に合うよ Future of Earth 謎めいた惑星のデスティニー
広いようで狭い天体 いざとなれば すぐにひとっ飛び
いつか あのセカイともリンクして 探してた人と出逢えたなら
沸き起こる 無限のパワー どんな悩みだって 砕くような

時のタイムカプセル みんなの理想 詰め込んで
将来 いくつ叶ったか 数えよう


itsuka kono kurayami no dokoka ni
sagashiteta kotae mitsuketa nara
waki okoru mugen no pawaa donna mirai mo tsukameru darou

tsukinuketeku orenji iro no neppuu Fire blow
monotarinaku kusuburu kyomukan mo fukitobase

taiyoukei yori (motto motto tooku)
akogare no tsuaa (haitenshon sa)
riaru eirian michi to no souguu attari suru kamo ne

So Dreamin’
kazoe kirenai Twinkle all the way kirameita hoshikuzu no fantajii
tooi you de chikai basho a tto iu ma hate e hitottobi
sore wa kono kokoro to mo shinku shite negaeba negau hodo ni kagayaku
souzou ijou himeta enajii tsuyoku kanji nagara asu e mukau
kagiri nai yume wo nosete

ukande iru raguranju ten no uchuu Station
hajimete mita keshiki ni kandou ga afureru yo

bikku ban tte nani (motto motto shiritai)
mucha buri na tsuaa (burakku auto sa)
masaka no hapuningu mijin mo kowakunai tte ittara uso ni naru

I Believin’
kitto ma ni au yo Future of Earth nazomeita wakusei no desutinii
hiroi you de semai hoshi iza to nareba sugu ni hitottobi
itsuka ano sekai to mo rinku shite sagashiteta hito to deaeta nara
waki okoru mugen no pawaa donna nayami datte kudaku you na
chikara wo tsukameru no kana

toki no taimu kapuseru minna no risou tsumekonde
shourai ikutsu kanatta ka kazoeyou


If I find the answer I’ve been searching for
Hidden in this darkness someday,
Then perhaps I’ll be able to seize any kind of future with its overflowing, infinite power.

A hot orange wind pierces through. Fire blow.
It isn’t enough. Blow away my smouldering sense of emptiness!

From the solar system, (we head further and further away.)
We longed for this tour. (It’s so exciting!)
Perhaps we’ll encounter real aliens or the unknown…

So dreamin’
Uncountable twinkles, all the way. I view a fantasy of glistening stardust.
In a blink, I flew to the end. It seemed distant, yet it was close by.
The stardust synchronises with my heart. The more I wish, the more it sparkles.
I feel an unimaginable, hidden energy. While strongly feeling it, I head to tomorrow
Carrying a limitless dream.

The space station floats at a Lagrangian Point.
I saw this landscape for the first time and I was deeply moved.

What’s the Big Bang? (I want to know even more…)
This is such an unreasonable tour. (A blackout.)
What an unexpected incident! If I said “I’m not scared a bit,” I’d be lying…

I’m believin’
I’ll make it in time to see the future of Earth – this enigmatic planet’s destiny.
The planet seems wide, yet narrow. When the moment arrives, I’ll fly off.
Someday, I’ll link with that word, and if I meet the person I was searching for,
Infinite power will overflow. It will be as if I can break down any distress.
Can I lay my hands on that power?

Everyone’s hopes were crammed into this time capsule.
How many will be granted in the future? Let’s count them…






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