signal flare

sbcd0009signal flare

Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: ticat, kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro (シンクロ) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C92
Original Theme: Lonesome Werewolf [孤独なウェアウルフ]


I say this all the time, but gee, listening to Ayo heals my soul. Even when the lyrics are heartbreaking, like they are here…

It’s tricky to interpret just where the parts in brackets fit in with the rest of the song. Sometimes, they seem to fit in with what comes beforehand, but other times they seem to fit with other bracketed parts that appear later on.

(My lonesome song echoed through the night sky…)

“How are you?” Surely, having cast away
Such words (Even now,)
The dinosaurs perished in ancient times
Before they knew it. Look!

I am alone in the summer rain.
The photons fade away.
The stars flow past, glittering in their final moments.
(Everyone’s vanished.) Each time I breathe… (1)
(Everything. Everything.)
My feelings definitely won’t disappear!

When the sky grows dark, (shining…)
The mirror ball will make shadows. (They reach out…)
To be honest, I know my cries won’t reach anyone
But, till I grow hoarse, (strongly…)
I’ll cry out “How are you?” today, too.

(The lonesome one’s song echoed through the night sky…)

The starlight that I’m looking at now is something from long ago (How mysterious)
So I wonder if that means someone, someday, will see me as I am now (In the distance…)

Swaying, swaying, swaying about (Life’s fickle flame)
At twilight, atop someone’s sacrifice,
Floating, floating, floating, going where the current takes it, (dully shines)
Illuminating the shadows.

When the sky grows dark, (shining…)
The mirror ball makes shadows. (They reach out…)
To be honest, I know my cries won’t reach anyone
But, till I grow hoarse, (strongly…)
I’ll cry out “Are you well?” today, too.

The light of life is born, then it fades.
(Who decided that?) If it’s destined to disappear,
Then where’s the happy end laid out in God’s scenario?
(My trite wishes) all fade into illusion.

I’m so lonely… Only my voice echoes (in vain.)
Alone, I shed tears (always.)
To be honest, I know it won’t reach you anymore
But I wish… (just a little)
In my empty dreams, I softly kissed you.

The mirror ball lights up everything (radiantly)
That means the shadows are enlivened, too (they grow deeper)
I’ll howl all my feelings to you, in the distance
For ever and ever, (always, always…)
Though they won’t actually reach you anymore.

(My lonesome song echoes through the night sky)
(So I can reach you, anytime, anywhere…)

It will be heard everywhere. Ah…

The lonesome wolf’s howling
Will resound, reaching into the distance.

(1) 息をする間もなく (‘iki wo suru ma mo naku’ – without time to breathe) is written at the end of this line in the booklet, but it is not sung.


  1. I want to request this song for the next request period and been trying to search around for the lyric like crazy. really happy you’ve already translated it. ^^
    with this all of my fav track from this album has been translated. thank you very much, releska. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I still have a few days left before requests open, so I’m hoping to get some more old and new ShinRa-Bansho tracks translated during that time


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