夏空オーケストラ || The Summer Sky Orchestra

natsuzora ookesutora
The Summer Sky Orchestra

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: nayuta
Composed by: Materia
Album: The Summer Sky Orchestra (夏空オーケストラ)  【Official Site】
Circle: 7uta.com
Event: C92

Requested by: Kaori Hanayama

Gestalt psychology deals with the mind’s tendency to ‘fill in the blanks’ and form a picture from a bunch of seemingly unconnected lines. I don’t know if nayuta is a fan of psychology, but something similar is going on here! I feel like you have to fill in the blanks when interpreting these lyrics. I gave it a shot, but like always things can change depending on how you look at it.

今年も夏がやって来た 眩しい日差しとともに
青葉輝く瞳を 夢映した幾多の空

kotoshi mo natsu ga yatte kita mabushii hizashi to tomo ni
aoba kagayaku hitomi wo yume utsushita ikuta no sora

Summer has come once more, along with the brilliant rays of the sun.
The fresh leaves sparkle, and I gaze at the dreams reflected upon countless skies.

真っ直ぐ向日葵、咲く道 風薫り 頬を撫でる
ゆらり陽炎が見えて 君の影を追いかけて

massugu himawari, saku michi kaze kaori hoho wo naderu
yurari kagerou ga miete kimi no kage wo oikakete

Sunflowers bloom tall upon the path. The cool breeze brushes against my cheeks.
I could see the heat haze shimmering. I chase after your figure…

短冊には願い込め 星空の下 僕は

tanzaku ni wa negai kome hoshizora no shita boku wa

I put my wishes on a thin strip of paper. I am beneath the starry sky. (1)

奏でる 真昼の蝉と
ふたりで聴いた 旋律 今
想いをつなぐよ あの夏へ連れて行く

kanaderu mahiru no semi to
tooku ni hashaida koe ga hibiku
futari de kiita senritsu ima
omoi wo tsunagu yo ano natsu e tsurete iku

I play this tune together with the midday cicadas.
The voices of frolicking people resound in the distance.
The melody we listened to
connects me to my memories. It takes me back to that summer.

過ぎ去った夏と君と 海香り また明日と
笑顔で手を振りながら いつか終わる一日を

sugisatta natsu to kimi to umi kaori mata ashita to
egao de te wo furi nagara itsuka owaru ichinichi wo

Summers long gone, you, the smell of the sea, “see you tomorrow!”…
While waving my hand and smiling, I bid farewell to a day that would eventually end.

入道雲 その先へ 君の手取って 僕は

nyuudou-gumo sono saki e kimi no te totte boku wa

I take your hand and guide you beyond the thunderhead.

奏でる 夕陽に染まる
海へと続いて 沈む夜を
ふたりで駆けた 耳澄ますと
踏み出した音が あの夏へ連れて行く

kanaderu yuuhi ni somaru
umi e to tsudzuite shizumu yoru wo
futari de kaketa mimi sumasu to
fumidashita oto ga ano natsu e tsurete iku

I perform, dyed by the setting sun.
The sun sinks towards the ocean and night falls.
We raced off. When I listen carefully,
The sounds of our footsteps will take me back to that summer.

覚えてた 出会った頃を 出会った空の形を
遥か月と 花火 光り 僕らを照らし出して

oboeteta deatta koro wo deatta sora no katachi wo
haruka tsuki to hanabi hikari bokura wo terashi dashite

I remembered when we met, and the shape of the sky we met beneath.
The distant moon and the light of the fireworks illuminates us.

伝えられずいた想い この音に乗せて 届け

tsutaerarezu ita omoi kono oto ni nosete todoke

I couldn’t tell you how I felt. I’ll put those feelings into sound, hoping they’ll reach you.

奏でる 幾つもの空
何千年にも 繰り返されて
始まり終わる 物語へ
聴こえる 奏でる音は
青い空を超え ふたりへ届く
想いをつなぐよ あの夏へ連れて行く

kanaderu ikutsu mo no sora
nanzen’nen ni mo kurikaesarete
hajimari owaru monogatari e
kikoeru kanaderu oto wa
aoi sora wo koe futari e todoku
omoi wo tsunagu yo ano natsu e tsureteiku
uh… ah…

I perform beneath countless skies.
Things are repeated across thousands of years
leading to a story that will begin and end.
I can hear the sounds I’m playing—
They’ll cross over the blue sky and reach the two of us.
They’ll connect me to my memories and take me back to that summer.
Uh… Ah…

(1) Tanzaku can refer to a small strip of paper upon which poems such as tanka and haiku are written. However, here it likely refers to a tradition linked to the Tanabata festival. Festival-goers write their wishes on small strips of coloured paper and hang them on bamboo.


  1. Hello,
    thank you for your translation
    > 想いをつなぐよ あの夏へ連れて行く
    > connects me to my memories. I’ll take you back to that summer.
    I suppose who takes back ‘I’ to that summer is 「旋律」. It seems similar to 「踏み出した音が あの夏へ連れて行く」
    > 入道雲 その先へ 君の手取って 僕は
    > I gaze up at the thunderhead and think that you must be waving from beyond.
    Too free a translation? I translate this line to “I take your hand and take you further than that thuderhead. I …(continues to next line)”
    > Tanzaku refers to a small strip of paper upon which poems such as tanka and haiku are written.
    I think here 「短冊」 refferes to what Japanese people use in 七夕 because 「願い込め」 continues.
    Actually I have never thought I would write poems on 短冊. Google image search offers what I imagine. The result images are related to 七夕 and what are written are wishes, not poems.
    ▼ 短冊 – Google 検索
    [URL] https://www.google.com/search?q=%E7%9F%AD%E5%86%8A&tbm=isch

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! (^_^) In the case of 君の手取って, I misread it as 君の手振って. Thanks for the cultural note regarding 短冊, too! It sounds like a nice tradition. I’d love to go to Tanabata someday…


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