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Album art.

桜アドレイション || Sakura Adoration

Album art.

sakura adoreishon
Sakura Adoration

Vocals: まめみ (Mamemi)
Lyrics: 海兎 (kaito)
Arranged by: Kirin
Album: Mystic Gate [Official site]
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: C93
Original theme: Swim in a Cherry Blossom-Colored Sea [桜色の海を泳いで]

Requested by: Vengeance


ヒラヒラ舞う アナタの声音
募る思慕の念 切なくユラユラ

桜アドレイション 海を揺蕩うの
桜アドレイション 香る燈火よ

桃色ひとひら 遠き春の日よ

巡る恋いろは 偲ぶ面影を
誘う夢いろは 胸に咲き誇れ

桜アドレイション 海を揺蕩うの
桜アドレイション 香る燈火よ


hira hira mau anata no kowane
tsunoru shibo no nen setsunaku yura yura

sakura adoreishon umi wo tayutau no
sakura adoreishon kaoru tomoshibi yo

momo-iro hitohira tooki haru no hi yo

meguru koi iroha shinobu omokage o
sasou yume iroha mune ni saki hokore

sakura adoreishon umi o tayutau no
sakura adoreishon kaoru tomoshibi yo


Your voice flutteringly dances.
My desires, yearning for you, painfully flicker.

Sakura adoration. I drift about on the sea.
Sakura adoration. O, sweet-smelling lamp!

The petal is pink. O, distant spring days!

The fundamentals of love surround me. I remember your face.
The fundamentals of dreams tempt me. Blossom in full glory in me heart! (1)

Sakura adoration. I drift about on the sea.
Sakura adoration. O, sweet-smelling lamp!

Translator’s note

(1) These two lines reference the seasonal iroha (いろは) poem used for memorising Japanese syllables. The word has been translated here as ‘fundamentals’ as it is is used in the same way as ‘ABCs’ is used in English.






7 responses to “桜アドレイション || Sakura Adoration”

  1. Vengeance Avatar

    Aahhh, very nice!! Thank you :D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 桜アドレイション || Sakura Adoration | Moon Avatar

    […] English translated by Releska […]


  3. Vengeance Avatar

    Wow, that’s lightning fast O_o Sakura Adoreishion was the only part I kinda understood, but i’m glad that my expectations meet the actual lyrics xD Not sure whether she is reminiscing or anticipating (or both?) but “O, distant spring days!” was so fitting back in january :3 Many thanks again for the translation 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! I just had to translate it right away when I saw how short the lyrics were. I love winter, but it’s really cold outside where I am now, so I must admit I’m doing a bit of reminiscing and anticipating myself at the moment!


      1. Vengeance Avatar

        Yea, it even had a rank 0 on the list :O Not a big fan of winter myself, but it can be really nice too yea. Cold, but also comfy and atmospheric. The timing of translation (especially reading that particular line now) was funny because we just started to have some noticeably warmer days where i live. The last couple of days are even summer-like. Hope spring won’t keep you waiting for too long, like, PCB style long xD

        Liked by 1 person

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