Vocals: GUMI,
Composed by: Nanahoshi Kangengakudan (ナナホシ管弦楽団)
Release Date: May 17, 2013

Requested by: Idan
Watch the official video here!

This track was translated based on the interpretation that the speaker is looking down on some inmates from above.

どうだいBaby 揃いも揃ってさぁ
一体全体 こいつはどういうこったい?
なんですかそれ 囚人服なんですか?

dou dai Baby soroi mo sorotte saa
tehaisho noru you na yarou wa
nitari yottari no pea rukku
ittai zentai koitsu wa dou iu kottai?
nan desuka sore shuujinfuku nan desuka?

How about it, baby? Every single one
of those criminal-looking bastards
wears the same type of clothes.
Who the hell are they?
What is this? Is this a prison uniform?

悪魔に魂渡して 美学もなんもかんも売り払って
手に入れたジャケットを 溢れるセンスで着こなす裸のカリスマ

akuma ni tamashii watashite bigaku mo nan mo kan mo uriharatte
te ni ireta jaketto o afureru sensu de kikonasu hadaka no karisuma

Hand your soul over to the demons. Sell out of things like aesthetics
and wear the jacket you obtained with good taste. It’s naked charisma.

Break out.

shibararete iru ban’nin wa
hi ga na boujuusha ni hetsuratte
daremo karemo imasara nnatte
suteta jiyuu wo sagasu
Break out.

The guard who you’re bound by
is flattered all day long by the blind followers.
Though it’s too late,
Everyone searches for the freedom they tossed aside.
Break out.

そうかいBaby 一言言っておくと
表裏一体 知ったかぶってるアンタも
どっちだろうが大差ない 能無しばっか

sou kai Baby hitokoto itte oku to
odorasarete iru ahou to
odorasete iru doaho wa
hyouri ittai shitta kabutteru anta mo
docchi darou ga taisa nai nounashi bakka

Is that so, baby? I’ll tell you something in advance:
The fools made to dance
and the idiots who manipulate them
Are two sides of the same coin. And you, pretending to know…
Which one are you? There’s not much of a difference. Everyone’s dimwitted.

そらそら退いた 真ん中開けましょう
尊敬と模倣と私淑 縺れがちね

epigoonen no koushin da
sora sora noita mannaka akemashou
sonkei to mohou to shishuku motsure gachi ne
mittsu ashi no nangi na ideorogii

This is the march of the epigonen. (1)
They quickly stepped aside. Let’s open up the middle!
Respect, imitation, and idolising. Things tend to get complicated.
It’s a three-legged, troublesome ideology.

糾弾紛い 真贋を糺す
Freak out.

erabareta sono shinpan wa
houshoku kimi no mimimoto de
daremo karemo chimanako nnatte
kyuudan magai shingan o tadasu
Freak out.

The umpire that was chosen
has such gluttonous ears
so everyone’s eyes go bloodshot.
Imitating verbal attacks, they make sure of the truth.
Freak out.


torawarete iru kenjin yo
o-fuse no minoru tane o ue
daremo karemo chimamire nnatte
onaji matsuro o tadoru ga ii

O, imprisoned wise people!
Plant seeds that grow when given alms.
Everyone gets all bloodstained.
Follow the same fate!

Break out…

tachi agare jiyuu no kaihoumin
kegareta yume o tori modosu
daremo karemo chi darake nnatte
hadashi no mama de aruku
Break out…

Rise up, emancipates!
Take back your corrupted dreams.
Everyone gets all gory.
Walk, barefoot.
Break out…

(1) ‘Epigonen,’ used in the original text, is German for ‘followers’ or ‘imitators.’

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