艶でや雲海花嵐 || A Beautiful Storm of Cherry Blossoms in a Sea of Clouds

Album art.
Album art.

tsuyu de ya unkai hana’arashi
A Beautiful Storm of Cherry Blossoms in a Sea of Clouds

Vocals: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: ARATAMA-荒魂- [Official site]
Event: C93
Original themes: Swim in a Cherry Blossom-Coloured Sea [桜色の海を泳いで]
A Pair of Divine Beasts [一対の神獣]
Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White [二色蓮花蝶 ~ Red and White]

Requested by: Runixzan

Update (31 May 2018): Minor alterations to the translation based on helpful feedback.

A… unn! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a song reference both Aunn’s name and the meditative A-un…


外は花乱れ 散って明日は我が身なれど花見酒


君がいれば 騒がしさに相乗
寄れば二身一対 交わります

上等じゃん 相手は色とりどりの 時々勝利よりも私情
世にも奇妙 うらら桜花爛漫
満開!AH と言えばUN 静寂ごと飲み込む薄紅の怒涛
春の嵐 一切合切も敵じゃない!


いつの間にか 馴染んじゃった居候
呼べば 古今東西駆け付けます

相当じゃん 掻き鳴らせ口三味線 それじゃ見せてあげましょうか
小さな異変 ちゃっちゃと解決円満
万歳!AH と言えばUN 大切な かけがえないこの刹那
泣くのはナシ 失敗ばっかも上出来じゃない?

君の傍で 護りたい理想郷
お互い以心伝心 間違いない

上等じゃん 伊達酔狂 だって最強 勝手な起承転結が至上
いつでもそう これが弾幕浪漫
もっかい!AHと言えばUN 静寂ごと飲み込む薄紅の怒涛
春のOne Night Scene Inside Outside, 寄ってきなさい!!


soto wa hana midare chitte asu wa waga mi naredo hanamizake
kanjiru no wa atatakami dake

tooku no hou de boku o yobu koe ga shita
ookiku natte niji to mazatte ko o egaita

kimi ga ireba sawagashisa ni soujou
yoreba nishin ittsui majiwarimasu

joutou jan aite wa iro toridori no tokidoki shouri yori mo shijou
yo ni mo kimyou urara ouka roman
mankai! AH to ieba UN seijaku goto nomikomu usubeni no dotou
haru no arashi issai gassai mo teki janai!

migi kara hidari e to yatsugibaya ni
socchi noke de nari hibiku matsuri bayashi

itsu no ma ni ka najinjatta isourou
yobeba kokon touzai kaketsukemasu

soutou jan kaki narase kuchi jamisen sore ja misete agemashouka
chiisana ihen chaccha to kaiketsu enman
banzai! AH to ieba UN taisetsu na kakegaenai kono setsuna
naku no wa nashi shippai bakka mo joudeki ja nai?

kimi no soba de mamoritai risoukyou
otagai ishin denshin machigai nai

joutou jan date suikyou datte saikyou katte na kishou tenketsu ga shijou
itsu demo sou kore ga danmaku roman
mokkai! AH to ieba UN seijaku goto nomikomu usubeni no dotou
haru no arashi wa mada owannai shi sa
haru no One Night Scene Inside Outside, yotte kinasai!!


Outside, the flowers are in disarray, and they fall. I, too, may fall tomorrow, but I will drink while watching them.
All I feel is warmth.

A voice called for me in the distance.
It grew larger, then it blended with a rainbow and drew an arc.

When you’re here, things get noisier.
When we get closer, our paired bodies mix together.

Bring it on! My opponents vary. Sometimes they act in self-interest rather than seeking victory.
How curious. This is a beautiful flurry of cherry blossoms.
Full bloom! When you say ‘AH,’ you follow it with ‘UN!’ Waves of light pink swallow all the silence up.
The spring storm rages. Nothing will stand against me!

From right to left in rapid succession,
The festival band plays while ignoring what’s around.

You became used to me, a freeloader, before you knew it.
When you call, I’ll come running no matter the time or place.

How suitable. Strum a tune on the shamisen!
Now, shall I show you?
I’ll quickly solve a small incident, then there will be harmony.
Cheers! When you say ‘AH,’ you follow it with ‘UN!’ This moment is irreplaceable.
Don’t cry—if you just fail, it’s a good performance too, right?

I want to protect this utopia by your side.
We can read each other’s thoughts. That’s for certain!

Bring it on! I act drunk because I’m the strongest. Arbitrary plot developments are supreme. (1)
It’s like this all the time. It’s adventurous danmaku.
Once more! When you say ‘AH!’ you follow with ‘UN.’ Waves of light pink swallow all the silence up.
The spring storm hasn’t ended yet, either.
This is one night scene in spring. Inside, outside, come closer!

Translator’s note

(1) Plot developments (起承転結, kishou tenketsu) is a specific reference to the structure of a type of Chinese poetry. It consists of an introduction, development, turn and conclusion.


  1. Hello, thank you for your translation.
    > 外は花乱れ 散って明日は我が身なれど花見酒
    > Outside, the flowers are in disarray. They fall, and tomorrow I shall be drunk while watching them.
    I translate “明日は我が身なれど花見酒” to “and tomorrow it might be me but I drink, watching them”. “明日は我が身” is a popular phrase so I interpret in that way.
    > 上等じゃん 相手は色とりどりの 時々勝利よりも私情
    > Bring it on! My partner is multicoloured. Sometimes I act in self-interest rather than seeking victory.
    I think “相手” is opponent(s). I suppose “相手は色とりどりの” means opponents are diverse, possibly in regards to “私情”.
    > 相当じゃん 掻き鳴らせ口三味線 それじゃ見せてあげましょうか
    > How suitable. Strum a tune on the shamisen!
    I translate “相当じゃん” to “How significant”, though there seems no clue in the lyrics whether we should choose significant or suitable.
    > 万歳!AH と言えばUN 大切な かけがえないこの刹那
    > Cheers! After saying ‘AH’ it’s important to say ‘UN.’ This moment is irreplaceable.
    I think “大切な” qualifies “この刹那”. We can translate “AH と言えばUN” as you do in other stanzas.
    > 春のOne Night Scene Inside Outside, 寄ってきなさい!!
    It’s interesting that “春のOne Night Scene Inside Outside” sounds like the former phrase “春の嵐 一切合切”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your helpful comments (^_^) In particular, reading your comment made the line containing 明日は我が身 perfectly clear. I didn’t make the connection between 散って and ‘die’.


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