darling, would you catch me?

Album art.
Album art.

Darling, Would You Catch Me?

Vocals: milka
Lyrics: milka
Arranged by: milka
Circle: ShibayanRecords
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original theme: The Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum [夢殿大祀廟]

Requested by: yen
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I began translating this in 2013, when it came out. I published this translation in 2020. That’s a big gap! As expected, I needed to rewrite a large portion of the early translation…

I think the ‘catch’ in the title is used in the ‘scoop’ sense (as in, catching fish by scooping them up using a ladle).




ずるいひとには なれなかったよ
最後一言 ただいまを待ってる





ここにいるよ わたしうたうよ
最後一言 おかえりって言うの


daarin, koukai shite yo
watashi uwatsuiteru o-toshigoro
tasogare gosui kara mezameta nara
anata no namae, kioku, kuuki ni toketeru kamo ne

sateraito tsuushin datte todokanai basho ni iru nda yo
nemurihime no mahou o toku kagi wa mada nai yo
mabuta nazottemo watashi wa hitori

doko ni iru no sukoshi zureru no
watashi dake no anata mitai no
zurui hito ni wa narenakatta yo
naita tte muda da yo, desho?
motto motto motto motto
nagai jikan tooi kikan
matteta tte zenbu zenbu
saigo hitokoto tadaima o matteru

kiite, kiite hoshii no
anata nara kantan na koto desho, anaraizu
chuuibukaku kakushita negai goto hitotsu shinzou no umi kara
sukui daseru no wa sono te dake da yo
hayaku shinai to naichau yo

daarin, nee okite yo
watashi uwatsuichau yo, mou sugu

hitotose meguru hodo kanashii kara
tabekake no risou, kodou, koi sura futa shite nigeru

yonde, yonde hoshii no
amaku zurui seijitsu na koe de, watashi dake
mou hitori no yoru matataku hiru samishisa no niwa tsuredashite yo
sukui ageru no wa anata dake da yo
hayaku shinai to naichau yo…

koko ni iru yo watashi utau yo
anata dake no watashi mitai na no
donna hito mo kanawanakatta yo
naita tte ii desho, nee
motto motto zutto zutto
eien datte shinjitsu yo
itsuka anata no zenbu zenbu
saigo hitokoto okaeri tte iu no


Darling, I regret it…
I’m at that fickle age.
Once I wake from my siesta at dusk,
your name and my memories of you will dissolve into the air, I suppose.

Where I am now, even satellite signals can’t reach me.
There still isn’t a key to free me from the Sleeping Beauty curse yet.
Even if you trace around my eyelids, I’m alone

Where are you? We’re a bit out of sync.
You’re the only one for me
but I couldn’t become a sly person like you in the end.
Even if I cry it’s hopeless, right?
Longer, longer, longer, longer,
I wait even longer for you to return from far away.
I’ve waited so long for everything,
for one last phrase—for you to say “I’m home.”

Listen, I want you to listen.
I’m sure it’s easy for you—analysing, that is.
Only your hands can catch my carefully hidden desire
from the sea of my heart.
Hurry up, or I’ll cry!

Darling, come on, wake up.
I’ll get restless soon…

I’m as sad as a year gone by
so I put the lid on half-eaten ideals, my throbbing heart, and even my love, then escape.

I want you to call for me
with your sugary-sly, honest voice. Only to me…
Another night alone. Lead me from this lonely garden in a shining noon.
You’re the only one who’ll catch me.
Hurry up, or I’ll cry!

I’m here, I’m here singing.
It’s like I’m only yours.
I wasn’t cut out for anyone else, you know.
It’s okay to cry. Come on…
More and more, always, always,
forever: it’s the truth.
Someday, everything about you will be wrapped up
in one final phrase. I’ll say “welcome home.”


  1. Hi Releska, thanks for translating as usual! 😀

    It’s really interesting to see that you’ve already tried translating this so long ago! Comparing your current translation to your older one, how much would you say you’ve improved since then? Were there any particular parts you translated differently compared to now? (Sorry if it sounds a bit nosy, I just quite enjoy watching others’ progress in translating haha ^^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s not a problem! Luckily I kept a copy of the old draft – I’ve uploaded it here so feel free to have a look through it: https://pastebin.com/LmHNjRKh

      I guess a key thing to note is that I had 黄昏年 written instead of 黄昏午, which completely changed the third line.

      There were a couple of parts that were organised in a very twisted way which made it hard to interpret, like the line わたしだけのあなたみたいの. The extra time gave me the confidence to reach a little further and try to get to the heart of the meaning of the song. Back then, I hadn’t made the connection between the verb 掬い (literally, ‘scoop’) and ‘catch’ in the title either.


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