Album art.

タイニーリトル・アジアンタム || Tiny Little Adiantum

Album art.

tainiiritoru ajiantamu
Tiny Little Adiantum

Vocals: 3L
Lyrics: milka
Arranged by: Shibayan
Circle: ShibayanRecords
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original Theme: Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land [今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land]

Requested by: Marisa-Nya
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Update (August 2019): I originally translated this song in 2015, but it went viral from around July 2019, so this translation started getting a lot more attention. In response, I’ve made a few tune-ups and adjusted the formatting.

If you like what you hear, I encourage you to seek out other albums in the TOHO BOSSA NOVA series (even if you’re not a Touhou fan). I’ve translated some standout tracks, just search for Shibayan on my home page.

Some bossa nova, for a change of pace. I must say, I really love bossa nova. And I mean really. Anyway, this track is like a ‘stream of consciousness,’ following a young girl as she dreams of her prince…

By the way, an ‘adiantum,’ also known as the maidenhair fern, is a type of fern.


夢をみたの 夢をみるの
「どこへ行くの?」 「なにをするの?」
きみなのかな? 違うのかな?
目を開けたいのに まだ怖いんだ

わかってるの 変わりたいの だけどね



なれるのかな わかんないな だからね


kinou mama ga yonde kureta otogibanashi wa
ohime-sama to ouji-sama ga
shiawase na kisu o shita nda kedo
watashi mada amai koi zenzen wakannakute
yume o mita no yume o miru no
daisuki na jinjaabureddo no koto
kare wa pekori to ojigi shite watashi ni kiita
“doko e yuku no?” “nani o suru no?”
watashi nani mo ienakute naita no
utsumuita kono odeko tonton tataita no wa
kimi nano kana? chigau no kana?
me o aketai no ni mada kowai nda

yuuyake tte nandaka samishii
onegai, matte
mou sugu motto motto yobu kara
atarimae mitai na kotoba nante yamete yo
datte hoshii no, honto no kimochi dake
mada, mada, kodomo datte iu ndesho
wakatteru no kawaritai no dakedo ne
sotto sotto oshiete
atarashii sekai no kagi mawashite
senaka o dakishimetai, nante ne
chotto osanai tte shitteru mon…

fuwa fuwa sora ni ukabu kyandi potto
kumo no oshiro de odorou
mahou o chotto dake kaketara
ouji-sama ni aeru no…

yume miteru koto shitteru yo
demo kimi ga honto ni ouji-sama datta nara
kitto doresu mo garasu no kutsu mo
suki ni nareru hazu nano…

nee, kimi ga mou ichido warattara
kondo wa kitto watashi mo wakaru ki ga suru no
dorippu shita koohii wa mada nigai
osatou chotto tokashite nondara ieru kana
nee, mama mitai ni kirei ni
nareru no kana wakannai na dakara ne
rippu wa gurosu dake
usui kuchibiru nante suki ja nai kana…
dou sureba ii no?
datte, mou, kimi no ijiwaru na koe ga suru…


In the fairy tale mama read to me yesterday
the princess and the prince
shared a happy kiss, but
I still don’t understand sweet romance.
I had a dream. I’m dreaming
of beloved gingerbread.
That man quickly bowed his head and asked me:
“Where are you going?” “What are you doing?”
I couldn’t say anything, and I cried.
The one who started rap-tap-tapping on my downcast brow—
Was it you, I wonder? Am I wrong, I wonder?
I want to open my eyes, but I’m still scared…

Sunset… somehow, it’s sad.
Please, wait for me,
Because I’ll call for you lots and lots very soon.
Stop saying things that seem so ordinary!
After all, I just want your true feelings.
You say I’m still just a child, right?
I know that! I want to change, though.
Please teach me how, softly, softly…
Turn the key to a new world.
I want to hug you from behind, or something like that.
I know I’m just a bit immature…

A candy pot floats in the fluffy sky.
Let’s dance in a castle in the clouds!
If I cast just a little magic,
I can meet my prince…

I know I’m dreaming!
But if you were really a prince,
I could surely grow to like
dresses and glass slippers…

Hey, if you smile once more,
This time, I feel like I’ll be able to understand as well.
That drip coffee is still bitter.
If I dissolve a bit of sugar in it and drink it, I wonder if I’ll be able to say it?
Hey, I wonder if I’ll be
as pretty as mama one day? I don’t know—that’s why
my lips are just glossed.
I wonder if you don’t like thin, pale lips…?
What should I do?
Because you’re already speaking with that wicked voice…


9 responses to “タイニーリトル・アジアンタム || Tiny Little Adiantum”

  1. Anon Avatar

    Unfortunately, the viral hits on this particular song from Shibayan Records came at the cost of violating ZUN’s Touhou Project Copyright Guidelines. It is nothing to be happy about because it is illegal commercialization of Touhou Project music. Nobody feels like crediting the original English translator for “Tiny Little Adiantum” and there is also racism involved with the remixes of “Tiny Little Adiantum” as thieves hide the existence of 3L’s vocals by mislabeling their “Tiny Little Adiantum” remixes as instrumentals despite the fact an instrumental is suppose to be a piece of (usually nonclassical) music performed by instruments, with no vocals, yet these thieves want everyone to pretend they do not hear 3L singing in the background of their instrumentals. It is a downright shame people are treating Touhou Project music as royalty-free music due to the action of thieves, when they can not be any more wrong. I truly hope ZUN sends his lawyers after all these thieves because this is a severe threat to Touhou Project and its fandom.


  2. dadcan Avatar

    So glad to be able to read the words for this catchy Bossa groove. Thanks!!!


  3. Sergio Avatar

    No encuentro la canción en Spotify y la única que hay no se deja reproducir help 😦


  4. Nasu Avatar

    Thanks you for translate

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Marisa~Nya Avatar

    Thank you! >A<
    This is soooo goooooooood!
    I will upload it soon enough ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marisa~Nya Avatar

      Finally done~

      Liked by 1 person

  6. mekouchii Avatar

    Thank you so much! ♥ I’m so happy that you did this because there are barely any other translations of Shibayan’s great Bossa Nova songs. As always, great job!

    I was very confused with the title, though. I would have never gotten the idea of it being Adiantum, but I guess it does make sense, it is an arrangement of Yuuka’s theme after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      No problem! Shibayan’s bossa nova albums are the best ❤ I was a bit confused by the title, but I couldn't find any other words that fit the Japanese… I guess ferns are delicate plants, though – since the speaker is delicate and innocent, with no knowledge of love, perhaps that's where the title comes from?


      1. mekouchii Avatar

        It might be right… I’ve seen it translated as “Asian Tam” which “sounds” better, but what is that supposed to mean anyways?

        Liked by 1 person

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