Album art.

少女人形 || The Doll Girl

Album art.

shoujo ningyou
The Doll Girl

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Utsutsu (夢) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: C90
Original Theme: Doll Judgment ~ The Girl Who Played with People’s Shapes [人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女]

Requested by: Lys

This track really captured my imagination, so I decided to translate it first. It deals with a relatively simple question: who is Alice? It seems like, along with the narrator, there are two different speakers. Two different Alices. Which one is real? And which one is the doll?

As always, there are a couple of Diao ye zong-isms in there, but I was able to incorporate most of them into the translation, so I decided not to worry about making a big deal out of them… RD does get a bit mathematical towards the end, which is pretty fun.

Unofficial translation/非公式の英訳

Within a flickering radiance
Which engulfed her like a cocoon,
She rocked back and forth.
She raised her hands aloft, toward the light…

The moment she opened her eyes
Light, and the following scene, burst into view:
Countless, countless girls,
All with the same face, were around her.

Who am I?
And which am I?

Who are you?
And which is you?

All are one
And all share one face…

Why does my voice, the voice of their master, not reach them?

Those figures, moving freely
Only move according to their own will.
You say that no strings manipulate their hearts,
But how can you say such things?

There’s nobody who can prove
That the world, the reality you were born into,
Is nothing but a dream—your fantasy.
So how can you believe such things?

Look, you’re nothing but a doll, right?

Your self-consciousness becomes a void.
The place you came from is whittled away.
Only those left behind must cling on…
Is your name alone all that keeps you together?

But, bearing that name… is not permitted!

That sinful doll (1)
Claims to be Alice,
Lies about being Alice,
And mimics Alice.
She isn’t Alice,
But she says she is.

Such a merciless sentence will be handed down…

Whilst calling yourself Alice,
You said that word countless times.
You say that you’re Alice just because of that,
But how can you say such things?

You’re nothing but a living doll.
You’re just an illusion that was created.
Nobody denies it,
So how can you believe such things?

Now, wake up!
Awaken from your fabricated dream!

Now, repent!
This is your true form!

The doll girl is alone, at a loss. (2)
At the end of her line of sight lies her own figure.

A girl, not a doll, laughs elegantly. (3)
Her face, the same as mine, is so terrifying…

You seek to know only that heart
Because you are yourself.
But you will return to being a fragile ego.
Why is such a thing correct?

If a heart was entrusted
To even a doll that I handled,
Then such a heart would be genuine.
How can you believe such things?

Am I no longer anything but a simple doll…?

Translator’s notes

(1) ‘Sinful person’ is sung.

(2) Girl≒doll [少女≒人形] is written. The literal meaning is ‘the girl, who is approximately equal to a doll.’

(3) Girl≠doll [少女≠人形] is written.






10 responses to “少女人形 || The Doll Girl”

  1. alice290 Avatar

    Thanks for “lovely” translation! Again! -it’s a bit late to read your comment-

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  4. Yabbyyabbyabby Avatar

    PSA..there’s a hidden track! There is a link on one of the spines that leads to a hidden track.
    The tracks lyrics are also on this page


    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up! I’d rather not have a public link to the page up here, but knowing that it’s on one of the spines should be enough to lead people to it – kind of like a nice little surprise 🙂


    2. Eiki Avatar

      oooh I was wondering about that link too, but never checked it out! thanks!!


  5. Trong Nguyen Duc Avatar
    Trong Nguyen Duc

    That’s fast.Over 100km/h hahaha…..ha….


    1. releska Avatar

      I hope translating it so quickly doesn’t make me… an enemy of the society 😛

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      1. Eiki Avatar

        More like a… “Crimson Legend”

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