遺された名前 ―とおりかぞえうた― || Names Left Behind: A Counting Song

manima遺された名前 ―とおりかぞえうた―
nokosareta namae -toori kazoe uta-
Names Left Behind: A Counting Song

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Manima (随) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original theme: Japanese Saga [ジャパニーズサーガ]

Requested by: Kaori Hanayama


A bit of context: counting songs are commonly used to remember things like numbers or the names of streets/houses. There’s even one to help you memorise the digits of pi. In this song, each section refers to a fictitious place named after one of the children of Are [2-8 are included, and some liberties are taken with the spelling]. We don’t really know the significance of this to begin with, but I think there are deep links to death, especially later on. Is this how each child of Are met their end…? Or does it refer to unrelated tragic events that happened at each place…? I’ll leave that up to you.

This song is written in two ways: some parts are only in hiragana, and some parts are written with a mixture of hiragana and kanji. I’ve indicated the hiragana sections in blue, and the mixed sections in purple. What is the significance of this? I think the two sections are sung by different people. It’s quite vague, but I think the blue parts are sung by some village children, and the purple parts are sung by Akyuu. I decided upon this because of the very last line of the song. It seems like Akyuu adds her own verse, aware that she, too, will pass on one day, leaving her name behind.

[I also read some commentary from a Korean translation of this song, and I had a look at the Japanese 2chan Diao ye zong thread, which helped inform my interpretation of the song.]

By the way, Diao ye zong made another song about the children of Are. Perhaps the two are linked…?

In the Hieda mansion,
A child was born one night, long ago.
Were they the child of a human or a demon?
They will not cross over that barrier.
With soft, soft footsteps, let’s return home…

Furuiwa Aji Street
Leads toward the unstable barrier.
You can never think back
Upon what lies beyond the two roads,
Let’s return directly home, lightly, lightly treading upon the old road…

The river Minakami Ami.
Someone peeped, as quick as you can blink,
Into the water that flowed through, disturbing the water’s surface.
They did not stop there forever.
Let’s leave the strangers behind and hurry home…

The Yoimachi Ayo Bridge.
The fearful tengu is watching,
Searching all through the night, each night, for that child.
They were led away to a distant mountain.
Let’s hurry home before we cross the path to Hades…

Words lightly fall
From their mouths.
As they walk down the road,
They continue their chant
Though they do not know what it means.

At Ago Hill,
The priest’s corpse waits for someone in vain.
It was covered up beneath a stone.
The grass grows thick and wild there.
Let’s turn back as fast as we can. Let’s hurry and return home…

Down Mutsumata Amu Lane
The maiden walked, slow on her feet.
The figure of an angry youkai stood before her.
Driven away, she fell to her knees.
It was not a tragedy, not at all. Let’s return home quietly…

Nanasato Ashichi Hill.
They continued on, without knowing where it would end.
Perhaps it was because of an illness brought on from their long journey,
But they could not cross the hill in the end.
With slow steps, let’s return home at a steady pace…

The tomb of the Child, Aya.
Who sleeps beneath its roof?
In place of a noble human,
They gave everything in exchange.
Let’s seal our lips and return home in an orderly fashion.

Little by little,
They follow the memories.
As they walk down the road,
They continue their chant.
They do not know what it means.

My name, left behind,
Will cross over to tomorrow.
That day is still distant.

If I embrace this name,
Then though I may one day sleep beneath the cherry tree,
As long as I exist in this way
My funeral rites will not be performed
Sing, children, while you can still sing. Now come—let’s return home…

幻想レトロスぺクティブ || Illusory Retrospective

gensou retorosupekutibu
Illusory Retrospective

Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: Tanaka Junjiro (田中じゅんじろー)
Arranged by: Tanaka Junjiro (田中じゅんじろー)
Album: Modern Girl☆Sensation!! (モジャンガール☆宣誓ション!!) 【Official Site】
Circle: Moja stick (モジャン棒)
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]
Original Theme: Retrospective Kyoto [レトロスペクティブ京都]

Requested by: Alv

This song appears to outline an… interesting origin story for Aya.


nani mo okizu heion no hi
utsutsu nukasu yo wa taikutsu

Nothing happened during those tranquil days.
The world I was infatuated with is so boring.

そうか それなら

aa, kore ga motometa hi no tsune nanoka
souka sore nara

Ah… is this the life I longed for?
Is that so? Then…

壊してしまおう 完膚無きまで
潰してしまおう これぞ幻想

kowashite shimaou kanpu naki made
tsubushite shimaou kore zo gensou

I’ll destroy everything, until there’s nothing left untouched.
I’ll crush everything. This is an illusion!

殺してしまおう 飛び散る臙脂を
燃やしてしまおう フィルム炎上

koroshite shimaou tobichiru enji wo
moyashite shimaou firumu enjou

I’ll kill everyone, scattering deep red all around.
I’ll burn everything, burning up the film.

枯れ果てるは 人が命
零れ落ちる 瞬間を撮れ

karehateru wa hito ga inochi
kobore ochiru shunkan wo tore

Humans wither away, and their lives
Scatter. I will record that moment on film.

過去 見渡せば

mou modoru koto wa nai
kako miwataseba
akai juutan ga

I can’t turn back now.
When I look back over my past,
I see a carpet of deep red.

シャッター切るのは 誰が為なのか
手を汚すのは 己が為かは

shattaa kiru no wa dare ga tame nanoka
te wo yogosu no wa ono ga tame ka wa

For whom do I take these photos?
Do I dirty my hands for my own sake?

まだわからない 終わり見るまで
墨を垂らして 文にするまで

mada wakaranai owari miru made
sumi wo tarashite fumi ni suru made

I won’t know until I see how it all ends.
Until, dripping ink, I write it down.


fude wo nakushite

I lose my brush.


iro wo nakushite

I lose my colours.

赤黒い羽 触れた端から
崩れる積木 疾風怒濤

akaguroi hane fureta hashi kara
kuzureru tsumiki shippuu dotou

After touching my dark red feathers,
The raging storm broke down the bricks.

三千里の間 見える有り様
文字を列ねた その紙の読み手は、

sanzen-ri no aida mieru arisama
moji wo tsuraneta sono shi no yomite wa,

I write about the state of things around me
Spanning 3000 ri. And as for the one who will read my paper… (1)


dare mo inai no sa

There isn’t anyone out there.

(1) Ri (里) is an old Japanese unit of distance. In modern measurements, it’s approximately 4 km/2.44 miles.

Desirable Dream

akiDesirable Dream

Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Aki-秋- (Autumn) 【Official Site】
Event: Kouroumu 12 [K12]
Original Theme: Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ

Requested by: Rachel Lee

I’m always ready for more arrangements of Desire Drive! In typical GET IN THE RING style, the lyrics are split into large blocks. It tells a coherent story, though. I might have been a bit loose with the tenses, but I think it flows quite well overall.

Lady Go!! 夜が明けぬように 魔法が解けぬように
拒否権より参加権が 安売りされる時代
今が買い時 迷ったら手を伸ばせ
いつも掴めそうで 届きそうで だけど触れない空を
わかり合えるつもりの他人と 奪い合って
もっと高く もっと早く もっと深いトコまで
君は誰と見る?Desirable Dream

Lady Go!! yo ga akenu you ni mahou ga tokenu you ni
nemuranai machi wo houkou ki ga tsuitara tsuki wa doko?
kyohiken yori sankaken ga yasuuri sareru jidai
ima ga kaidoki mayottara te wo nobase
binkan na kokoro yorou wa koke bakari
gomaka shisou bireta itami ga mau
itsumo tsukamesou de todokisou de dakedo sawarenai sora wo
wakari aeru tsumori no tanin to ubai atte
motto takaku motto hayaku motto fukai toko made
kimi wa dare to miru? Desirable Dream

Lady, go! So dawn will not break, so the spell will not break…
I wandered about the sleepless city, and I realised that the moon was missing.
In this age, the right of participation has less value than the right of veto
So now’s a good time to buy—if you’re worried, just stretch your hand out!
It was so foolish for me to guard my sensitive heart.
My deceptive pain dances about.
I was always just about to seize, to reach the sky, but I could never touch it.
I struggled for it with someone, though I intended for us to understand each other.
Higher, faster, and deeper…
Who are you having this desirable dream with?

ロマンティックな夜遊びも ゴキゲンな火遊びも
誰かの真似に過ぎず 鏡の中見失う
越えれそうな気がしても またいいトコで邪魔する
ずっと耳塞いで鍵をかけて 見なかったことにしてた
今出会うもう一人の自分と 向かい合って
もう隠さない もう懼れない もう言い訳はしない
君の傍で見る Desirable Dream

romantikku na yoasobi mo gokigen na hiasobi mo
dareka no mane ni sugizu kagami no naka miushinau
koeresou na ki ga shitemo mata ii toko de jama suru
koubi ni tsuita joushiki tte yatsu ga itsumo
jitou no nai jimon dake tsumi kasanete
tenbin no katayotta soukoku ni hoeru
zutto mimi fusaide kagi wo kakete minakatta koto ni shiteta
ima deau mou hitori no jibun to mukai atte
mou kakusanai mou osorenai mou iiwake wa shinai
kimi no soba de miru Desirable Dream

My romantic nightlife and merry flirting
Are nothing but mimicry. I’ve lost sight of what’s in the mirror.
I feel like I’m about to overcome it, but they always interrupt at the worst moment—
Those people whose common sense is stuck to them like glue.
I just keep asking myself questions without answering them
Howling at a rivalry that tipped the scales.
I always blocked my ears, locked the door, and pretended I didn’t see anything.
Now, I’m face-to-face with my other self.
I won’t hide. I won’t be afraid. I won’t make any more excuses.
I’m having a desirable dream next to you.

still we go
掴めたなら 届いたなら 強く大地を蹴ったなら
目の前には こんなにも広い空があって
もっと高く もっと早く もっと深いトコまで
君は誰と見る?Desirable Dream

zuibun go-kigen naname no Eternity
iki isogu no mo soro soro genkai
still we go
tsukameta nara todoita nara tsuyoku daichi wo ketta nara
me no mae ni wa konna ni mo hiroi sora ga atte
motto takaku motto hayaku motto fukai toko made
kimi wa dare to miru? Desirable Dream

I spent an eternity feeling cranky
But I’ve hit the wall with this fast life.
Still, we go.
After seizing it, after reaching it, after kicking against the ground with all my might…
Such a wide sky lay before my eyes.
Higher, faster, and deeper…
Who are you having this desirable dream with?

Vibes up!
耳澄ませて 鍵を開けて 全力全開のスピードで
とうに振り切り 弾けたテンション まさにclimax
もう止まらない もう離さない もう言葉じゃ足りない
君の傍で見る Desirable Dream

Vibes up!
mimi sumasete kagi wo akete zenryoku zenkai no supiido de
tou ni furikiri hajiketa tenshon masa ni climax
mou tomaranai mou hanasanai mou kotoba ja tarinai
kimi no soba de miru Desirable Dream

Vibes up!
I’ll listen carefully, unlock the door, and I’ll go at full throttle.
I shook off that tension and fired it off. I’m about to reach my climax!
I can’t stop. I can’t let go. Words aren’t enough anymore.
I’m having a desirable dream next to you.

Karakuri Watercolors

sdhc-0014Karakuri Watercolors

Vocals: 709sec.
Lyrics: Blue E
Arranged by: 709sec.
Album: Wind Gazer 【Official Site】
Event: Reitaisai 6 [RTS6]
Original Theme: Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s “Kappa” ~ Candid Friend [芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend]

Requested by: Stella Mira

This is quite a tragic song, but it offers a small glimmer of hope, so all is not lost!

The ‘Karakuri’ in the title probably means ‘Mechanical.’

陽炎に溶かした あの夏の面影
川面に散る夕映え 色あせぬ面影

kagerou ni tokashita ano natsu no omokage
kawamo ni chiru yuubae iro-asenu omokage

Traces of that summer dissolve into the heat haze.
The traces of sunset scattered upon the river do not pale.


sore wa fushigi na deai wo tuzuru uta
kesshite wasurerarenu osanai shirabe

It’s a song, spinning together a mysterious encounter.
It’s a childish melody that can never be forgotten.

輝くせせらぎ その波間から
僕は懐かしい夢に見た憧れ ときめきに
戸惑い 躊躇い それでも差し伸べあえた手と手が

kagayaku seseragi sono namima kara
kimi ga arawareta toki
boku wa natsukashii yume ni mita akogare tokimeki ni
kokoro ubawaretanda
tomadoi tamerai sore demo sashinobe aeta te to te ga
itazura na haguruma wo tsunaide shimatta koto ni mada kidzukezu ni ita ne

The stream glitters, and from the gaps between the waves
You appeared. Then…
I felt a pang of longing, seen in that dear dream
And like that, my heart was snatched away.
We were confused. We hesitated. Still, we stretched out our hands toward each other,
Unaware that we linked together the mischievous gears.

昼下がり川辺で 毎日落ち合っては
初めての驚き 互いに持ち寄ってた

hirusagari kawabe de mainichi ochiatte wa
hajimete no odoroki tagai ni mochi yotteta

We met each day at the riverside in the early afternoon.
We both brought our initial excitement with us.

やがて 忍び寄る運命のからくり
どうして 気づくことなどできたろうか

yagate shinobi yoru sadame no karakuri
doushite kidzuku koto nado dekitarouka

In the end, the mechanisms of fate drew near.
I wonder how I could have noticed it…

引き裂く さよなら 押し付けられた
無意味な取り決め 二人には抗う術など無くて
もう一度 もう一度 君に会える日を
願い続けて いくつもの季節重ねた
僕は気づかないうちに 大人になってた

hikisaku sayonara oshi tsukerareta
muimi na torikime futari niwa aragau sube nado nakute
tada kanashimi no namida ni nureteta nda
mou ichido mou ichido kimi ni aeru hi wo
negai tsudzukete ikutsumo no kisetsu kasaneta
boku wa kidzukanai uchi ni otona ni natteta

We were forced to part. Farewell. I was pushed away.
We couldn’t resist that meaningless decision
And we just cried tears of sorrow.
Once more, just once more… I continued to long for the day
When I would see you again. The seasons passed by
And I didn’t realise that I had become an adult.

夏の日差しのような 眩しい願い

natsu no hizashi no you na mabushii negai
kimi to sugoshita mijikai eien wa

The brief eternity we spent together is my radiant desire.
It’s like the rays of the summer sun.

輝く せせらぎ 僕は今でも
君を探してる 思い出は
懐かしい夢に似た 憧れ ときめきを

kagayaku seseragi boku wa ima demo
kimi wo sagashiteru omoide wa
natsukashii yume ni nita akogare tokimeki wo
tsumugi tsuzuketeru nda

The stream glitters. Even now,
I search for you. My memories
Are like that dear dream. They continue to tell a tale
Of longing, and my racing heart.

戸惑い 躊躇い それでも差し伸べあえた手と手が

tomadoi tamerai sore demo sashinobe aeta te to te ga
shiawase na haguruma wo mawashi hajimeru koto ga dekiru hi wo
yume mite iru

We were confused. We hesitated. Still, we stretched out our hands toward each other.
I dream of the day when, with those hands, we can begin to turn
The gears of happiness.

なにいろ小径 || What Colour is Your Path?

nani iro shoukei
What Colour is Your Path?

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Manima (随) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original theme: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path [春色小径 ~ Colorful Path]

Requested by: Petalite Yuu


This song seems to be about someone close to Reimu who’s watching her go about her business. Could there be more than one person? Possibly. I’ll leave that to your imagination…

I decided to translate the title as a question, though the Japanese title isn’t necessarily posed as a direct question [it feels more like ‘an unknown-coloured path’]. This is because of how I translated the phrase when it appears in the text. It still feels a bit cumbersome, so I’d be interested to hear other suggestions/opinions!

Carrying a small package in your arms,
You lightly walk about.

Now, going this way and that, will you find something delicious to eat?
You cram rice cakes, apricots, and teacakes into your bag.
The space inside that cloth bag must be bursting with dreams, right?

If this road continues forever,
Then I’ll continue along with you. That’s right—it’s still not enough.

Because the sky is so high above me and so blue,
I still feel good even if I can’t fly.
Each time your dream-coloured eyes blink, the townscape changes. What can you see?

What colour is the landscape? What colour is your path?

Though the bundle in your hands grows larger,
You’re still wandering about. It’s like you don’t have a clue where you’re going.

Now, here or there? Are you still having trouble deciding, perhaps?
Your hairpin, your ribbon, your shoes, and even your clothes are in my sights.
You must just look like an ordinary girl, right?

No matter what lies at the end of this path,
I guess it’ll end up turning into some sort of fabulous encounter, for sure…

Because the sky is so vast, so weightless,
You don’t have to worry about anything. (←Carefree)
Even if you’re a shrine maiden, I guess I just really, really like you! Am I in love with you?

What colour is the landscape? What colour is your path?

The colours of spring… sky-blue… the colour of illusions, and your colours, too—
I wonder what colour I can look forward to seeing in that place where you walk today?

If days like this happen once in a while,
Then might I be able to find something better than flying
Not just today, but tomorrow as well?

Because the sky is so deep, so clear,
That path might continue without end.
Alright then—I’ll let only those words ride upon the wind. I wonder where you’ll head next?

What colour is the landscape? What colour is your path?

猪突猛進ガール || Headlong Girl

chototsu moushin
Headlong Girl

Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), Gumi (グミ)
Lyrics: rerulili (れるりり)
Composed by: rerulili (れるりり)
Album: Jigokugata ningen doubutsuen (地獄型人間動物園)
Release Date: November 8, 2013

Requested by: SSGold19 Shousetsuka

The official lyrics were obtained from here, Also, watch the official video here!

My journey into the mysterious world of vocaloid music continues! This time, the featured composer is rerulili. Like Masa, their lyrics are brilliant, but they’re also a challenge to interpret. However, based on the artist’s comments, we know that this song is about a girl who wants to keep trying and doing her best in a world of sorrow. There are numerous references to traditional Japanese poems and stories, so I added in translation notes where necessary.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here, this song also contains examples of 付け足し言葉 (tsuketashi kotoba). These are words added to phrases because they sound good, or because they incorporate puns. If you’d like to read more about them, I recommend this reference. As any translator will know, these sorts of things are a pain to put into English! I didn’t want this translation to be too clogged up with notes, so I wasn’t able to cover everything. But! Like with every translation, I’m able to outline my thought process behind each line, so if you have any questions or want more clarification, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

After listening to this song, I wanted to get the album, but it looks like it’s out of stock everywhere and it’s only available digitally on the Japanese iTunes store…

情操的感情の欠如 平均のマニュアリズム

jousou-teki kanjou no ketsujo heikin no manyuarizumu
tsukidasareta inga mo tokenai mama tonneru mogutte

A deficiency of sentimental feelings is average manualism.
I pass through the tunnel, unable to solve the fate thrust before me.

理想的顔面の定義 焦燥するリアリズム

risou-teki ganmen no teigi shousou suru riarizumu
kamoshidasareta butsugi ni shinjitsu wo surikaerareteru

The definition of an ideal face is impatient realism.
The truth was sidestepped in the controversy that was stirred up.

自我崩壊までのスケジュール 順調に進んでいる

jiga houkai made no sukejuuru junchou ni susunde iru
keihaku na omowaku wa garasu no you ni misukasareteru

My self-destruction is going according to schedule.
Frivolous speculation is seen through like glass.

自画自賛からの独り善がり 圧倒的ニヒリズム

jigajisan kara no hitoriyogari attou-teki nihirizumu
utsuro na kokoro wo uruosu amai shaadenfuroide

Conceit comes from singing one’s own praises. It’s an overwhelming nihilism.
Sweet schadenfreude moistens my empty heart.


ukiyo ni saezuru watashi wa kago no tori
ai wo kanaderu wa munashiku hana to chiru ramu

I, singing in this sad world, am a caged bird.
My love is in vain. I fall together with the blossoms.


semaki yume kenji yoi mo sezu
shiran pettan gorira to nakayoku asobou ka

We shall not have superficial dreams, nor be deluded. (1)
I didn’t know that, gorilla. Perhaps we should play together! (2)

飲めや歌えや どんちゃんパラリラ

saa saa douzo go-katte ni
nome ya utae ya don-chan pararira
douse mirai nante dare mo wakari wa shinai ndakara

Come, come! As you please…
Drink and sing! Kick the merrymaking into high gear!
Besides, it’s not like anyone can see the future.


daitai chototsu moushin de
kirinukete iku shika nai njanai?
buchimakareta chansu tsukamu tame no joutoushudan daze

There’s usually nothing you can do
But struggle through things in a headlong way, right?
It’s my old trick, which I use to seize all the chances that come my way.

迷い込んだ夜の遊び場 肌蹴たワイシャツ 跨るじゃじゃ馬
訝しげな愛で咥えた コワレル私はくるみ割り人形

mayoi konda yoru no asobiba hadaketa waishatsu matagaru jajauma
ibukashige na ai de kuwaeta kowareru watashi wa kurumi wariningyou

I’m lost in night’s playground, and my shirt is undone. I’m straddling my bike.
I’m a nutcracker broken by the teeth of doubtful love.

快楽の入り口へ誘う サイコロ転がる OneChanceNight

kairaku no iriguchi e izanau saikoro korogaru OneChanceNight
asebanda karada wo tsunaide tsuki ga neru made odori tsudzukemashou

I invite them toward pleasure’s gate and roll the dice. OneChanceNight.
Let’s keep dancing till the moon sleeps, linking our sweaty bodies together!

情弱に有効なデバイスを 検索するプログラム

joujaku ni yuukou na debaisu wo kensaku suru puroguramu
tsukihanasareta riyuu mo shiranai mama o-wakare burokku

This search program is a handy device for the information illiterate.
Without understanding why I was pushed away, we parted. Block!

妄想癖 電脳Age 三次元から乖離

mousoueki dennou Age sanjigen kara kairi
gamen no naka no kareshi ni tamashii wo sui torarete yuku

This is the age of fantasist computers. We diverge from the 3D world.
My soul is sucked up by my boyfriend in the screen…

猪鹿蝶 全部揃えて大逆転のsign

inoshikachou zenbu soraete daigyakuten no sign
konkyo no nai jishin wa kanashimi no furagu wo tateteru

The boar, the deer, the butterfly: when they’re all together, it’s the sign of a massive turnabout. (3)
Baseless confidence raises a flag showing that sadness is on its way…

曖昧な言葉の罠で 勘違いのLINE
丸め込まれたことにも気付かぬまま 酔狂カーニヴァル

aimai na kotoba no wana de kanchigai no LINE
marumekomareta koto nimo kidzukanu mama suikyou kaanivaru

I walk a line of misunderstanding, in a trap of vague words.
This eccentric carnival rolls on. All the while, I’m unaware I was seduced.


tsukiyo ni terasareshi kokoro wa shinoburedo
kimi wo omoeba utakata no koi ni samayou

Though my heart, lit up by the moonlit night, conceals itself,
When I think of you, I wail, feeling transient love for you.


waga yo dare zo tsune naramu
jugemu jugemu karasu ga naitara kaerou ka

Who in our world is unchanging? (4) 
Eternal happiness. I guess we should head home when the crows cry, right? (5)

さぁさぁ どうぞ御勝手に
食えや踊れや じゃんじゃんパラリラ

saa saa douzo go-katte ni
kue ya odore ya jan jan pararira
douse mirai nante dare mo erabe wa shinai ndakara

Come, come! As you please…
Eat and dance! The bells ring and things are in high gear.
Besides, it’s not like anyone can choose their future.

だいたい 猪突猛進で

daitai chototsu moushin de
kirinukete ikeru kara mondai nai
buchimakareta chansu tsukameru no wa kimi shidai daze

Usually, in a headlong way,
I struggle through things, so it’s not a problem.
It’s up to you to seize the chances that come your way!

さぁさぁ どうぞ御勝手に
そんで二次会 焼肉 五反田

saa saa douzo go-katte ni
sonde nijikai yakiniku gotanda
douse ashita nante dare mo wakari wa shinai ndakara

Come, come! As you please…
The afterparty is yakiniku at Gotanda.
Besides, it’s not like anyone knows what will happen tomorrow.

だんだん みんな気付いてく
そう 人生はけっこう辛旨

dandan minna kidzuiteku
sou jinsei wa kekkou karauma
buchimakareta chansu tsukamu tame no joutou shudan daze

Everyone slowly began to realise
That, yes, life is full of ups and downs.
This my old trick, which I use to seize all the chances that come my way.

(1) This is a direct quote from the Japanese Iroha (いろは) poem.
(2) しらんぺったんゴリラ is an example of ‘tsuketashi kotoba’. It’s often used by children when they don’t know something.
(3) 猪鹿蝶 (inoshikachou) refers to the boar, deer, and butterfly cards in hanafuda. They are a high-scoring combination. An equivalent English expression could be ‘trump card.’
(4) Another quotation from Iroha.
(5) This line is made up of two references: the first references the tale of the child with a very long name, beginning with ‘jugemu’ (寿限無). The second is another example of ‘tsuketashi kotoba’, said by children at roughly 5 pm when they should be heading home after a day out with friends.

undefined songs

ens-0004undefined songs

Vocals: Hotaru (ほたる)
Lyrics: Kumarisu (くまりす)
Arranged by: Izu
Album: Lucent Wish 【Official Site】
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: C76
Original Theme: At the End of Spring [春の湊に]

Requested by: Vengeance

It’s always challenging to translate lyrics as sparse as these. They sound wonderful, and they’re quite poetic, but a lot is left up to the listener to interpret. It’s kind of like one of those fancy meals at a high-class restaurant, where they manage to cram so much detail into a really small serving.

ゆらゆら 揺れてる
きらきら 輝いて
見かけた 儚い

yura yura yureteru
kira kira kagayaite
mikaketa hakanai
yume datte iwasete

Slowly swaying,
Brightly shining,
I caught sight of it for a moment
Which made me say it was a dream.

掴んだ 左手

kitai wo migiude ni
oritatsu ano chi e to
tsukanda hidarite
mukaeutsu mirai e to

With my hopes in my right hand,
I descended toward that land.
Laying hands on it with my left hand,
I headed off to ambush the future.

無くしたものの 名前を忘れ
見上げた空に 問いかけた

nakushita mono no namae wo wasure
miageta sora ni toikaketa
“watashi wa doko ni aru no deshouka?”
nakushita mimi ja kikoenai

Forgetting the name of what I had lost,
I posed a question to the sky above:
“Where am I…?”
My question couldn’t be heard by lost ears.

指先 凍えて

hira hira maiorita
jiwa jiwa kiesatta
yubisaki kogoete
masshiro ni kieteyuku

The snow lightly danced down
And faded away, bit by bit.
It froze my fingers
And then disappeared. It was pure white.


kodachi no kenzou ni
sasayaku hito-tachi no
usumaru kage kara
tokete yuku iro ga

Colours melt away
From the diminishing shadows
Of the people whispering
Among the hustle and bustle in the grove.

拾ったモノに 名前を付けて
私の意味を 探してる

hirotta mono ni namae wo tsukete
watashi no imi wo sagashiteru

Giving names to the things I gather up,
I search for my meaning.

叩いてみた 壊れたテレビ
砂嵐に ときめいて
ふれる指に ジワリと響く
広い部屋 歪む音

tataite mita kowareta terebi
sunaarashi ni tokimeite
fureru yubi ni jiwari to hibiku
hiroi heya hizumu oto

I tried to hit that broken television
And it pulsated with white noise.
A distorted sound gradually echoed
Through my fingers, into the wide room.


nakushite ki ga tsuita
wasureta mono no na wo
hirotte wasureta
nakushita mono no na wo

I lost them and then I remembered
The names of the things I forgot.
I gathered up the names of what I lost
And then I forgot them.


yuganda sekai wo
kurikaesu watashi no
sasayaku kodachi no zatsuon ga kieru made

I will keep doing the same things
In this distorted world
Until the static disappears from this whispering grove.

さよなら、まぼろし || Goodbye, Illusion

sayonara, maboroshi
Goodbye, Illusion

Lyrics: Mizuki (瑞葵)
Music by: Itsue (イツエ)
Group: Itsue (イツエ)
Release date: 2013

Requested by: Runixzan

The translated title on the Soundcloud page is “Goodbye, maboroshi”, so consider that to be the official title.

Putting that aside, this song is great! One of the things I love the most about translating song lyrics is running into awesome groups like this one that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

煙草くゆらせ 物思い

sassa to sayonara shiyou yo, maboroshi
kemuri ni makarete kiete yuku no nara
kotoba nante iranai yo
tabako kuyurase mono omoi
tada kimi ni akogareta dake

It’s about time we said goodbye, illusion,
If you’re just going to disappear, wrapped in smoke.
I don’t need words—
I smoked my cigarette, deep in thought.
I was just longing for you.


ikitereba, kizu mo itamu
dakara itai hodo kimi wo dakishimeru

Through just living, my wounds ache
So I will hug you so hard it hurts.


dakedo itsu made mo kimi wa maboroshi
dakara itsu made mo, kienai

But you are an illusion. You will be so forever.
Because of this, you will never fade away.


kega nante itsuka naoru
namida datte nagareru
kidzuita nda kimi wa
hontou ni maboroshi

My wounds will heal someday
And even my tears will flow away.
I became aware
That you were really an illusion.

綺麗な終わりを迎えたかった まぼろし

owari aru monogatari wa totemo shiawase da
genjitsu wa itsu datte shinu made tsudzuite iku
furete kowareru kurai nara
kirei na owari wo mukaetakatta maboroshi

Tales that have an end to them are so happy.
Indeed, reality continues until we die.
Rather than simply touch you and break you,
I wanted things to come to a beautiful end, illusion.

朝焼けで染まる 今日も外から
新聞が届く音 正しい朝

asayake de somaru kyou mo soto kara
shinbun ga todoku oto tadashii asa
te wo kazashita sora wa myaku wo utsu you ni
orenji to ao ga majiri taiyou wa noboru

The rich red of sunrise colours the horizon, and from outside
I hear the newspaper being delivered. It’s a proper morning.
I hold my hands toward the sky, and it seems to throb
As orange and blue mix together. The sun rises.

ただ ただ 君にあこがれてただけ

sassa to sayonara shiyou yo, maboroshi
tada tada kimi ni akogareteta dake

It’s about time we said goodbye, illusion.
I was just longing for you.



Vocals: NT-1
Lyrics: Hiratake (平茸)
Arranged by: Hiratake (平茸)
Album: Seven lies from my Dystopia 【Official Site】
Circle: Aftergrow
Event: C80
Original Theme: The Gensokyo the Gods Loved [神々が恋した幻想郷]

Requested by: Gachi

I feel like this song is about someone struggling to find fulfillment, getting disheartened all the time in the process since all their dreams don’t turn out the way they want them to…

夜空見上げ この眼に映るものを
遠い記憶 朧げな月日を
この手に触れ 感じたもの全てを
一つ一つ この身に刻み付けてゆく

yozora miage kono me ni utsuru mono wo
tooi kioku oboroge na tsukihi wo
kono te ni fure kanjita mono subete wo
hitotsu hitotsu kono mi ni kizamitsukete yuku

I gazed up at the sky, at the things I could see
And at the hazy days in my distant memories.
I will engrave everything that I touched and experienced
Into my heart, one by one.

あの日見た世界は どこか色褪せていて
でもそんな日々すべてが 少し愛おしい

ano hi mita sekai wa dokoka iroasete ite
demo sonna hibi subete ga sukoshi itooshii

The world I saw that day loses its colours, bit by bit
But those days are all quite dear to me.

描いた理想郷は ひどく歪だけれど
いつだってそう 幻想だろう 叶うことも無く
掲げた理想論は 雨に濡れて溶けてく
そうやって今日 去った昨日 明日へ託してゆく

egaita risoukyou wa hidoku ibitsu da keredo
itsu datte sou gensou darou kanau koto mo naku
kakageta risouron wa ame ni nurete tokete ku
sou yatte kyou satta kinou asu e takushite yuku

The utopia I dreamed up was awfully distorted.
It’s always the same—I guess it’s an illusion that will never be realised.
The idealistic arguments I adopted were wet by the rain. They fade away
And thus, I will entrust today and days gone past to tomorrow.

共鳴する螺旋 触れ合う点と線と
瞬間の衝動と 満たされる心と
連綿と続く中で 微かに光る
ただそれだけ 集めて糧にしてその先へ

kyoumei suru rasen fureau ten to sen to
shunkan no shoudou to mitasareru kokoro to
renmen to tsudzuku naka de kasuka ni hikaru
tada sore dake atsumete kate ni shite sono saki e

A helix comes together, like dots and lines meeting.
It’s formed from momentary impulses and my satisfied heart.
As it continues, it faintly sparkles
But that’s all I need. It will be my nourishment as I move on.

手を伸ばしたって遠く 手に入れたって遠く
ただひたすらに足掻いて 一つ手にして
何回も繰り返して 幾度と無く諦めかけたその果てで

te wo nobashita tte tooku te ni ireta tte tooku
tada hitasura ni agaite hitotsu te ni shite
nankai mo kurikaeshite ikudo to naku akirame kaketa sono hate de
mitsuketa sekai

I had to stretch my hands out into the distance to lay hands on it.
Still, I struggled and obtained a single one.
I did it over and over, and when I was about to give up…
I discovered this world.

描いた理想郷は ひどく歪だけれど
幻想だって いいんだろう 全て受け入れて
掲げた理想論は 過去に捨てて踏み出す
そうやって今日 去った昨日 明日を生きてゆく

egaita risoukyou wa hidoku ibitsu da keredo
gensou datte ii ndarou subete ukeirete
kakageta risouron wa kako ni sutete fumidasu
souyatte kyou satta kinou asu wo ikiteyuku

The utopia I dreamed up was awfully distorted.
It’s always the same—I guess it’s an illusion that will never be realised.
The idealistic arguments I adopted were wet by the rain. They fade away
And thus, I will entrust today and days gone past to tomorrow.

Stellar Flower

felt-022Stellar Flower

Vocals: Mika (美歌)
Lyrics: Mika (美歌)
Arranged by: Maurits”“Cornelis
Album: Increase Beat 【Official Site】
Circle: FELT
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years [六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years]

Requested by: Tara Celica

冷たい朝の陽 色づいた花が
白い窓に 滲んでいる

tsumetai asa no hi irodzuita hana ga
shiroi mado ni nijinde iru

The flowers, changing colour, appeared blurry upon my white window
In the light of the sun during a cold morning.

心の声を 吐き出せないまま
揺れる 思いを捨てて

kokoro no koe wo hakidasenai mama
kawatte iku kisetsu
yureru omoi wo sutete
hiraita tobira

The seasons passed while I was unable
To say what was in my heart.
I threw away my unstable thoughts
And opened the door.

描く未来に すれ違う影をそっと
重ねては 塗り潰して
一人紡いだ 今が途切れないように
星屑に 色を付けて
染める 一筋の足跡

egaku mirai ni surechigau kage wo sotto
kasanete wa nuritsubushite
hitori tsumuida ima ga togirenai you ni
hoshikuzu ni iro wo tsukete
someru hitosuji no ashiato

I gently layered up the shadows passing by the future I envisioned.
I painted over them
And falsified them.
I spun my tale alone so things could continue uninterrupted.
I add colour to the stardust
And colour in a long footprint.

視界を覆った 積もる花びらが
風の波に のまれていく

shikai wo ootta tsumoru hanabira ga
kaze no nami ni nomarete iku

The petals covering my field of view
Were being swallowed up by waves of wind.

心の裏が 掴まれるようで
淡い ひとときの中
飲み込んだ 泪

kokoro no ura ga tsukamareru you de
ikigurushiku naru
awai hitotoki no naka
nomikonda namida

It felt like the bottom of my heart was being squeezed
And it was hard to breathe.
In that fleeting moment
I held back my tears.

夜に紛れて 蘇る遠い記憶
伝う雫が 夢だと教えるの
映る 揺るぎない真実

yoru ni magirete yomigaeru tooi kioku
itoshii hohoemi wo tada
tsutau shizuku ga yume da to oshieru no
sabishikute somuketa me ni
utsuru yurugi nai shinjitsu

My distant memories revived under the cover of darkness.
I just chased after
Your dear smile.
The tears falling down my cheeks tell me that I’m dreaming
But I’m lonely. In my averted eyes
All I can see is the truth.


maichiru hana to kimi no koe
itsu made mo hibiku
maichiru hana to kimi no koe
hakanaku furitsudzuita

The dancing flowers and your voice
Will resound forever.
The dancing flowers and your voice
Continued to rain down unpredictably.


maichiru hana to kimi no koe
itsu made mo hibiku
maichiru hana to kimi no koe
hakanaku furitsudzuita

The dancing flowers and your voice
Will resound forever.
The dancing flowers and your voice
Continued to uncertainly rain down.


hakanaku furitsudzuita

They continued to uncertainly rain down…