Album art.

嘔吐、又。 || I Vomit, Again.

Album art.

outo, mata.
I Vomit, Again.

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 音 (Omoi) [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C92
Original theme: Rigid Paradise [リジッドパラダイス]

I think nayuta always puts so much emotion into her performances when she sings for RD. This track is no different. This time, it’s Yoshika who’s forgotten about something. Presumably, it’s her past as the famous poet Miyako no Yoshika. I think the song feels like it should be told entirely from Yoshika’s point of view, but some parts seem to suggest that someone else is talking about her (referring to her as an object – それ). Punctuation is also specifically marked out in sections, and this translation prioritises that punctuation. It’s meant to feel a little unnatural.

Also, the Japanese title is pronounced ‘automata.’ I can only assume that that is intentional, so feel free to call this song ‘Automata’ instead.

Translation notes are limited to where there are direct quotations from classical poetry. Like usual, there are some Diao-ye-zongisms, but preference is always given to what is sung, defaulting back to the written lyrics when the sung words are hard to decipher.

The parts in bold aren’t clearly written in the booklet, so some liberties have been taken.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

I force my purposeless corpse along.
And each time, again. Something crumbles away.

When the orders given to me come to an end,
Each time, again. I just become trash once more.

No meaning rests within me.
I don’t even know who I am.

A faint obsession remains, leaving me with
An unquenchable thirst.
Is that the reason why my corpse is stirred up?

And, again.
My organs shouldn’t be able to produce anything.
Still, they fasten together something inside me…

Each time there’s a pause in my unclear orders, again.
Time and time again,
—I stand still. I stand still. I stand still. I stand still.

The weather… clears…
And a breeze… blows among… the young willows… (1)

It flows… forth…
Though nobody knows… from whence… it came…
When… it dries up…
The depths… will surely… be visible… (2)

It’s a mish-mash of disconnected signals
But all of them, again. Can’t even plan anything.

Why do I seem to search for something?
It’s all, again. Just a type of orientation.

Words accumulate chaotically.
My memories will never return.

Even until my last breath,
I will search forever,
Seeking to take back something I lost.

And, again.
If this is a way
For me to fill in that unfillable void…

Each time I feel an obscure sign, again.
Time and time again,
—I devour. I devour. I devour. I devour.

Who… are you? Me. Who… am I? Me. I am…. I will… I am…

Thus, again.
I am a pitiful automaton, without a will of my own.
My gluttony, which I cannot withstand, continues.

Each time my imperfect flow goes too far, again.
Time and time again,
I vomit. I vomit. I vomit. I vomit.

Translator’s notes

(1) This is an extract from one of Miyako no Yoshika’s poems. The quote is as follows:
kiharete wa kaze shinryuu no
The full poem can be read here.

(2) This is another extract. The quote is as follows [涙川 is omitted]:
流れいづる  方だに見えぬ  [涙川]  おきひむ時や  底は知られむ
nagare izuru katada ni mienu okihimu toki ya soko wa shiraremu






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