Album art.

言葉の花 || Florid Words

Album art.

kotoba no hana
Florid Words

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: ether [Official Site]
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C89
Original theme: The Reversed Wheel of Fortune [逆転するホイールオブフォーチュン]

Requested by: hs08

The title literally means ‘The Flowers of Words’, but it also appears to be a set phrase used to refer to beautifully decorated words. For once, there’s actually a word in English that can convey both meanings – florid.

Putting that aside, just another reminder that I love azuki’s lyrics.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

With just a little error, I head in the opposite direction.
I’m not listening at all. Right? Left?
I tell my excuses: “But…” Yet I can’t ask “Why?”
Blessings circulate. I spin and get dizzy.
My eyes spin, and even my tongue spins, too.

With just a little blunder, regret blocks the road.
I advance and change course without going anywhere.
Circulating and selected, even the words that come from my mouth glide about.

I pull in mischievous feelings.
Look at me as I really am! Just kidding!

Hidden beneath the words the world envied
were a pinch of scattered flowers, which bloomed in the sun.
So everyone in the world will become happy,
they will bear everyone’s wishes and fly in the sky, straight ahead.

By being just a little out-of-place, I’m surrounded by animosity.
Are you paying attention? From right to left.
If I’m gonna be called selfish, can’t I do what I want?
In other words, it’s all contrary. Full stop. (1)

Though I pursue questions, something’s wrong
so I feign ignorance. The telepathic lines are frayed. (2)
I go round and haul them in. The truth I reeled in is very bitter.

I link together scattered emotions.
Look at me as I really am! Just kidding.

The colours of the figures of speech turned the world inside out.
They are beautiful red spider lilies, which I cruelly picked.
Everyone in the world spends too much time thinking.
They continue to search and take dramatic journeys.

I shoot out my sealed emotions.
My thoughts are always in the future, more than the present or the past.
I aimed for yesterday. Now, I begin walking towards tomorrow.

The words, a shadow of their former selves, enfolded the whole world.
Are they good or bad? Hey, don’t decide that by yourself!
Even shooting stars will someday stop moving. They’ll just fall.

It’s wrong to say that the words the world envied
had only a single layer beneath the surface.
If everyone in the world has become happy,
then I’ll fly in the sky, where everyone’s wishes are.
I’m set on aiming backwards…

Translator’s notes

(1) In the lyrics, this line ends with a full stop (。), which is vocalised as ‘maru.’

(2) The original text uses the word 伝心伝線 (denshin densen). The first half is likely a shortened form of 以心伝心 (ishin denshin), referring to how in Buddhist beliefs, words pass from a master to their student spiritually. The second half (伝線, densen) refers to frays or runs that develop in stockings.



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2 responses to “言葉の花 || Florid Words”

  1. 言葉の花 || Florid Words | Moon Avatar

    […] English translated by Releska […]


  2. Green Spell Avatar
    Green Spell

    This is my first favorite song from Liz Triangle when I was listening to random circles. It’s really beautiful and the: “世界の中で みんなみんな 幸せになる為に” Is my favorite part together with: “願い詰め込んだ空を飛びだそう; ひたすら 逆を目指して” at the end. I was surprised that you did a translation and as I was expecting the lyrics were beautiful~ Thanks for the translation!

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