Album art.

わかれのうた || The Song of Farewells

Album art.

wakare no uta
The Song of Farewells

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: タビノウタ (The Song of Journeys) [Official site]
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Event: C92

Requested by: Sayako

Quite a few Feuille-Morte songs are about just that – songs. One only has to look at their C93 album for a whole bunch of examples. This particular song closes off a short album, which possibly describes someone’s path through heaven after dying… I think this song is sung from the perspective of the ‘angel’ watching over them, which informed my perspective choices, but it isn’t the only interpretation.

There are occasions where the written lyrics don’t match what’s sung. Significant instances are indicated using a translation note.

.非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

..No matter when it happens
It’s a sudden thing to everyone.
They know neither how it began or how it ends.
You arrived here while chasing after me, the light.

…No matter when it happens
It’s all too much for everyone.
Your heart, that of a traveler. Your feelings must have made you do it.
Even throwing away something important… There must be something you want to save.

The world will not abandon you. You, who threw your life away
For someone else.
So let’s go home, back to where you were before,
So you may continue on…

You’ll go anywhere.
It’s like you have the wings of a bird. (1)
Tomorrow, you’ll fly where your endless thoughts take you.

The song of travelers
Will accompany you so you’ll never go astray
As you walk down this road that leads to where you were before.

…Try and remember.
Remember how your journey began.
You were held in someone’s arms.
Remember everything up until now…

The chirping of the birds.
Someone’s smile.
Those beautiful hours.
That radiance…

Remember your song, the traveler’s route…

Shall we sing the song of farewells?
When it ends
This journey will surely end too… but your journey will continue.
I think you’ll forget about everything,
But there’s just one thing:
I hope you’ll never come here again.

You’ll go anywhere
While bearing the heart of a bird. (1)
Tomorrow, you’ll keep flying and go where your endless thoughts take you.

The song of the travelers
Is what you sang.
I’m glad I heard it.
Yes! I’ll never forget it!

Well… goodbye. (2)

Translator’s notes

(1) In these cases, bird (鳥) in the first line is sung as ‘そら行くもの’ (sora yuku mono, one who travels through the sky).

(2) This line (それじゃ、さよなら, sore ja, sayonara) is not written in the booklet.






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