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Album art.

ワンダリア || Wanderia

Album art.


Vocals: nayuta, めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: ワンダリア (Wanderia) [Official site]
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Event: C93

Requested by: Petalite Yuu

Update (12 February 2018): Added three previously untranslated stanzas towards the end.

This track, more than any others on the album, is heavily linked to this circle’s previous single, featuring であいのうた (The Song of Meetings) and わかれのうた (The Song of Farewells). Both tracks are namedropped on Wanderia’s official site: であいのうた is this track’s ‘theme’ [written in square brackets after the song’s title], and わかれのうた comes before, as a sort of prologue. It’s a bit confusing, but hopefully this track will serve as a bridge between the other songs.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

別れの歌 – The Song of Farewells

…As long as you have the ‘intent’ of a traveller, you will not go astray.
A solitary lamp casts light, illuminating this world.

…I have taken over that role since the other day.
I present my ego’s words to you.

You will never be able to travel through the sky again… are you okay with that?
Very well. If you can devote your feelings to another…

Now, let’s sing.

ワンダリア – Wanderia

O traveller.
How much of your life have you burned away?
Your everlasting intent carries you far, far away.

O traveller.
Even if your life is mistrusted,
I hope your immortal intent will accompany you everywhere.

Shall I illuminate your route?
Even if you’re alone, you will eventually cross paths with someone.

embraces their lives, which will never be yielded, and they live.
If their journey will continue until their intent is exhausted,
Then I’m waiting ‘here’ for a traveller who will someday arrive.
Wait ‘here’ for that person, who will someday arrive.

Hold fast to your sole ego
even if you clash against another.

Let’s sing about the meaning of your existence!

Only I desire to end this journey…

You’re the one who determines where it ends.

“Please, I want you to receive my place…!”

“Please, yield your place to me…!”

The world will not end.
When one’s journey ends, it’s proof that they’ve used up their will—used up everything.

And that’s why!
Hold your precious life close to your chest, and live.
I softly spoke those words to the one finishing her journey.
I spoke words of farewell, words I can only say once…
And thus, I etch a single person’s journey into the world.

Everyone’s stories mark out the distant ‘traces of the travellers.’






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