Album art.

花菖蒲 || Japanese Iris

Album art.

Japanese Iris

Vocals: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: ARATAMA-荒魂- [Official site]
Event: C93
Original themes: Oriental Dark Flight [オリエンタルダークフライト]
Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle [少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle]

Requested by: ChaosEternal

The first stanza is interesting: 貴方 (anata, you) is used most of the time, but 君 (kimi, you) is used in the second line, and in a similar pattern later in the song. I wonder if there’s a hidden meaning behind the two version of ‘you’?


貴方にとって 当たり前のこと
君の意味に気づけなかった これまで

見えてたものが いなくなったんじゃない
見える世界の 色が変わっただけだよ

過去と未来も 確かに貴方のいた場所
永遠にあれ 自信はないけど約束しよう
あり続けることを 此処に

貴方にだって 言えなかったことを
君と沢山 話したいんだ これから



mislaid,miss you
we go,with you
mislaid,miss you
we go


anata ni totte atarimae no koto
kimi no imi ni kidzukenakatta kore made

mieteta mono ga inaku natta njanai
mieru sekai no iro ga kawatta dake dayo

gensou wa subete o ukeirete kureru deshou
kako to mirai mo tashika ni anata no ita basho
towa ni are jishin wa nai kedo yakusoku shiyou
aritsudzukeru koto o koko ni

anata ni datte ienakatta koto o
kimi to takusan hanashitai nda kore kara

nani mo kawarazu yoru wa kuru
sore demo kawarazu asu wa kuru
aseru hodo mata iroaseru
tadayou maboroshi ni tada you

owari sugi yuku kore made to
hajimari umareru kore kara no
yume o tsudzurau mono ga sari
watashi ga tsugurau monogarai

mislaid,miss you
we go,with you
mislaid,miss you
we go


It seemed so ordinary to you.
I couldn’t notice your significance until now.

The things I could see didn’t vanish—
The colour of the visible world changed. That’s all.

Maybe an illusion will accept everything
like the past, the future, and the place where you must have been.
May they last forever. I have no faith in this, but let’s promise
to continue to exist, right here.

There are some things I couldn’t even tell you.
I want to talk with you about them from now on.

Nothing changes, and night arrives.
Even so, an unchanging dawn will come.
The more impatient I get, the more things fade.
I am merely drunk on a drifting apparition.

Things up until now will end and pass on,
And things transpiring from now on will begin and be born.
The one who records dreams passes.
This is the story I will inherit.

mislaid,miss you
we go,with you
mislaid,miss you
we go



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2 responses to “花菖蒲 || Japanese Iris”

  1. ChaosEternal Avatar

    Fantastic work as always! It’s interesting how different your translation is from the original one that was posted with those lyrics. I guess that just goes to show how difficult proper translation can be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! This one in particular was tricky because of the ‘anata’ and ‘kimi’ differences at points. I think there are some layers to the song that I haven’t uncovered – that’s why I think it’s always good to have more translations available…! 😃


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