Album art.


Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: みゅい (Myui)
Composed by: kaztora
Arranged by: 清水”カルロス”宥人 (Shimizu”Carlos”Yuto)
Album: あるまげどん (ARMAGEDDON) [Official site]
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Release date: 31 October 2021

Watch the official video on YouTube!

I think the トゲ (toge) in the title refers to thorny words rather than literal thorns, though you do see a lot of thorns in the video.

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

Movin’ up & down.

This connecting hymn
is an invitation sent to someone small and insignificant. (1)
Who’s type B? Who’s type A? Obey.
I want to belong somewhere. Oh.
Yeah. “Things should be like this,” those thoughts tie me up.
I just want to understand, too.
“Things should be like this.” No,
“I want things to be like this.” Better, right?
I want to live that way, but what about you?
(Everyone’s around me.)
Worry about what people think.
(Surely, inside my bubble.)

I want to live as I please without worrying about anyone.
But, but “it’s not that easy.”
You keep saying that
but you’re not doing anything, right?
(Soon…) “I’ve given up.”
(Finally…) “I’ve grown up.”
You look like you’ve got the world in your hands.
You’re a slave dealer who seems to be doing well.

Hey, Jesus!
With a voice full of bravado
and thorny words pitifully echoing,
you turn tail and suck up,
howling that you won’t reach no matter how hard you try.
Wet from the evening shower, rainy day.
Jealously in love, many day.
You want things then cast them aside.
Aren’t you empty inside?

Ah, you get down in the dumps
saying you’ve failed and it’s all hopeless.
It’s like a formal scolding.
With that sort of vibe, it’s Thanks(for nothing)giving.
You make the flowers of conjecture bloom
then get all excited and forget about the past.
“If I was reborn…” No,
“Right now, in this life.” Show time!
Together forever, we take the first step.
(Breaking apart in vain.)
What about my wasting life?
(Clinging to stability.)
It’s my denial.

(This is a story woven by hints.)
Please listen to my heart.
(It’s told to me, lurking in innocence.)
Be myself.

Hey, Jesus!
You seal away your intent to resist,
reject the road of glory
and nip it all in the bud,
howling that you’re so close but can’t do it.
Buried in intellect, quipping.
In love with experience, dripping.
Only your speech ages.
Isn’t your head empty inside?
(It’s you.)
You haven’t noticed, so here’s a gift.
(You know?)
Life’s a one-time-only deal.

(Hey, you’re guys are such a foolish.)
(What do you want to do for the future?)

Hey, Jesus!
Are you alive?
Can you laugh naturally?
There’s no substitute for you. That’s what it looks like.
What’s normal?
What’s right?
Together with your regrets, isn’t that what makes you ‘you’?
With a voice full of bravado
and thorny words pitifully echoing,
I smashed down the wall.
I reached out and found myself.
After the evening shower, a rainbow.
I head to the love I wish for, ready go!
How unexpectedly frank.
Surely it’s okay to be yourself.
(it’s you)
You haven’t noticed, so here’s a gift.
(you know?)
Life’s a one-time-only deal.

Translator’s note

(1) アンパイ, or 安パイ (anpai) refers to a person or a game tile that can be safely ignored.


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