Brave Wings

Brave Wings Vocals: あにろく! (Aniroku!)Lyrics: sayaArranged by: SuganoAlbum: TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.3: THE EMBODIMENT OF SCARLET DEVIL 【Official Site】Circle: A-OneEvent: Reitaisai 8 [RTS8]Original Theme: The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood [メイドと血の懐中時計] Requested by: zam 闇を蹴散らせ 鼓動を燃やせ走れどこまでも さあ 真っ直ぐ yami o kechirase kodou o moyasehashire doko made mo saa massugu Scatter the darkness and set your heart… Continue reading Brave Wings

秋意浓 〜Qiū yì nóng〜 || Late Autumn

秋意浓 〜Qiū yì nóng〜 Late Autumn Vocals: あき (Aki), Napoleon Lyrics: Napoleon Arranged by: Tsukasa Album: TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.18: 風神録 【Official Site】 Circle: A-One Event: Reitaisai 15 [RTS15] Original Themes: –Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall [フォールオブフォール ~ 秋めく滝] –The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain [妖怪の山 ~ Mysterious Mountain] Requested by: Sayako 落下する滝が咲かせ 白い花が零れ落ちる まほらと呼ばれるあの山 秋蝉の声が響き渡る rakka… Continue reading 秋意浓 〜Qiū yì nóng〜 || Late Autumn

センヲコエテ || Cross Over That Line

センヲコエテ sen wo koete Cross Over That Line Vocals: Rute (越田Rute隆人) Lyrics: Rute (越田Rute隆人) Arranged by: DJ Command Album: TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.11: TEN DESIRES 【Official Site】 Circle: A-One Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12] Original Themes: –Desire Drive [デザイアドライブ] –Old Yuanxian [古きユアンシェン] –Desire Dream [デザイアドリーム] Requested by: Tankihou An interesting note about the title: セン (sen) can refer to 線 (line),… Continue reading センヲコエテ || Cross Over That Line

ゼンマイ恋時計 || A Coiled Love Clock

ゼンマイ恋時計 zenmai koidokei A Coiled Love Clock Vocals: Aki (あき) Lyrics: Aki (あき) Arranged by: Honey-Pocket (はにーぽけっと) Album: Love Compilation (恋綴里) 【Official Site】 Circle: Honey-Pocket (はにーぽけっと) Event: Reitaisai SP2 Original Themes: –The Fantastic Tales From Tono [遠野幻想物語] -Diao ye Zong (Withered Leaf) [ティアオイエツォン] Requested by: Felipe Like a lot of A-ONE eurobeat tracks featuring Aki,… Continue reading ゼンマイ恋時計 || A Coiled Love Clock

Small Sweet Melancholy

Small Sweet Melancholy Vocals: Ai Ohsera (大瀬良あい), Koko (ココ) Lyrics: Mizunokuchi Yuma (溝口ゆうま) Arranged by: yohine, Mizunokuchi Yuma (溝口ゆうま) Album: POD JACK  【Official Site】 Circle: A-One Event: C76 Original Theme: Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll [ポイズンボディ ~ Forsaken Doll] Requested by: ThatDoujinGoro I was expecting these lyrics to be easier to comprehend than they ended… Continue reading Small Sweet Melancholy

ユメノチ || The Land of Dreams

ユメノチ yume no chi The Land of Dreams Vocals: Aki (あき) Lyrics: Aki (あき) Arranged by: Yassie+DJ Command Album: TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.10 【Official Site】 Circle: A-One Event: C86 Original Theme: Angel’s Legend [天使伝説] Requested by: sturnusromanticus I don’t think I’ve translated anything from these albums before… but I love how honest they are. It’s like…… Continue reading ユメノチ || The Land of Dreams

Guardian Deity

Guardian Deity Vocals: NU-KO Lyrics: Yassie Arranged by: FN2 Album: TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.11: TEN DESIRES 【Official Site】 Circle: A-One Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12] Original Theme: Welcome to Youkai Temple[妖怪寺へようこそ] Requested by: Green Spell _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ いつでもここにいて 待ち続けているわ いつかあなたが来る時まで この声が枯れるその日まで itsu demo koko ni ite machi tsudzukete iru… Continue reading Guardian Deity