無間嫉妬劇場『666』 || Netaminity Theatre “666”

Album art.
Album art.

netaminity shiataa “666”
Netaminity Theatre “666”

Vocals: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*), あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: 夜好ころろ (Kokoro Yakoh)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: ネタミニティ (Netaminity) [Official site]
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: C94
Original theme: The Bridge People No Longer Cross [渡る者の途絶えた橋]

Watch the official video (translated by Kafka-Fuura) on YouTube!

Update (8/09/2018): Various minor alterations.

This completely blew me away. I mean, I love ‘The Bridge People No Longer Cross’… and I don’t think I’m ever going to hear a better arrangement than this. The power. The majesty. It’s amazing. I really love it!

The title is written 無間嫉妬 (Eternal Jealousy), but it’s pronounced ‘Netaminity’, just like the album title. It’s a portmanteau of ‘Netami’ (Jealousy) and ‘Infinity/Eternity’ [無間]. 666 is the number of the beast. Spooky…

Code: あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu*), あよ (Ayo), Both (二人)

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

In the depths of Hell, the curtain has risen on a hopeless comedy.
Shall I take this opportunity to tell my story?

Act 1: “My Quiet Daily Life”
The cast: mundane minor characters.
Awkward outcasts have no role to play.

The withered flower falls.

Why don’t things go my way?
Why is my heart eaten away at?
I try harder and research what’s normal more than anyone else
but I’m the least able to act normal.
I want to try and talk normally to everyone and live normally
but I don’t change. Is this really me?

I smile stiffly. I’m not used to this act.
“What if you try being a bit more natural?”
Act 2: “Awakening”
“What do you know?!” Just cut it out!
I didn’t ask for such insolent advice—
It’s just the reasoning of an ‘ordinary’ person.
My heart sinks.
You… no, everybody
and everything are all so

Jealous. I’m jealous of this world
and I’ll curse it all!
I’ve found something that I’m the best at!
Rather than lying and following the crowd, or pretending and trying too hard, (1)
I feel like… I can smile more naturally.
I pollute my heart through envy and destroy my heart through resentment.
I changed. This is who I really am.

I’m in a pure white dress with gorgeous accessories
and after dressing up just a little,
The curtain rises for the last time.
My jealousy, my resentment… I’ll lay them all bare!

Why do things go so well for me now?
Why is my heart becoming so clear?
I curse anything
and everything in this world!
I’ve found the thing that makes me happiest!
I’m more steeped in jealousy than anyone else, more filled with prejudice than anyone else,
But I can smile more naturally than them.
I maintain my heart through jealousy and appease it through resentment.
I changed. This is who I really am.

Why am I fulfilled?
Everyone will praise me now I can smile naturally!
It’s like…

This… this is happiness.
It’s what everyone’s saddled with:
Empty netaminity.

Translator’s note

(1) ‘Lying’ 偽って (itsuwatte) and ‘Pretending’  造って (tsukutte) are sung as 笑って (waratte, smiling)


  1. I diddddd softsubs. For the official video. Using something of a combination of you, Kafka, and my own wordings where I felt I could make it sound smoother, or to make the captions not run onto two lines. (Based on my inner writer more than translator.) You’re credited at the beginning, but I’m not really sure if I can link the site through… YouTube Captions. I’ll link you in a comment, though.

    Subs are still in approval purgatory for now, so we’ll see how that goes.


    Here’s the link to the captioning page for you to take a glance. I got looser with my interpretation as the song went on, I’m sure you’ll see. Since it’s community subs, anyone can fire back with alterations too, so please correct me if anything’s just wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m honestly not too sure how to feel about that (^_^); Since you credit both of us, and it looks like we’re both trying to convey the same thing, it should be fine. In this case, I trust your judgement! If there were major differences between the two, I’d feel less confident about it.


      1. I think the most major difference between mine and yours/Kafka’s is that I translated “Fuzakeruna!” as simply “Shut up!” instead of “Quit it/Cut it out,” because I felt that made sense in English- as it’s clearly in response to a spoken line beforehand, “Why don’t you try to act a bit more naturally?”, as well as followed up with “I didn’t ask for your advice.”

        There isn’t really a way to make “cut it out” quite as punchy in English as “fuzakeruna” is in Japanese, especially trying to match the body language of the PV. But given the circumstances it was said in, I figured “Shut up!” would work fine, as it carries a lot more weight as an interjection to English speakers. (At least, in my experience.)

        Beyond that, I’m pretty sure it was mostly rewording to match timing, using envy in place of jealousy because it kept running onto two lines (and separating the two vocal parts is way harder if the dialogue is “torn”), stuff like that.

        The only bit I was unsure on, really, was the “In a pure white dress/and dazzling accessories/I’m dressed up/in time for the final act,” to which I added “for my part” to the third line. This was initially for flow, but also as a callback to the second stanza’s “outcasts have no part to play,” in order to signify she has a “part” now. But it’s not *totally* supported by the Japanese, so… It’s questionable.

        But in the end I’m an editor, not a translator. If this gets overwritten, it gets overwritten. Hopefully what I have is a happy medium (that’s what i was going for), so I’m glad I at least have your blessing. (or ambivalence, as it may be!)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The lyricist made a PV for this song, though apparently the ‘official’ translation uses a translation by kafkafuura. Still, it is nice to compare the translations, and the PV is absolutely amazing regardless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, that’s so awesome on all accounts! Kafka-Fuura’s translations always bring out the poetry of the lyrics, so I’m so glad to be able to read his translation of one of my favourite Shinra-Bansho tracks 😀


  3. Huh, so this is your version of the translation.

    Praise be unto the lord Releska, your translation makes me and my friend’s version look not that good.

    Then again, we’re still beginner-tier.

    Congrats on a good job once again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everyone starts somewhere…! I like seeing lots of translations of things since it helps us appreciate different areas of the lyrics 🙂 Hopefully you and your friend keep up your translating (^_^)


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