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Album art.

Howling Moon

Album art.

Howling Moon

Vocals: 花咲あんな (Hanasaki Anna)
Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
Arranged by: 黒鳥 (Kokuchou)
Album: Sprout Intention [Official site]
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: C88
Original theme: Lonesome Werewolf [孤独なウェアウルフ]

Requested by: Vengeance


Howling Moon 君しか見えない求めてる
Howling Moon 孤独な夜から連れ出して
Howling Moon 教えて欲しいよ 今すぐに
Howling Moon この胸の奥の衝動を

La,La,LOVE 月だけが知っていた
La,La,LOVE この想いを
La,La,LOVE 誰よりも君のこと
La,La,LOVE Howl at the Moon

Howling Moon 君のことだけを覚えてる
Howling Moon 誰よりもきっと求めてた
Howling Moon 今すぐ知りたい 教えてよ
Howling Moon この胸の奥の衝撃を

La,La,LOVE 求め続けてしまう
La,La,LOVE 私の中
La,La,LOVE 閉じ込めてしまいたい
La,La,LOVE Howl at the Moon


Howling Moon kimi shika mienai motometeru
Howling Moon kodoku na yoru kara tsuredashite
Howling Moon oshiete hoshii yo ima sugu ni
Howling Moon kono mune no oku no shoudou o

La,La,LOVE tsuki dake ga shitte ita
La,La,LOVE kono omoi o
La,La,LOVE dare yori mo kimi no koto
La,La,LOVE Howl at the Moon

Howling Moon kimi no koto dake o oboeteru
Howling Moon dare yori mo kitto motometeta
Howling Moon ima sugu shiritai oshiete yo
Howling Moon kono mune no oku no shougeki o

La,La,LOVE motome tsudzukete shimau
La,La,LOVE watashi no naka
La,La,LOVE tojikomete shimaitai
La,La,LOVE Howl at the Moon


Howling Moon. I can only see you, and I want you.
Howling Moon. Take me away from this lonesome night.
Howling Moon. I want you to tell me, right now!
Howling Moon. Tell me about the urges in my heart…

La, La, LOVE. Only the moon knew.
La, La, LOVE. Only it knew about this feeling.
La, La, LOVE. You, more than anyone else…
La, La, LOVE. Howl at the moon.

Howling Moon. I only remember you.
Howling Moon. I must have wanted you more than anyone else.
Howling Moon. I want to know now. I’ll tell you!
Howling Moon. I’ll tell you all about the urges in my heart.

La, La, LOVE. I kept wanting you in the end.
La, La, LOVE. I want to trap you—
La, La, LOVE. Trap you inside me.
La, La, LOVE. Howl at the Moon.



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One response to “Howling Moon”

  1. Vengeance Avatar

    The lyrics fit the song so nicely, thanks once again !! 😀

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